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"INFO -  Information Stellar Lumens?
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Wink What is Stellar Lumens? Wink

Stellar is an open platform or network that connects payment systems with users that are integrated to transfer quickly, reliably and virtually no cost. As we have seen, Stellar is a remarkable phenomenon at the time of its first release in 2014. Stellar is one of cryptocurrency that many devotees.

Stellar Network improved its system and produced a new cryptocurrency named LUMENS
or XLM,

which was previously STELLAR or abbreviated STR.
Lumens is the original asset of Stellar's network. Original means lumens built into the network. Assets are how the network refers to the item values stored in the ledger. One lumen is a unit of digital currency, such as bitcoin.

Why STELLAR have to upgrade to LUMENS?
In 2014 the Stellar network was launched with 100 billion Stellar, the original name of the original assets of the network. By 2015, with the launch of an upgraded network, the original asset name changed from Stellar to Lumens to distinguish it from: 
  1. Stellar network itself 
  2. a nonprofit organization that contributes to network development. Lumens is a product of the Stellar Development program that Developernya amounted to thousands because it is open source. In short, Lumens is safer than spam because of its upgraded technology.
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