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"!! Hot NEWS -  Primary Exchange Launches New Crypto Coin September 1
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[Image: guYtVtC.gif]

Primary Exchange is hitting global headlines in the world of cryptocurrencies as they formally announce the launch of their PRI Coin on the 1st of September, 2020. Determined to become the world’s most user-friendly and straightforward cryptocurrency there is, Primary Exchange is offering customer support in Chinese, English and Dutch. With a supply of 21,000,000 PRI on offer, investors can access it at a modest price of USD 0.10 per token; which should excite any trader.

Primary Exchange is a China-based company whose founding members have requisite industry experience ranging from expertise in blockchain technology to the Financial industry. 

One reason why many investors are afraid of investing in cryptocurrency is not because of volatility associated with it but the fear of losing their funds on account of not being secure. Primary Exchange is not unaware of this concern nursed by investors and has gone ahead to enable 2FA security in the yet to be launched crypto coin. So the investors have nothing to be afraid.

Various benefits come with investing in Primary Exchange. For instance, in what may seem hard to believe, Primary Exchange is offering attractive airdrops to potential investors. People who are not familiar with how things work in the cryptocurrency ecosystem may consider this a scam. Still, the fact is that the use of airdrops in the cryptocurrency business is not new. It is a marketing stunt where free coins or tokens are sent to wallet addresses in a bid to create awareness of a new digital currency. 

To benefit from this unique offer, all you need to do is to you use the referral link that is generated by the exchange website and voila you have 100 FREE PRI coins in your wallet for every newly registered person! Work it out, and you have 100 PRI x 0,10 USD = 10 USD 


You could also proceed having got the $10 in your account to also try out your luck by using our SPIN game. 

Here, you stand the chance of winning the following prizes in the SPIN game:

Wheel: 1X, 5X, Lose, 1K, 10K, Lose

 1X = No win or Lose

 5X = 500 PRI Win

 Lose = 100 PRI lost

 1K = 1000 PRI Win

 10K = 10.000 PRI Win

RNG: 10K is harder to get. Other options are the same RNG rate.

One other huge benefit that accrues from this investment is the massive discounts on offer. It is basically to attract more people to the fold; the more, the merrier.

From the discount plan below, you could see that it is an unbeatable deal:

Discount Coin Offers (DCO):

AMPL: Static price: 0,50 USD

LINK: Static price: 4 USD

DOT: Static price: 100 USD


Bitcoin 50% Off until First September 2020

It is noteworthy to state that Primary Exchange is offering 80 BTC; enough balances to be an official exchange. 

A deliberate purchase limit of 3 BTC for each person is strictly enforced with close monitoring to ensure that no one scams the system using phoney accounts.

Further info at:

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