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"?? ICO / Crowdsale -  [ANN] - Full Decentralized Exchange with Profit Share Token
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Few notes for potential investors
Bitherium DEX is now in the testing phase. The official launch of the exchange will commence once all tests and token sale are successfully completed.

During the test phase everyone can log into the exchange and explore the features of the exchange.
However, deposits, withdrawals and transfers are deactivated.

Bitherium Tokens purchase is conducted through email contact. After successful purchase, the user will receive an invitation link to our telegram group.
The Bitheirum telegram group is accessible only via invitation in order to protect our investors from scams.

Type in the subject of the email "Bitcointalk10" and get 10% more tokens in addition to your purchase.
Also, please let us know how many tokens you would like to purchase and the currency in which you would like to make the purchase with.
We will then send you the exact information regarding your purchase. 

Email for purchase tokens: [email protected]

Note: Users are only able to purchase Bitherium using BTC or ETH.

Bitherium (BTH) Informations
Name: Bitherium
Token supply: 21,000,000 BTH
Contract address: 0xf70e431c0e077e794e202b7e2a3da03a394fa0fb
Decimals: 0

BTH is already listed on MyEtherWallet platform under ticker BTHT. For Metamask click on "Add Token" and insert the token contract address.



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