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"!! Hot NEWS -  [ANN] [CCH] CitiCash - Unblock the blockchain.
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What is CitiCash?

CitiCash is a cryptocurrency that has been developed to spread among the global public. For this reason, the technical difficulty and choice of terminology have been adapted for users who do not have any experience with cryptocurrencies. CitiCash users will also have the chance to pay by crypto-wallet for goods and services in real life. 
CitiCash, like most decentralized currencies, is based on the CryptoNote protocol.


Easy to understand: All the necessary user tools have been developed in order to spread CitiCash among the widest possible global public. Obstacles in cryptocurrency being used by ordinary people are thus removed.

Payments: CitiCash owners can make non-cash payments in everyday life with standard debit cards that can be issued to any wallet. 

Anonymity and security: To ensure security and anonymity we use RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions). For transactions in the CitiCash network a mixin with at least 6 "Ring Signatures" is used.

The total number of coins in the first 20 years is 1,000,000,000. Inflation will begin after 20 years, so in the year 2038. For this reason, 2,103,840 more coins will be released each year. A total number of 865,000,000 coins are reserved for community mining. The number of re-mined coins will be 130,000,000. Five million coins will be used as a compensation for the CitiCash development team.

Detailed overview: 
Total issue: 1, 000, 000, 000 coins 
Developer reward: 5, 000, 000 coins 
Public sale: 130, 000, 000 coins 
Coins for mining: 865, 000, 000 coins
Inflation quantity per year (after extraction of 1, 000, 000, 000 coins): 2, 103, 840 coins

Coin Units:
1 NanoCash  = 0.000000001 CCH (10-9 - the smallest coin unit)
1 MicroCash = 0.000001 CCH (10-6)
1 MilliCash = 0.001 CCH (10-3)

Coin symbol: CCH
Hash algorithm: CryptoNight-Heavy

Emission scheme: The block reward changes every 6 months. Coins are released by an algorithm called “Camel distribution”. This algorithm has been inspired by the mining of rare commodities - for example, oil, precious metals, etc. Initially, fewer coins are released, later more coins, then a steep decline occurs, until there is full exploitation.



Blockchain Explorer

Mining Pools


Source code

Our Development Team


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