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"!! Announcements -  [ANN] VIDYA - We Gamify DeFi - Bringing Blockchain & Gaming Together
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We’re happy to report on the second week of our one-to-one investor outreach campaign. We have spoken to over 1000 new investors this week and have been able to educate them on this wonderful new project. Many have not heard of it yet but were enticed by the idea that you can win real crypto while playing games! The overall sentiment is positive. As you know, we are in a slight market downturn which affects the Team3D project as well. This is very normal, especially in the beginning stages of the project. There will be more fluctuation to come. We find this market action to be very healthy and our stats from other projects show this to be expected. So keep dollar-cost-averaging and buy the dips! 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming major news articles this week. APnews is publishing soon!

Weekly Stats:

Check out the news article on APnews! This will be the first of many!
Staking and inventory will be released on September 15th!

[Image: K7Yj5C5.png]
If you didn't know VIDYA is listed on Coinmarketcap!
VIDYA has been listed on P2PB2B!

Dear traders, MMD is available for trading on our exchange.


[Image: dSeN7hK.jpg]
Thanks for tuning in to $VIDYA! Watch the teaser!
The Giants Digital marketing team has finished it's second successful week of the one-to-one investor outreach campaign. Most of our contacts have not yet heard of Team3D and the VIDYA token, as it is still fairly new (this process is normal). Regardless, they are happy to hear about Team3D and are impressed with website and the article. Everyone is very much looking forward to playing the game. 

You will find our weekly stats link here:

Keep your eyes open for new articles coming out, featuring Team3d and the Vidya token (Forbes, Market Watch, CoinTelegraph etc.). The next weeks are going to be filled with good news!
Vidya's "Generator.exe", our in-house LP staking mechanism, is set for release today! $VIDYA

[Image: xiLT7Xr.jpg]
Inventory and equipment are ready for release and will be pushed in the early hours of the 18th in EST. A first batch of legacy NFTs for our great pioneers will be minted, and distributed, to key players and top contributors. The cost to mint your items will be covered by your pals over at @? Team3D. Some can be equipped, some await the perfect moment to be used, all will have value. Feel free to do with them as you please, though we recommend you hold onto them if you plan to enjoy their utility, or sell them for a healthy sack of Vidya. To reiterate: we're still waiting for the greenlight for staking, but for now we'll push other aspects of the website update.

I'm no longer announcing our press releases prior to their publishing, I'm just going to announce with links to articles after the fact. You can probably guess what that means, though. (Probably another huge press release on the way, who knows). 

Our Etherscan information has finally updated, and we're looking pretty good:

A comprehensive Medium article and guide to Vidya has been published, you can find it here:

The next announcement will be letting you all know to check TeamOS for your backpacks! Hopefully it's like Christmas morning.
Wake up, hop on Twitter, Bilaxy randomly lists us. Nice!
There is much anticipation for the upcoming Team3D releases. As this project is still very new, there is much speculation going on as well. This is a normal process and always leads to volatility in the short term. Regardless, we push forward and build. We have the following PR releases all lined up to be published within the next 2 weeks: Forbes, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, and (drumroll...) Cointelegraph! There was a slight delay in publishing the first articles, as we were still waiting for the newest develpments on the project to be able to report these as well. So we are looking forward to stirring up the crypto space with awesome news about Team3D for the next 2 weeks and beyond! 

Additionally, we have spoken with nearly 1000 investors again this week. Though many still were not aware of VIDYA and Team3D, those that were have spoken very highly of the team and of the project. 

You will find the weekly stats here:

And the PR Report here:
We proudly present another well written piece about Team3D on!
Inventory and equipment have been live since forever ago along with the website update. Some of you will have already received items. Users who are connected to Web3 and hold more than 1,000 UNI will receive a prompt asking them if they would like to claim a Unicorn Head in exchange for 1,000 VIDYA. Only 100 Unicorn Heads will ever exist. The VIDYA accumulated from the claim of Unicorn Heads is pooled in the inventory contract. What purpose could these Unicorn Heads possibly have, and for what reason are we pooling VIDYA?

Currently only NFTs for the discoverers of Easter-eggs and major supporters of VIDYA who dedicated time and effort to creating awesome content for our community.

The first person to declare their discovery of the website update has won a limited edition NFT, which they will receive within 24 hours.

Also, another Team3D press release:
LADIES AND GENTS!! We present to you: COINTELEGRAPH!!! Get ready for some hype! Buy some more before it's too late!

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