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"!! Announcements -  ⚡ [ANN] ⚡ DeepOnion TOR ⚡ DeepVault ⚡ Cryptopia ? Airdrop ? New Rules!
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i believe only anonymity coins will have a chance against the 1000+ other altcoins out there!
dash & monero were only able to get so big cause of their anonymity level.
and thats the reason why i have choosen deeponion!i will only invest in anonymity coins in future!
and by the way i dont have to invest anymore because deeponion is freely distributed to the community and im a proud airdrop participant!but i will get as much as i can,so i wont stop buying deeponion ,-)
Friends personally I am in the project for several months, and the project for me is one of the most promising in 2017.
DeepOnion after careful study seemed to me a very reliable project. Having studied it thoroughly and read reviews on proven sites and blogs, I realized that the Onion coin has a high level of trust among users. The wallet itself, thanks to the DeepVault technology, is one of the most reliable to date, the purse has a low commission of transfers and a huge transaction speed that distinguishes the Onion coin from other coins. An important feature is that the coin supports POS mining and the basis of the TOR Network and this is one of the features of this coin that attracts me in a coin. And the course of the coin, which in less than a month has grown from $ 0.8 to 2.18, indicates that the coin is one of the promising in the outgoing year. I believe in 2018 the DeepOnion coin will go into the leading group of the most successful coins.
Onion will be the next big thing over time. Joined in the airdrop for one of my favorite crypto. I am positive that Onion community will help to keep the price to be stable. I like DeepOnion's roadmap. There are a lot of interesting things happening in 2018! DeepSend, Votecentral, bigger exchanges, airdrops! It has great potential!
I am glad to see DeepOnion here. DeepOnion has been on a tear since it started way back July. It's popularity has been soaring, take a look at it's Ann Thread that eclipse the 2,000 page in Bitcointalk Forum, close to 7,000 DeepOnion members and still is not stopping. It's growing fast and so is it's price. I can predict that it would be Top 5 anonymous coin in the next year because of its amazing features, active developers and community backing it. Now is the great time to invest to this before the price rocket up.
DeepOnion is the totally anonymous protects users privacy.its based on tor which makes it more amazing+coins are freely airdropped.
I have also joined the DeepOnion club. I will buy all those Cheap coins they are now very cheap i like the coin as investment and also because of awesome development team.
DeepOnion is a really Untraceable and %100 Anonymous i like that very much and it's x100 faster and cheaper fees then other Coins :)
Many pepople who amazed that Being anonymous are getting apply in cryptocurrency however other cryptos are same features but DeepOnion have unique features better own strategies. DeepOnion is nothing to need to improve, because everytime DeepOnion always make enchance itself and maybe help with our community. Biggest investors are here, because they trusted in DeepOnion that will going to achieve higer price. So now? DeepOnion has reached 2$ and investors are getting lucky because of it and going to up more the price. I'm slashonion of DeepOnion already joined at Nov 17 and I feel any excitement,surprise cool stuff on it best on my experience. That's why I keep active on DeepOnion because it's challanging there's lot of giveaways, Have Contest, And also moderators are easy to reach if you want something to report or asking help. Moderator are always here to support you. It's not to late to join in our community you're welcome here and start to earn $Onions. Don't Waste this oppurtunity.
Great to see a DeepOnion ANN here on stellar forum. DeepOnion is a great coin because it introduce many really interesting feautures to protect your anonymity. Everyone should protect them from spying and control since Cryptocurrencies are gaining attenctions from goverments. I think DeepOnion will be one of the most promising coin for 2018. There are a lot of free Onions to be distribuited so I suggest everyone not to lose time and apply for Airdrops.
DeepOnion is a great project! Totally anonymous with great features that have to be released! The Dev team and the mods are very active and always try to find new solutions in order to satisfy the users! Soon new features will come out, can't wait to see what is next! I advise to follow this project closely!
I know this just sounds to good to be true, but just spend 10 minutes of your time to check out their website @ . Its a anonymous cryptocurrency project and the community and devs are great. To promote DeepOnion members and hodlers will get a airdrop every week. All on top off that you can stake your onion for even more profit.

Visit the forums and thank me later. See you @ !
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I'm an crypto investor. I bought more than 5000+  $ONIONs.

And all because:

1) DeepOnion developers have a good roadmap.

2) This coin has a good community

I'm sure that DeepOnion will grow up to $ 500 within two years.

Look at the price chart
Right now is the best time to buy $ONION.

I'm sure that DeepOnion will give me a good income Big Grin
Thank you for posting a thread about the DeepOnion , the Onions is most awesome coin and all thanks to the developers and features of the DeepOnion !!!
The DeepOnion coin is already one of the best Privacy Coins and it only a matter of time and DeepOnion will be worth a lot more then Monero. I'm really waiting for the DeepSend feature release and also for the Smart Contracts that are going to be the first ever made feature in Cryptocurrencys. Angel
Just like at Bitcointalk, DeepOnion having its own ANN Thread here is awesome! so we can share knowledge about DeepOnion here, updates and help each other to keep ONIONs to the moon and beyond! This is just the beginning, now the price is $2.78 each week the price is moving up, because of the DeepVault feature between others. Buy ONIONs now price still cheap! it will go to $300 USD per ONION soon!
I invested in DeepOnion. I came across this crypto currency at the BitcoinTalk forum and I was not sure if this was a good idea until I joined the community and I found a lot of interesting things about this coin. Such as Deepsend, Deepvault. After that I saw that the road map is also very clearly defined.
Just looked over the Roadmap again and I have to say that this Roadmap is really ambitious Big Grin But i also have to say, that i am really optimistic that they can achieve a lot of Milestones. Why can i say this? I am a DeepOnion holder and supporter since August and the devs are so great. Rarely saw a team of a a project who are so aspiring / driven. They really wanna have success with DeepOnion! I believe this as well! Tooo the moooon!
Deeponion just break $3.5 wall price in cryptopia, The next coming airdrop is set 2 days from now we can expect more pump and sooner or later $5 price is the new floor price of each onion and will surely established a new all time high for 2017.
Indeed, all that is described in this topic is true. I personally participate in all the distribution of coins, I earn not investing, a very promising project with a good teamWink I very much hope for further development together with them. If interested in to help you. I'm a real person 8)
(04-12-2017, 11:57 AM)vectisitch Wrote: a very promising coin to invest in for the long term hold. if you have a bitcointalk account you can still join the airdrop. 20 weeks to go still. or you can join the official forum and get deeppoints for posting and getting likes and comments. lots of bounties ect. so plenty of ways to gain free onions. the price has now started to climb steadily too

yes, what you say is true. DeepOnion is perfect for long term investment program. it has been proven that day by day the price of $Onion has increased significantly. I think a lot of people already know about DeepOnion, this will make $Onion experience a fantastic price increase
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Sip guys...lagi prosses buat acount di stellar guys...moga lancar ya :)
I joined Deeponion and the community way back September and it has paid dividends for me. One of top investment today easy. So if you missed the Bitcoin rocket a year ago, don't make the same mistake with DeepOnion now. Get in the wagon while it's still being fueled.

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