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How Seaquake Offers Stability and Trade Execution Solutions
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One big problem that investors face in the digital asset market is instability and illiquidity. With these two main problems, it is easy to lose money or sometimes, it is difficult to convert one’s asset into cash in a timely manner. However, with Seaquake, these are perfectly taken care of.

Seaquake offers institutional grade liquidity and stability, and trade execution solutions to handle the aforementioned challenges. With them, you can manage multiple lines of business from a central core engine. They take care of liquidity and volume by maintaining the market spread within the fee displacement of the current market, even as a fixed bid and ask is maintained.

In addition, Seaquake  - makes use of an automated process to provide quantitative volume on listed pairs across your exchange. This they do by making use of the previous 24 hours’ data, over 1500 data points to create strategies that work.

Seaquake also detects Crossed book situations as they market across Quote-Assets in an incredible manner. Finally, they execute data collection and processing, making use of Global Order Book Analysis, Sentiment Index; Automated data retrieval, formatting and delivery; and Historic OB, Kline and Price Tick data.
I am sorry but I won’t be trusting such random platform offering services, it’s too risky and uncomfortable. I would always suggest people to be wise with their decision making and don’t join like that. If you do then you are meant to struggle badly.

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