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"?? ICO / Crowdsale -  [ANN] Lukso.Network - The Beginning of a New Digital Economy
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[Image: gxwHtNW.png]
[Image: DXApOn4.png]
[Image: QiFOwtH.png]
[Image: DcAqrph.png]
[Image: uAI0cmf.png]
[Image: EX9U9wB.png]
[Image: eI4ZDow.png]
[Image: ZDODByS.png][url=][/url]
Your purchased DigitalAssets from any creator, artist, designer and brand on LUKSO incorporate DigitalCertificates, notifying that you are the owner.

Nobody can duplicate them, nobody else can claim their ownership. The value is secured and the joy all yours.

[Image: YKMCeoX.jpg]
What the heck are DApps? Thinking face

Unlike traditional apps, decentralized applications run by themselves on a P2P network or on a blockchain. 

The users are interacting with it in an open and public fashion. 

The information is owned and controlled by its users. 

[Image: 9k1gTbu.jpg]

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