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I have traded in Forex for years, I have always seen people plan half and then rush to execution. So for me it is must to complete 100% plan before going for execution. I focus on it and thanks to FreshForex, I get great help via their Market Analysis, it just allows me to do well and achieve better results.

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It is important as a trader that we are hard working but at the same time, it must be ensured that we are not doing it blindly. If we are going to go in blind way then we will only struggle. I always work with clear vision and strategy, which is simpler through FreshForex broker and their razor thin spreads, high leverage, bonuses and much more.

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A lot of people do Crypto trading via exchanges but in my view, it is great to do in a proper way and with Forex broker like I do through FreshForex. It’s one of the leading companies out there with having low spreads, high leverage, bonuses and many more such benefits to help with. I truly enjoy their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus.

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I didn’t know the sites, But I know how to earn the free BTC. I saw one article which is quite impressive to earn free bitcoin.

Read the article and earn free bitcoins: 5 ways to earn a free bitcoins really

Recently, the article will be helpful for you.  And of course, I'm also earn some account BTC  reading this article

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At present, cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in the last few years. Many of the people have many questions, such as “how and where to store/keep cryptocurrencies safe?” For this common question, many crypto enthusiast answers are Building a cryptocurrency wallet is the perfect solution!!!
Creating a cryptocurrency wallet is not a thing, Because of a lot of loopholes in the security system. The hacker will hack your wallet & stole your crypto’s. You can overcome the issue by getting your fully-featured & secured crypto wallet from the trusted cryptocurrency exchange script & wallet providers like Coinsclone.
At coinsclone, you can get a fully secured cryptocurrency wallet with efficiency and flexibility. based upon your business requirements. The wallets can be used in various business solutions like,
1. Decentralized applications
2. Cryptocurrency investment
3. Cryptocurrency exchange services
So, If you’re interested to build a Cryptocurrency wallet from coinsclone don’t hesitate to call WhatsApp @ +919500575285 or mail @ [email protected]

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One of the key aspect of trading, especially one like Forex is planning, it is so crucial for one to ensure that planning is done well because without that success is impossible. I find it super easy through FreshForex broker using their low spreads, high leverage, bonuses and my favourite thing is the Rebate Program, it all works perfectly.

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Forex trading is one of the best forms of trading but it is also risky. And this is why here you need to have a broker that you can rely and trust upon. So this takes me to FreshForex, a perfect broker in every way that you can trust. Not only they are regulated, reliable and trustworthy but got various benefits from tidy spreads to over 130 instruments including Cryptos and lovely 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus. It is extremely useful.

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Since Bitcoin started way back in 2009, a lot of investors invested huge sums of money. While some investors had a reason to smile to the bank, others had their fingers burnt, even as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed over the years. 

At the moment, it is risky to invest a lump sum amount in bitcoin, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Firstly, timing the market can be a tough thing to do; we honestly do not think there's an investor out there that can time the market perfectly. Secondly, there is always a panic sell each time there is a drop in the price of Bitcoin. Lastly, lump sum investment in Bitcoin also involves monitoring the market on a 24-hour basis. 

If you want to invest in Bitcoin and you don't want to lose your hard-earned money, one sure way to do that is to practice systematic purchase plan (SPP). While there are several investment platforms on the internet that can help you with the systematic purchase plan, one platform that is a game-charger is Bitdroplet

The essence of this post is to bring to your knowledge why you should systematically buy Bitcoin on the Bitdroplet platform, instead of buying lump sum on the open market. 

About Bitdroplet SPP

Bitdroplet is one of the leading investment platforms created by Bitbns to allow investors desirous of crypto investment to invest in Bitcoin via a systematic purchase plan. 

Bitdroplet is a secure and convenient way of diversifying your investment portfolio. Investing in a systematic way ensures you are insulated from risks and increasing your returns. You can start your investment with as little as $1 every day/week/month depending on your financial strength. 

Here Is How Bitdroplet Works

● Once you are a registered member of the Bitdroplet platform, enter the amount you can conveniently invest daily, weekly, or monthly. 

● Deposit the Bitcoin equivalent in your Bitbns wallet and after confirmation, transfer the money to your Bitdroplet wallet. 

● Keep increasing your investment so that your account would be active

● To withdraw your funds, convert the Bitcoin to your local currency and transfer it to your registered bank account. 

● Within 7 days, the funds would get to your bank account.

Benefits Of Bitdroplet

● Investing in a systematic way on the Bitdroplet platform helps to eliminate the risk of losing your money. 

● You don't have to time or monitor the market 24/7 because you have a long-term investment goal

● You're sure of recouping from your investment 

● Bitdroplet has a dependable customer support team that will walk you through every stage of the process

Earn Passive Income With Bitdroplet Referral Program

Even as you continue to invest on the Bitdroplet platform, you can make extra income by registering for their referral program. 

● Visit the Bitdroplet Referral Program web page.

● Generate your referral link to start sharing with your friends and family

● Once they sign up on the platform via your referral link, you will get 0.1% commission from the total amount invested by your friend or family member. 

Thinking about signing up at Bitdroplet? Keep calm, the sign up process is very easy to go through. Visit the Bitdroplet sign up page, enter your email, password, and phone number, and click on the sign up button. You would be required to verify your email, and once that is done, you become a member of the Bitdroplet community. 

Start your SIP (systematic purchase plan) in Bitcoin with Bitdroplet and you would be a few steps away from becoming a Bitcoin millionaire.

Further Info At:

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As a crypto trader or investor, one of the best ways to stay on top of your game is to follow up on crypto news and market analysis. Reading crypto-related news from reliable news mediums cannot be overemphasized because it gives you the leverage to take advantage of the crypto market and make money in the process. 

From knowing when to invest, how to choose the right investment portfolio, to understanding the dynamics of the market, and everything in between, crypto news can help enhance your trading skills. In fact, the big difference between a successful trader and a not so successful trader is that the former followed up on the latest happenings on the market. 

Having the knowledge of the coin you are interested in beforehand helps to mitigate the risk of losing your hard-earned money or it helps prevent the market forces from devaluing your money. Aside from the crypto market, reading crypto news would also empower you to know the happenings in business, commerce, trade, and the economy at large. 

If you are looking for the best crypto-related news medium, one blog you need to give serious consideration is MyCryptoNewsToday. MyCryptoNewsToday is your one-stop destination for crypto-related news. Whether you are a Bitcoin or Ethereum investor, this news site has got you covered with all the latest news on the market. Whether you live in India or you are resident in the United States, you have direct access to MyCryptoNewsToday via your Smartphone or PC. 

Why You Should Be On MyCryptoNewsToday

Some of the reasons you should read crypto-related news on MyCryptoNewsToday are as follows:

● MyCryptoNewsToday provides in-depth news and analysis of all major coins on the market. 
● The platform carries crypto news of the world.
● Regardless of where you live, you have access to daily MyCryptoNewsToday news. 
● You would be well-informed on any coin of your interest.

Visit and select your news of interest to read. One guarantee you would get on MyCryptoNewsToday is that there is more than enough news to read on a daily basis. 

Stay updated with MyCryptoNewsToday!

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Flame.Exchange focuses mainly on the following four points:

Security - Built and maintained to the highest security practices to ensure our users and their funds are always protected. We encrypt your personal data and private keys with 256-bit encryption.
Reliability - We strive to keep the best uptime possible (5nines)
Privacy - You are not required to submit KYC documents until you trade $20,000+ in a space of 3 days
Speed - We use a high speed caching CDN to deliver the fastest connections around the world

 More features: 

User metrics - Keep a tab on your buys, sells, histories, deposits, withdraws & logins
Amazing Support - Extremely fast support responses. We don't wait around. You can also ask questions in our social groups. (Scroll up)
Low fees - Fees as low as 0.015%
Adjustable trading dashboard - You can rearrange tiles such as chart, markets, order book & more on our trading page.
Multi-lingual support - Multiple major languages are built into the exchange
Dark/Light mode - You can change to a darker or lighter theme at will 


Later into our launch we will release a leaderboard system rewarding users with highest earning trades, most trades, most trade value, etc
We will also announce weekly rewards on our social sites, (e.g. Telegram) so join and stay tuned for a chance to earn!


We are launching Flamcoin alongside Flame.Exchange. Flamecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin that will provide value as a coin to the exchange. Lots of coins will have trading pairs with Flamecoin, driving the price and demand of Flamecoin up, making this an investment opportunity towards Flame.Exchange

  Other stuff: 

We have a feedback & review thead here:
We don't actually have many markets right now, so if you would like to list a coin, see the section below!

  Coin Listings: 

Your coin may be eligible for a free listing on Flame.Exchange!
If you would like to apply, you can do so here:
You can also contact @AtomicLemon regarding any special terms, but if it's possible, the form is much appreciated

  Things to note: 

Throughout this week, we will be listing a lot more coins, markets and big updates, so stay tuned using our social channels. We are trying to move away from Discord and into Telegram as it's just much easier.

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Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. Learn more about our secure and reliable hosting services today!

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As year 2020 progresses, there is evidence that the Coronavirus pandemic coupled with the lockdown measures imposed by government at all levels have caused untold hardship and several damage to the global economy. You would agree with us that the global GDP has continued to nosedive by over 2.9% since the start of 2020. While we all understand the severity of the damage, it is still unclear how the economy will recover from the pandemic. Uncertainty is in the air!

To worsen the situation, financial policymakers have aggressively responded by cutting interest rates and imposing other punitive measures to improve market functioning. While these measures are expected to improve standard of living, help corporations and households, the global economy might still run into recession. 

Furthermore, the pandemic has thrown millions of people into the job market, while others find it different to earn a decent living to pay their bills. Thankfully, the only industry that is still waxing strong amidst the pandemic is the online trading sector. Traders have reasons to smile to the bank even as companies are downsizing and shutting down. 

In this post, we will walk you through how to still make money in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Before we proceed further, ensure you read the post with a positive mindset.

Making Money While On Lockdown

If you want to join the bandwagon of those still making a decent living during this difficult period, one great platform to get started is CWG Markets. CWG Markets is a force to reckon with in the online trading industry. The company provides an opportunity for newcomers and experienced traders to trade a wide range of financial instruments, including futures, index, forex, crude oil, as well as precious metals. 

CWG trading services can be accessed from all parts of the world - Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and other great countries of the world. Compared to other online brokers, the company offers one of the lowest spreads on the market. They have convenient deposit and withdrawal methods for you to easily withdraw whatever you have earned. 

Additionally, as a registered user of CWG Markets, you have the opportunity to earn a 100% bonus. The company's bonus system is very unique from other brokers, as you can withdraw all your bonus if you so desire. CWG is very supportive - they have a dependable customer support desk that will entertain all questions and thoughts bothering you. 

Make hay while the sun shines - Direction of success

Visit the official website of CWG Markets, complete the account registration form, and submit the form for processing. After that, all you require is a laptop or an internet-enabled smartphone and a strong internet connection. If you have all of these, you would be a step away from making money during the current pandemic.

Get further info through:

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Are you looking to trade the forex market speedily with one of the best international forex brokers? Then you are in the right place. Trading the forex market just got easier with a dependable forex broker like CWG Markets. 

CWG Markets is a leading forex broker across the world, providing opportunity and a platform for traders to trade different financial instruments, including crude oil, forex, index, futures, and precious metals. 

CWG provides best-in-class institutional services across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and other great countries of the world. Plus, they offer extremely low spread, financial security, stable trading environment, as well as a dependable customer support team to walk you through every step of the way. 

Features of CWG Markets
● Convenient deposit and withdrawal
● Instant account opening
● Up to 500 leverage
● 100% withdrawable bonus
● 100% bonus
● Get started with at least $10
● Unlimited trading period

Why You Should Get On CWG Markets
If you're an experienced trader and you're tired of your present broker, you can turn to CWG Markets for a memorable trading experience. In addition to the features above, below are other benefits you will enjoy as a registered user of CWG Markets:
● Financial security
● Price and execution advantage
● Several trading tools and platforms
● Deep liquidity
● A wide range of trading products
● Robust customer service

Wondering how to get started? Visit the official website of CWG Markets, complete the account registration form, and submit the form for processing. Once your account is approved, you would be a step away from enjoying speedy trading experience. 

Happy Trading!

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Hello, dear traders!

The Best Forex Strategy 2020.
Only Real Accounts Monitoring

Was used Westernpips Private 7 Software - this is a full-featured trading Multiterminal for latency arbitrage with built-in algorithms for automated trading on any forex broker without opening Meta Trader 4/5 terminals using the technology of direct trading access to servers through a TCP connection.

Unlimited opportunities open up for you on the options of connecting fast/slow broker in any combination. Trade and fast quotes on FIX / API / ITCH protocols. The speed of order execution using the new technology is 15-70 ms faster! All orders look like placed manually!

You can also see the results of work on the investor password:

Real Account Profit: + 5 248 % 21 010 USD
Real Account: 51037570
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: Pepperstone-MT5-Live01

Real Account Profit: + 516 % 15 049 USD
Real Account: 51039158
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: Pepperstone-MT5-Live01

Real Account Profit: + 1 701 % 10 381 USD
Real Account: 51033579
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: Pepperstone-MT5-Live01

Real Account Profit: + 566 % 4 167 USD
Real Account: 51034469
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: Pepperstone-MT5-Live01

Real Account 1 Profit: + 1 075 % 30 031 USD
Myfxbook Monitoring:

Real Account 1 Profit: + 334 % 5 108 USD
You can also see the results of work on the investor password:

Real Account 1: 92948
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: AIMS-Live Server

Real Account 1 Profit: + 1 047 % 2 673 USD
You can also see the results of work on the investor password:

Real Account 1: 51033129
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: Pepperstone-MT5-Live01


Real Account 2: 51624893
Real Account 3: 57166067
Real Account 4: 59594137
Invest Pass: westernpips7
Broker: PlotioGlobalFinancial-Live  

The newest video of our software, updates and trading results 
you can see on our YouTube channel  

Best regards, Sales / Westernpips Group Business Development Manager
Telegram: westernpips
WECHAT: westernpips
Email: [email protected] | Skype: group.westernpips

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