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01 information 
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Wallets All XLM wallet overview, consist of
  1. Centaurus 
  2. Lobstr for iOS and Android
  3. account viewer
  4. Scotty's wallet Centaurus was the first stellar wallet available on google play. It is completely open source! Saza is a stellar wallet that helps users manage lumens and other assets. Features include: Manage multiple Stellar accounts, Send payments in different assets, Create/Manage Trustlines, Create/Manage Offers, View all operations on account, Set all account options. StellarTerm is a web based trading client. With full ability to interact with the Stellar distributed exchange. It aims to make it easy and safe for users of any skill level to trade on the Stellar network. One big feature is that it has a up-to-date list of all the anchors so that users will have a simpler and safer experience. Open source full featured desktop client. It will encrypt your secret key and store it as a file locally on computer. You can trust, send, trade in the client. It also fully support the federation protocol and even embeds the service. - Ecliptic is a Stellar Wallet and Trading Client. It has the ability to add multiple wallets, including hosted, client-side and read-only accounts. Luuun is local lumens made easy. It is the easiest way to send money to the remotest areas of the world. Anyone can buy/sell lumens for cash from a local agent. Simply, 1.) Place a buy/sell request for lumens in your local currency, 2.) Wait for local tellers to respond. View and accept a teller offer nearby. 3.) Navigate to teller, provide a code and exchange cash. In addition, Luuun is a web based wallet for your lumens, digital currencies and other assets on the Stellar network. Lobstr is a wallet for Stellar. Lobstr is available as a web app and also has native Android and iOS apps. Lobstr is a smart and secure way to send and receive Lumens. It's clean design and helpful features like email notifications simplify the whole experience and make Lobstr one of the most user friendly wallets. Can run in windows and linux, can support the record query and send and receive Lumens. Command line application mode, easy operation. Does not save the local file, you can use as a cold wallet. Supports Chinese and English. Stellar Portal is a web application to view and manage stellar accounts. It relies completely on Horizon and has no backend. You can view balances, offers, orderbooks and payment, and do most of operations. The eQuid wallet holds eQuid. eQuid is a complementary currency that is different from other crypto currencies by the way it is injected into the economy. It is earned into existence rather than mined. Stellar xlm send and receive, account trade history , merge account. Support federation service. Support Chinese and English language UI. Multi-Account manage, easy to use. Support friend manage. Compatible with WeChat. Stargazer is a wallet application for mobile (i.e. Android) and desktop. Multiple accounts, multiple assets, multiple networks, multiple languages. The vision is to push the limit; to raise the bar for what a wallet is, and what you can do with it -- without adding to much fluff. For a overview of the capabilities, and how they work, walk through the tutorial. Simple wallet that supports multiple currencies and hides the stellar network.

Misc - An inflation pool. - Transaction explorer - Trade and chart data. - Open federation service. Allows you to give your stellar account a common name. Stellar network block chain explorer. Support Chinese and English language.The most comprehensive block chain browser for the Stellar network is now available. -A simple and easy way to show your appreciation for people on github. It allows you to send lumens to anyone with a github account. -site for giving lumen gifts to multiple people or groups. - Gamble with your lumens It allows users to subscribe to notifications of operations on their stellar account. All that is required is your twitter ID and stellar account ID. Once subscribed you will get transaction alerts on twitter via direct messages - service that lets you get text message notifications regarding transactions that happen on your Stellar account. Bob lives in Berlin, Bob pay the deposit to "own" a bike in Shanghai. Bob remote "invest" a bike which is belong to Bob , and the bike rent incoming everyday will come back to Bob's account. technology: stellar payment special: Bob pay not only the deposit, but a invest DearStellar is a Twitter bot that listens to mentions from Stellar users who want their account balances to be checked. The Stellar users are instructed to tweet their account ID's in a particular format. The Twitter bot collects the account ID from the tweet and makes use of it to find the account balance. When this is done, the Twitter bot tweets back at the Twitter user to inform them about the success of the process or an error report. The account balance is then sent as a direct message to the Twitter user. My app provides account details of a Stellar Account. StellarDesk provides a powerful yet simple way to look into the Stellar network, query data, and make transactions.

Anchors - Bitcoin China - Philippine Peso Philippines - CNY China -USD. based in Zimbabwe - JPY Japan - EUR Europe -NGN Nigeria - NGN,KSH Nigeria - ETH World

Technical and Tools - White label wallet that supports Stellar. multi-signature coordinator. -A graphical representation of the validating nodes in the network. - Add lumen donations to your site. - Indexes Stellar Core data into Elasticsearch Simple web app to re-key or completely move all stellar account assets from one address keypair to another. It merges stellar accounts that have custom assets and offers. The normal merge function only merges xlm. This takes it a step further. It basically copies all assets/offers from source to destination account. It also sets up trustlines. All this is done in the browser. The application allows you to choose if it is to run on the Test network or the public network It allows users to easily create and sign multisignature transactions. A slack bot for stellar. It works in 2 ways. Streaming: It streams all operations on the stellar network to a channel. Queries: It allows users to query the stellar network for basic information such as accounts details, balance and transaction details. It listens for operations in the network and sends out notification using the mailgun api. This is a plugin that allows Instant transfer of assets to a given account. It has been modified to handle transfer of non-native assets, and an option to use on live/test network. The transaction is built and signed in the browser so your private key is not transferred through the network. Will be ideal for donation plugins. It gives information about recent offers the stellar network. It also allows users to query for bids/asks and recent trades for a given asset pair. It gets the recent trades by querying the most recent operations and then filtering out the manage offers and create passive offers operations. In doing so, it gives an idea of what offers are currently being made for any asset pair and you can bid accordingly. Open stellar to users of various SNS sites(currently wechat supported only) and everyone can issue and manage their assets easily. A simple web app that displays tables and charts of asset history prices. Data feed is from API. Facilitates U.S. anchors' compliance with BS and AML regulations by providing a webservice that scrubs names against the OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals List. It generates random key pairs for use with Stellar account.
23 help 

I see that this thread was created in 2016, and still no replies..... Has anyone tried the SAZA wallet? 


Big Grin Thanks for this extensive list! Helps so much for someone who is just really getting into the awesomeness of Stellar!
Sharing is Caring! 

Thank you for the list but which one is the best amongst them? People keeps complaining about their missing Xlm in almost the wallet lists.
Between these wallet options, which has been proven to be safer and more reliable in doing transactions?

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