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"!! Announcements -  ⚡ [ANN] ⚡ DeepOnion TOR ⚡ DeepVault ⚡ Cryptopia ? Airdrop ? New Rules!
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Honestly, my approach is in the market cap coins with good developers, great tech and ambitious roadmap. I am holding DeepOnion, anonymous cryptocurrency, anonymous transactions the most. They have a strong community ( support them and Untraceable Payments , all transactions are private and sent through the TOR network.

Potential for 10x in next year.
As far as coins with privacy features are concerned, my view is that DeepOnion is vying for the very top spot. I feel that the community support that the project has is quite commendable. As a person who really values privacy online, DeepOnion features such as DeepVault and DeepSend are such that really catches my attention, i hope that the project continues to develop and go in the right direction. I certainly think that it is undervalued at the moment, but its only a matter of time.
Big Grin  New here and want to activate my wallet.  Thanks for any help.  Cool

DeepOnion is a great anonymous coin, but it seem undervalued now. It could be seen from your post, Deeponion offer people 100% untraceable transactions, with many other feature like Deepvault, Deepsend... the road map are clear and very promising. The dev team and Mod of DeepOnion community are working very hard. From those points, i can confidently say that, DeepOnion will be successful.
In my opinion Deep Onion is one of the best crypto currency at this time because this one has something that no other one has and this feature which make the difference between and other ones gives your more confidence and make you to believe more in it. I speak about the anonymous feature which made your achievements safer. That's one thing that I really enjoy at it and another one is that you can earn free money just because of keeping your ONIONS in the wallet. This action is called Airdrops and it takes place every Friday.
I am investing in DeepOnion. 
It will makes your  DeepOnion coins private because it is on the TOR and this coin is the next privacy coin on the history totaly.
Definitely worth checking out.
Big Grin What I like in DeepOnion is their concept of anonymity and privacy. Because in order to invest, that two features is really necessary to be filled. Because the higher-level the privacy the lower the chanced of being hacked. And also the other features which is DeepVault that uses blockchain technology as a verification tool to save your important files this is really good for legal documents and contracts. And also their Free Airdrops that encourage the members to be active in particpating in the community. Also the upcoming DeepSend that allows you send anonymous and untraceable transactions and get instant confirmations that no one will know who are the sender and receiver.  


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(18-12-2017, 01:49 PM)dragononion Wrote: DeepOnion is a great anonymous coin, but it seem undervalued now. It could be seen from your post, Deeponion offer people 100% untraceable transactions, with many other feature like Deepvault, Deepsend... the road map are clear and very promising. The dev team and Mod of DeepOnion community are working very hard. From those points, i can confidently say that, DeepOnion will be successful.


Right on point! I feel that at this moment it is sort of undervalued while some are highly overrated. There is plethora of coins out there and not to mention ICOs, but in cryptocurrencies $ONION is by far ahead and very promising. I would like to add to your points that by running on Tor it makes it really anonymous.

In my opinion, I know people that bought it at $0.6 and at $1 and up, but even now is not too late to start with this coin as with awesome developers and great community behind it this is the way to go for 2018. and after!
The anonymous cryptocurrency is DEEPONION that helps in securing the transactions and hide the identity by using the TOR NETWORK. Anonymity is Guaranteed! Deeponion has the strong and active community which helps in developing more and more features. Some updated features introduced by Dev team like DEEPSEND, DEEPVAULT .
The most thing which I love about deeponion is its distribution by airdrop instead of ICO caring for community. It is gping to be listed soon on Kucoin and hence more exploration of deeponion and hence it is gping to moon. Macaffe recently tweeted that anonymous coins have great future and hence deeponion is going to see great future in 2018
New cryptocurrency. I am familiar with her recently, but I can say that cryptocurrency reliable. Quickly enough, the cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, a lot of talk about it everywhere. Evidence that this is not a divorce and not a Scam a large number. I advise everyone to join. The more of us, we get stronger.
Got my first Sunday airdrop this week, very pleased Big Grin

I think 2018 will be a even better year for Deeponion, we've had two great features with deepvault and deepsend this year, with the mobile wallet and other features coming very soon. Kucoin exchange said today that they're going to be listing the coin soon as well! $5 by February, mark my words Tongue
05 like 
Most people want their privacy to be protected, and the privacy of the transaction is a very important part of it. DeppOnion is created on the premise that there is a great demand for anonymous transactions all over the world. 
DeepOnion is recognized by most people for its unique anonymous security transactional nature. DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network. We increase the level of privacy for our crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. In the case of using DeepOnion, any transaction is hidden. Under the huge demand of anonymous trading, DeepOnion is thriving, now coming to join us!
Deeponion has its active community and transactions speed. Now there is the new feature which is DEEPSEND,, IT will use on a multi signature method to hide transaction trace. You can send and receive money with fantastic speed.
I'm very confident about DeepOnion, especially the DeepValut and DeepSend features of DeepOnion.
Hope that more people understand and add DeepOnion, DeepOnion get faster and better development, we will also get greater benefits.
More information:
Hi there!. I'm proud member of DeepOnion community and I've seen recently has been showing a quite important grow in its community and its popularity.

I have Something to say about DeepOnion price predictions. The current price of DeepOnion rounds 3–4 USD but seeing its potential, its fast growing community, its active development and also considering that is a young project, I think it’s still cheap and 2018 will be a year of expansion and positioning for ONION, what will make its price rise a lot, even more than 100 USD. Do not leave this opportunity behind!.
When I met Deeponion for the first time at Baidutieba. I was attracted by its safety feature, which makes it different from any other coins. By the way, the Deeponion community is very warm and I have made a lot of friends there. Come on, join us.
I joined deeponion for a week. So I am a new member.their is a good community. they help me alltime. this community is not only good this community too much strong.
i feel here safe.
I think everyone need to join here and help to make a big community
The creation of DeepOnion was a big opportunity for the members around it. The Anonymity is at its finest we can receive payments privately, and also every transactions is secured. Deep Onion community is creating history in the name of cryptocurrency. Every identity of individual within it. So we could avoid from illegal entities and unknown users.

Our community is getting bigger and bigger. It has great potential in being to the top. It is already proven. Promoting this community to others is such a great opportunity for me and also to them. It's expanding faster and faster than anyone expected more power!
Great project, airdrops going very well and roadmap is being met along the way :) 2018 definitely looks bright for DeepOnion both feature wise and value wise :)
I'm very excited about the prospects of DeepOnion. Deep Onions platform is top tier and what future cryptocoiners will be looking to obtain . It's very difficult to get e to believe in something and I really believe that Deep Onion is one of the best projects around.

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