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I am selling Netflix and spotify premium accounts.

Netflix 6 months to lifetime = 100 STR
Spotify 6months to lifetime = 100 STR

All of the accounts has 6 months warranty.
If you can't access the account before 6 months I will replace it with a new account .

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10. 'New Super Mario Bros. Wii'
Sold: 29.32 million units

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, not to be confused with New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS, squeezes its way in at #10 while just barely missing #9. Released in 2009, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the first title in the central Mario Bros. franchise to include simultaneous multiplayer since Mario Bros. in the arcade back in 1983. 

9. 'Diablo III'
Sold: 30 million units
Diablo III is evidence of the lasting impact #Blizzard Entertainment's games have on their fanbase. The game launched for Mac and Windows in 2012, a full 12 years after the release of Diablo II

8. 'New Super Mario Bros.'
Sold: 30.79 million units

7. 'Wii Sports Resort'
Sold: 32.8 million units
[Image: top-10-best-selling-video-games-of-all-time.jpg]

6. 'Mario Kart Wii'
Sold: 36.38 million units
[Image: top-10-best-selling-video-games-of-all-time.jpg]

5. 'Super Mario Bros.'
Sold: 40.24 million units
[Image: top-10-best-selling-video-games-of-all-time.jpg]
Nintendo's consoles rise and fall based on their launch titles. Super Mario Bros. was a launch title for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Though this wasn't Mario's first video game appearance, the popularity of Super Mario Bros. — over 40 million units sold — launched Mario into full-blown mascot status. He has been an ever-present member of Nintendo's offerings since Super Mario Bros.' initial release in 1985.

4. 'Grand Theft Auto V'
Sold: 70 million units

Compared to other best-selling titles, Grand Theft Auto V stands out as one of the only titles on the list to be decidedly family un-friendly with its crude storytelling and visuals. (Granted, Diablo III isn't for the faint of heart with its grotesque demons and sprays of gore, either.) #GrandTheftAuto's crass, politically incorrect content is precisely what made this franchise a household name, however. Its sales numbers have also been propped up by delayed multi-platform releases: Grand Theft Auto V released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 September 2013, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 2014, and finally on PC April 2015.
Players who simply couldn't wait to play the game picked it up in its initial release in 2013. Those who enjoyed it most bought it a second time during its next-gen release in 2014. Players who preferred playing on a PC but bought its initial console offerings bought it yet again for its PC release in 2015. This means there are players who bought the same game two or maybe even three times. That doesn't make Grand Theft Auto V's sales numbers any less impressive; creating a game players would be willing to purchase multiple times in such a small time frame is perhaps even more impressive.

3. 'Wii Sports'
Sold: 82.78 million units

Wii Sports sold nearly 83 million units. As a comparison, the Nintendo Wii sold 101 million units. As a launch title for the Wii, Wii Sports entered nearly as many households as its mothership console. Wii Sports was not only a widely enjoyed game, but it was no doubt the title which familiarized players with the Wii's motion controls, directly contributing to the console's widespread success.

2. 'Minecraft'
Sold: 107.86 million units

Minecraft, first released on Windows in 2009, is the second best-selling game of all time with nearly 108 million units sold. The family-friendly sandbox game has attracted players of all ages; grown adults and children alike enjoy exercising their creativity with the simplistic building blocks of #Minecraft. This phenomenon should come as no surprise, however, given the lasting success of LEGO, which have been in production since 1949.

1. Tetris
Sold: 495 million units
[Image: top-10-best-selling-video-games-of-all-time.jpg]
Across all platforms, Tetris has sold a staggering 495 million units. [url=]#Tetris has been sold on numerous platforms ranging from the Nintendo Entertainment System to BlackBerry to PlayStation 3. As far as video games go, Tetris has an unusual origin: The game was created by Alexey Patjinov, an artificial intelligence researcher in Moscow, all the way back in 1984. Tetris was never intended (or expected) to take off as it did. Patjinov developed games as a hobby to test computer hardware. In the case of Tetris, Patjinov's colleagues enjoyed the game so much, they decided to port the title to the IBM PC. From there, the game spread throughout Moscow, eventually making its way to Budapest and eventually discovered by a British software house.

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Storage coins like Siacoin, Maidsafecoin and Storj will reach billions of dollars in their market caps for a simple reason. Take a look at these file storage companies and their market caps:

Dropbox: $2.3 billion
Box: $2.5 billion

Those are just 2 big ones. There are many out there. And what about those hosted by big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon? If their file storage solution would be a separate company, what would their market cap be?

And let's say you take all those companies together, now what about local companies that provide the same service? What would the overall market cap of file storage be?

Now take a look at the market caps of file storage coins:
Siacoin: $260 million
Maidsafe: $215 million
Storjx: $36 million

Are these coins superior to the solutions we have today? Yes and no. Can they be superior? Yes!
Are they on the way to be superior? Hell yes! And the thing is.. the traditional file hosting companies will not be able to do anything about the technology other than adapt it themselves. They can run heavy marketing, but it will not make their products better.

The huge advantages of file storage cryptocurrency is that it is private (files are broken apart and encrypted and then distributed to a large number of computers all over the world) and safe (multiple copies are kept). It is also decentralized, just like other cryptocurrencies.

Of course, it can't be free. Which will turn many people away from it. I don't think the issue will be the amount of money though, since this cryptocurrency file storage is a lot cheaper. It will probably be more about the idea of paying, even if it is a really small amount of money.

They can do anything that Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and others can do. Sync files, share files, etc. Can they do it perfectly now? No. The question is when it'll be done. It's not rocket science. There are also websites that could benefit from this. Keep in mind file hosting is a big thing not just for users, but also for companies that use those websites to provide files to their customers - Image hosting, downloads, video hosting etc.

This is a real world usage of cryptocurrency as something other than as a currency. And this is just one example. Take a look at Golem and VPNCoin too.

TL;DR: File storage companies are worth billions of dollars, file storage coins can do the same thing, but better and with important features like privacy, extra safety of files and decentralization and they are worth millions.

Disclaimer: I don't have a crystal ball and a lot of stuff in life doesn't make sense. Most likely most people will prefer to sell their privacy instead of paying a few cents to store their files safely and privately. So don't jump in without knowing anything, after all those are just my 2c.

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Hello. I m just wondering what are your top 3 most favorite cryptocurrencies? And why?

As of now I only have 2, bitcoins and stellars. I am planning to add more but i dont have any idea what coins will rise its value in the near future.

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Hello. I have an account on adlove and I cashed out $5 amazon gift card but until now did not received the codes. Does some one know if adlove already turned to scam now?

By the way Adlove is an app that pays to watch ads. They are legit and paid me multiple times. But last 2 weeks I request cashout but no payment till now.

Just want to know if somebody here received payment from adlove now? Thank you.

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Tôi không thể đăng nhập vào Https://
Tôi có mã khôi phục nhưng khi tôi lấy lại mật khẩu, trang web báo lỗi mã khôi phục lại! Tại sao?Rolleyes

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[Image: shutterstock_477425509-640x371.jpg]

Barry Silbert’s firm the Digital Currency Group (DCG) revealed a scaling agreement on May 23 with a letter of intent backed by 56 Bitcoin companies, for Sergio Demian Lerner’s recent Segwit-2Mb plan. The announcement states the signed agreement represents a “critical mass of the bitcoin ecosystem” with 83.28% of hash power supporting the proposal.
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The Anticipated ‘Barry Silbert Scaling Proposal’ Has Been Revealed
[Image: segwitco-300x76.png]

For a few days bitcoin enthusiasts have been anticipating the “Barry Silbert” scaling plan  hinted at a few days ago. Following Silbert’s statements about a new scaling effort, a meeting took place in connetion to the Consensus 2017 conference. As the conference came to an end, Silbert’s venture capital firm DCG revealed the compromise proposal.
The agreement is supported by 56 digital currency companies stemming from 21 countries worldwide. The letter states the agreement has the backing of over 83 percent of the network’s hash power. This group represents 5.1 billion USD monthly on chain transaction volume and 20.5 million bitcoin wallets within the economy.
“We agree to immediately support the following parallel upgrades to the bitcoin protocol, which will be deployed simultaneously and based on the original Segwit-2Mb proposal,” explains the DCG announcement.  
Activate Segregated Witness at an 80% threshold, signaling at bit 4 and activate a 2 MB hard fork within six months.
A Proposal to Lower the Segwit Threshold to 80%
[Image: shutterstock_554011075-300x212.jpg]
Prior to DCG’s announcement discussions of lowering the Segwit threshold that took place during the Consensus 2017 scaling panel, Eric Lombrozo stated it was possible to lower the Segwit threshold. After the discussion on May 22, Bitcoin developer James Hilliard proposed a “Reduced signaling threshold activation” BIP.
“I would like to propose an implementation that accomplishes the first part of the Barry Silbert proposal independently from the second: ‘Activate Segregated Witness at an 80% threshold, signaling at bit 4,’” explains Hilliard. “The goal here is to minimize chain split risk and network disruption while maximizing backward compatibility and still providing for rapid activation of Segwit at the 80% threshold using bit 4.”
Quote:By activating segwit immediately and separately from any HF we can scale quickly without risking a rushed combined segwit+HF that would almost certainly cause widespread issues.
Companies/Individuals that Approved Consensus; The Future of Bitcoin
Some of the notable companies and people that agreed to this Segwit activation compromise include Decentral, Grayscale investments, Jaxx, Bitmain, Xapo, Yours, Bitpay, Gavin Andresen, and Guy Corem.
 [Image: shutterstock_106115969-2-300x232.jpg]

the medium article further suggested the community is prepared to handle any growing pains as a cohesive whole that has proven technical compromises can be made in the most challenging and high-risk environments. The consensus article echoed this sentiment:
“We are also committed to the research and development of technical mechanisms to improve signaling in the bitcoin community, as well as to put in place communication tools, in order to more closely coordinate with ecosystem participants in the design, integration, and deployment of safe solutions that increase bitcoin capacity.”
Do you think this concludes the mining debate? Will Bitcoin be able to scale successfully? Let us know in the comments section below.
With additional reporting provided by Jamie Redman. 

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and

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So ISIS claims responsibility for suicide bombing that killed 22 young and innocent victims yesterday, May 23,2017. And yet they celebrate and took pride in it I mean, they are glad that they are killing people? And they also claim responsibility for the recent tragedies in Marawi and Bangkok. Crazy? yes they are!

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[Image: shutterstock_455636977-640x425.jpg]

As the number of merchants accepting bitcoin in Japan grows, companies are incorporating the digital currency into their business models in different ways. Japan’s leading printer, info-telecom and ATM manufacturer, Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd, has entered into the Bitcoin ATM business. Their first line of Bitcoin ATMs is launching this month.
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Leading ATM Manufacturer
[Image: oki-logo-300x96.jpg]

Founded in 1881, the Tokyo-based Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd (Oki) manufactures and sells products, technologies, software and solutions for telecommunications systems and information systems. Among other offerings, Oki supplies ATMs, cash-handling equipment, bank branch terminals for financial institutions, automated check-in machines as well as ticket reservation and cash-handling equipment for the retail and service industries.
[Image: shutterstock_631939058-300x225.jpg]

The company claims to be the first to develop the world’s first cash recycling ATM in 1982. These ATMs recycle banknotes by taking deposits from customers and dispensing them to other customers who withdraw cash at a later time. They are expensive but are more efficient and save on the cost of labor.
According to London-based Retail Banking Research, there were 3.3 million active ATMs in 2016, about 30% of which were cash recycling machines. Oki’s corporate brochure says:

[i]Oki is a leader in ATMs, with a leading share in the domestic market for financial institutions and the retail/service industries. In overseas markets, we actively sell “ATM-Recycler G7”, a cash recycling ATM that can handle banknotes in multiple currencies.[/i]

The Recycler G7 (RG7) is the company’s latest line of legacy ATMs, which is the seventh generation of its cash recycling machines.
Oki Launching Bitcoin ATMs
According to Nikkei Asian Review, the company’s next line of ATMs will be launching this month, and they will be Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs). The Recycler G8 (RG8) will allow customers to withdraw local currency from their bitcoin wallets as well as charge expenses to them. The publication describes:
[i]It [the BTM] lets users link their online bitcoin wallets to the machine in order to withdraw funds based on the virtual currency’s market price, as well as deposit physical cash into their digital stashes.[/i]
[Image: atm-138x300.png]
There will be other functionality as well, such as settling payment on invoices sent via smartphone. The features an ATM will have depend on the country where it will be located and what services local banks offer.
Initially, Oki aims to launch the new machines in China and other emerging nations. “Oki has no plans to deploy the ATM back in Japan yet, given the relatively quiet demand for bitcoin by financial institutions here,” Nikkei Asian Review wrote.
While the company has not announced where these Bitcoin ATMs will be installed, the RG7 units are installed in high foot-traffic areas such as international airports in Narita and Haneda, and other commercial facilities in Japan. In June last year, Oki installed 600 RG7 units in the State Bank of India, which is the largest bank in the country.
What do you think of Oki entering into the Bitcoin ATM business? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Oki Electric Industry

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[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQX3evVpiQI-ohnpHlw7dM...eundaLG58D]  [Image: open-graph-default.png]
Blush Angel

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where i can check by balance on my paper wallet?


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TOP 5 best FPS games for Android

FPS games (first person shooters) are among the most exciting game genres out there. It is one of the most popular genres ever. Additionally, a variety of high-value games have come from it, including Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, and many others. Believe it or not, there is actually a healthy supply of FPS games on Android that you can dig into. If you’ve got your trigger finger ready, here are the best FPS games on Android right now. Most of these require at least a semi-decent device to play. They tend to have heavy graphics, high demand on Internet usage, and are generally just high resource consuming games.

   [Image: wRDQxTfC5I62yH7ns3oeNiIZcYbD2FHLRQ9Ie0be...GQ=w300-rw]Critical OPS
Critical Ops is one of the newer FPS games. It's technically still in public beta without a full release yet. In this one, you can choose to be part of an anti-terrorism unit and stop destruction or play as a terrorist and cause destruction. It features online multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and decent graphics to create a pretty complete overall experience. Considering that’s in alpha and it’s still on this list, that should give you an indication of how promising this game is.

   [Image: j2FVKaaxNMuOroRXmBszoAFGMW58UQPWIkxBCmvW...5I=w300-rw]DEAD EFFECT 2
Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi FPS game with elements of horror, survival, and RPG. You'll play as the main character and you can choose one of three protagonists. Additionally, you'll have tons of gear, weapons, and body implants to find and level up over the course of the game. It features more than 20 hours of campaign, and tons of options for upgrading. Of course, you'll be leveling up your character as well. It has fantastic graphics and a fun story. It's one of the more complete FPS games out there.

    [Image: cwhdzSsB9Ni6hFZ_mOnpWqs6yxCNWNwKJmih12ed...7E=w300-rw]Dead Trigger 2
Dead Trigger 2 is one of the older FPS games. It's also insanely good. The game contains hundreds of missions across ten regions and 33 environments. There are 37 types of weapons and there is plenty of zombie shooting carnage to last you for a very long time. Most of those weapons have upgrades as well. The developers have been actively working on adding content and fixing bugs for years so this is about as solid of a game as you can possibly get. It also includes above average graphics.

     [Image: r_wVRl1qMDIizN4o9cHiMQJjlv4-R0pJswwybkmj...LI=w300-rw]Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat 5: Blackout is among the most popular and mainstream FPS games on mobile. The game comes with some decent graphics, tons of content, online multiplayer, and more. Its popularity virtually guarantees that there is always someone online to play with or against. It also comes with a campaign mode, six different character classes that you can level up and customize, and support for hardware controllers. It all adds up to a very solid experience. These days, the game is even promoting itself as an eSport.

     [Image: 07X8DcrpMAzlxW5NM_F-cSMssMQ_HQTiJ4rHyf6A...1v=w300-rw]NOVA Legacy
NOVA Legacy is the latest title in a franchise of popular FPS games. It's a sci-fi shooter that comes with a full campaign mode, decent graphics, several game modes, online multiplayer mode, and more. You can even craft and upgrade your weapons. Some of its tertiary features include leaderboards, character customizations, and death cam replays in multiplayer mode. It's a freemium game. That makes it feel and play differently than its predecessors. Still, it's among the best. Don't believe its 20MB claim, though. it is much larger than that.

      [Image: ugPABvhF00VNBE2rCmVRIz4Si5tGnO3mo1P7yHc_...nQ=w300-rw]UNKILLED
Unkilled is the current king of the zombie shooters genre. Your goal in this one is to mow down zombies, take down bosses, and complete various min-missions and objectives. The game boasts over 150 missions, has a variety of weapons to collect and upgrade, and comes with some really good graphics. If you happen to be rocking a device with a Tegra X1, the graphics get even better. You can also engage with the online PvP mode that uses some different types of mechanics. It's actually really good.

Wink Wink

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Hello friends, I'm cammie from Philippines. I was referred here by my forum mate and I find it good staying here. Hoping to meet more friends and hoping to learn a lot from stellar network, at the same time hoping to earn some money from this forums. Thank you. Nice knowing you all.

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Hi Sir, Im a newbie here. Pls help me or guid me to this things. I want to earn real money. thanks. im a Filipino. PINOY MAGINGAY!!! UP UP UP UP UP UP

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