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"!! Announcements -  [ANN][POC] Lava - A Root-of-Trust and Top-level Indexing for Global Storage
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- A Root-of-Trust and Top-level indexing for global storage

 What is Lava? 
Lava is a digital and cryptographic infrastructure based on Proof-of-Capacity (PoC). It embodies Root-of-Trust and Top-level Indexing mechanism for the global storage space.
PoC is a consensus mechanism of high security,but relying on very low energy consumption.Great fairness and openness. It is therefore conducive to building a stronger trustless on- chain ecology and assembling a wider range of consensus and value. Lava has adopted an improved PoC mechanism, namely Lava- Firestone, greatly relaxing the hardware barriers set to maintain a decentralized network, and making it easier and more cost- effecient for anyone to utilize handy but idle storage devices to participate in block forging.
The whole ecology is designed for a complete close loop: Lava builds consensus from global storage space, and in return gives feedback to the space with the trust-value gained from consensus. The concept of “building” comes from the PoC consensus mechanism adopted by the main chain. It requires a large and distributed storage networks to contribute “capacity power” to create Root-of-Trust on the blockchain. 

 About Lava 
Consensus from Space
Lava Blockchain operates on Lava-Firestone, a Proof of Capacity (PoC)-based consensus mechanism. You prove to the network the storage capacity you hold, participate in the competition of block forging, and maintain the security and credibility of the whole decentralized network. As a permissionless and threshold-free consensus protocol, Lava enables you to participate in our consensus by contributing storage capacity wherever you are and whatever storage devices are in your hand. Lava is featured by such protocols of great openness and in return makes itself infinitely scalable.

Green Mining
PoC mining in Lava Blockchain does not consume electricity as in stereotypes. Rather, it relies on statically stored data.Thus no high-powered computing devices are required.Only about one percent of power consumption will be needed for PoC protocol network to achieve security equivalent to that of PoW. What is more, as PoW will inevitably go ASIC, which as a result weakens the degree of system decentralization. PoC protocol, however, has naturally avoided such problems by working on mining blocks with storage devices.

Meaningful Storage
Lava Blockchain presents a powerful consensus practice from global storage space and become a trust infrastructure for distributed social collaboration. But it doesn't stop there: Thanks to the growing maturity of cross-chain communication technology and the ever-increasing scale of distributed content-addressable storage networks, Lava comes with decentralized storage applications that help feeding trust value into social value. In the future, Lava will in stages build a master protocol based on Layer 2 Embedment and Underlying Indexing, and support all distributed content-addressable storage networks will in the form of Layer 2 of Lava mainchain.


Block Explorers

White Paper  






QQ group


 Lava Specifications 
Mining alhorithm:Shabal
Blocktime:4 min
Max Supply:332,800,000 LV 
Block Reward:640 LV if a Firestone is consumed by the miner, or 320 LV if not; Halving period: 260,000 Block Height (which last approximately two years); 
Lava mainnet officially launched:28-Aug-2019
•Tech team 2%; 
•Community development start-up fund 2%; 
•Lava Foundation, for mid to long-term ecology development 3%; 
••••••Total 7%

 Lava Mining 

Lava Plotting & Mining Instruction:
Lava Full Node (Lava Core) Guide:
A Guide for Lava Firestone:
A Guide for Lava Binding Mechanism:

Wallets & Downloads
Linux full node wallet:
Osx full node wallet:
Windows full node wallet:
windows-disable full node wallet:
Lava Miner:
Windows light wallet:
https[Suspicious link removed]
Mac light wallet:
Win full node gui wallet:
Mac full node gui wallet:
Android light wallet:

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