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"!! Announcements -  ⚡ [ANN] ⚡ DeepOnion TOR ⚡ DeepVault ⚡ Cryptopia ? Airdrop ? New Rules!
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I am new to this community and it is good that we are active in this forum as well! I really love the deep onion project and its community. Just amaze me that it is growing so quickly in the recent few weeks! A project of just a couple months old but already so promising! This is going to hit the 100 USD mark in 2018, mark my words! :)
DeepOnion is already in the forum very good, I did not expect this. I hope more and more people are familiar with DeepOnion, so more and more are interested in investing in DeepOnion. because DeepOnion is the right choice to be a long-term investment, believe me, that I've got a high profit from $Onion
Great to see that DeepOnion has been added to this forum too , as it already has more then 2000++ pages in the Bitcointalk thread. The community of deeponion is very active and i think it's safe to say that it's the most activest Crypto community. With all the features DeepOnion has it will be a big Privacy Coin in closest few months.
(04-12-2017, 09:54 PM)thegrey Wrote: Nice to see a proper DeepOnion ann post here as well.
Gotta love how the project is expanding in all directions and that the fud days seem to be gone.
More than half of the airdrop is distributed, but there is still room for more members, and the bounties and activity rewards are there as well, so it is not too late to join!
I'm going to continue watching this project, and already excited for the last airdrop. Thrilling! :)

I agree! I think most of the DeepOnion fudders are people who were previously banned for trying to manipulate or abuse the DeepOnion airdrops. When they got caught and banned they chose to spread FUD out of spite. 

At this point there is no question about the legitimacy of DeepOnion. They have done over 20 weeks of airdrops, and give out free onions for participating in their forums. What kind of scam actually gives away money?

DeepOnion is going to do amazing things as time goes on.
I am glad to see DeepOnion here on Stellar. I have been following both coins for a while now. I think that the DeepOnion project is a great companion to Stellar in that it too is inexpensive to transfer, can be used for remittance but has the added feature that it can be used anonymously. DeepOnion is run on the TOR and therefore has the ability to be used privately. It has been in development for several months, and in lieu of an ICO they begun an airdrop back in July. There are two types of airdrops in fact. The first is a reward based on the number of coins you have in your wallet – and is typically around 6-7% each week (equates to over 25% each month). The second air drop is based entirely on participation in the forum. The forum is terrific and there is a fantastic community with over 7000 members. I highly recommend joining DeepOnion and welcome all to come join us here: .
Very nice write up OP. I am also invested in DeepOnion. I truly beilive this coon is going to be the main privacy coin out in the market. Juat bear in mind the top coin is trafing at 200 dollars plus and DeepOnion at 4 dollar.

The dev team is amazingly active, and responsive to the community. The community is amazingly active and the coin its self has great unique features to offer the market like deepvault and deepsend and lets not forget the lightening speed transactions at 60tx a second.
Thanks for opening this thread. I'm a DO holder since Oct when the price is 0.7. The price has tripled and volume once reached 50 BTC in just 40 days. I won't sell my onion at this price as DO community is growing rapidly in the coming years, more and more members are doing great job besides dev team. Mod Monkii said that someone would love to develop Android wallet for the community, what an amazing news. I mean not only the news, but also the contributions. I truly believe DO will break out in 2018~2019!
as i can see deep onion is slowly but surely getting the attention it deserves. there a lot of factors like free coin distribution, anonymity, strong community and active and communicating devs that make the DO project definitely one with good cards for the future. just have a look at price developement over the last 2 months and you will understand why DO is a big winner
[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]I know DeepOnion, this is a very interesting coin. Based on TOR Network and with the (soon coming) feature DeepSend absolutely anonymous. This coin is young and have active developers and a very big community. Buy and Hodl. Check out airdrop![/font][/font]
Im really happy seeing people supporting DeepOnion Community.  I have been in DeepOnion for almost a month now, I got interested because of its unique feature that it uses TOR network to make our transaction private and anonymous.  It also have a community that fully supports the project, which obviously a good investment. DeepOnion is a perfect choice for investors.
hahaha enak yang udah punya banyak XLM mah ane baru punya saldo aja engga
It is obvious that deeponion currently is having very great kind of feature in it which tend to make it best Cryptocurrency of the future. I personally belive in deepoinion that is why i also invested in it and right now having a great profit so than i decided to join the community which i found is great for learning.
Now is a great time to get some DeepOnion! In the coming time they will just keep increasing and increasing Wink The Community will support it very strongly. If you didnt in it already take a look at the Airdrops :) They can give you alot of Onions, but hodl them is my advice! Big Grin

With the devs, the community, the unique features already mentioned here and everything yet to come DeepOnion will rise a lot in the next year :)
Deep Onion community is active, I can see proof of active activity everywhere else. This means that Deep Onion indeed, has great potential to succeed, it is now the high time invest while it's yet undervalued.
It can be safely said that this project attracted me to a large extent by its lack of IСO and Sales.
Best technology project: Anonymous money transfer DeepSend, Technology check of files DeepVault, Theology of making collective decisions DeepOnion Cental.
I think that from all existing projects this is the most interesting. I'm waiting for the new year - DeepOnion. I advise everyone at least to read about the project.
Deeponion cryptocurrency is the one of the best altcoin, deeponion cryptocurrency has the potential to challenge all other cryptocurrencies, deeponion really introduced anonymously but now it's not anonymous anymore, it reveal it's true worth in the digital currencies world, it's growth rate increases very fast and it's fame covers all over the world, because it's value continually going up and up so it's became the center of the investors who want to invest in deeponion cryptocurrency, deeponion cryptocurrency can save everyone's future by investing in it and by earning it from deeponion community, this fame of deeponion is because of the unbreakable efforts of the deeponion community, that's why I love deeponion very much so should also invest in deeponion currency and should join the deeponion community for deeponion currency earning thank you.
I have been into deep onion for 3 weeks and it does what it says on the tin, a anonymous crypto tied to the TOR network which has a deep vault to safely store documents for an onion fee at the moment. The team is great and there are multiple ways to earn free coins . Get on it !
Join the forum and see what we are talking about.
Those are my reasons, why i have invested in Deeponion.

The upcoming features like DeepSend and DeepContract and also the already implemented DeepVault for Document verification along the blockchain are very innovative and will kill anonymous coins like zCash and Monero pretty easily next year. The roadmap is clear, the dev team is working continiously and the community is pretty strong. Also, the coin price rises in a good value plus, there is an airdrop ongoing :)

Best time to hop in and invest for the future!
06 go 
I love deep onion because of its tor based network
and the Airdrops.
seriously there is tremendous growth happening here and people are gonna miss this due to ego , its gonna be a next bitcoin problem because onion is undervalued now and we will see incredible amount of profit in coming years. 
so buy now or regret later.
06 go 
I'm glad to see that DeepOnion is so popular also in I think it is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies which entered the altcoin markets this year. Dev team is really active and has yet shown many innovations such as DeepVault and you can find them quite easily on their forum. The community behind the project is actually fair strong and is growing each day faster. I definitely suggest it.

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