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Trump visited this Boeing factory to celebrate jobs. It just announced layoffs

By Danielle Paquette 

Five months ago at a Boeing factory in South Carolina, President Trump proclaimed, “We are going to fight for every last American job.”

On Thursday, workers at the North Charleston plant learned they’d soon face layoffs.

The airplane manufacturer announced it would be cutting “fewer than 200 people” at the 787 Dreamliner campus and other facilities in the city.

“Our competition is relentless, and that has made clear our need as a company to reduce cost to be more competitive,” Boeing said in a statement. “We are offering resources to those affected by layoffs to help them in finding other employment and ease their transition as much as possible.”

The company has yet to notify the affected employees — who work in operations management, engineering, quality control and training, among other roles — and represent a tiny sliver of its workforce in the state. Boeing would not say how many, exactly, could lose their jobs and when the dismissals will begin.

The South Carolina plant was Trump’s first company visit outside the Beltway after he became president. The point of the trip was not to unveil a major economic policy or promote a new White House initiative, though. Rather, Trump celebrated the launch of the company’s new Dreamliner model.

“We're here to day to celebrate American engineering and American manufacturing,” Trump said at the time. “We're also here today to celebrate jobs. Jobs!” (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)

Boeing employs about 140,000 workers in the United States, mostly in Washington, California, Missouri and South Carolina. Roughly 50,000 work on the factory floor, putting planes together. Approximately 7,300 work in the Palmetto State.

In December, Boeing said it planned to cut jobs this year because of a dropping demand for new planes. The company revealed it would decrease production of the Boeing 777 by 40 percent in 2017.

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By March, the company had accepted about 1,880 voluntary layoffs from employees in Washington state. Then nearly 500 workers near Seattle received involuntary layoff notices in April, according to the Seattle Times

Jonathan Battaglia, representative for the Machinists Union, which the Boeing employees in North Charleston voted not to join in February, said about 700 people in South Carolina have taken buyouts over the past year. The coming wave of layoffs at the North Charleston campus are the first involuntary dismissals to hit its South Carolina workforce.

“Despite Boeing’s promises, it’s clear that job security is something they don’t feel their so-called ‘teammates’ deserve,” Battaglia said. “This isn't about competitiveness, it's about more money for shareholders and executives.”

Boeing, meanwhile, promotes its investment in American jobs.

“Boeing’s market success plays a key role in supporting high-value aerospace jobs across its supply chain and across the United States,” according to the company website. “In 2015 alone, Boeing paid nearly $50 billion to more than 13,600 businesses, supporting an additional 1.5 million supplier-related jobs.”

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[size=undefined]Welcome To ESPERS Official  Thread[/size]
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[size=undefined]Patch 0 is the most current client! 
v0.8.6.1 Patch 0 is now live! - April 6, 2017
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[size=undefined]About ESPERS[/size]
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[size=undefined]ESPERS Coin Tech Details[/size]
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Hello po
Newbie po ako and I just want to know lang po kung pano po yung process ng pag pay out dito 
saan ko po ilalagay/ibibigay yung centaurus add ko?
maraming salamat po :)

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[Image: ?]

World’s First Mobile Data Exchange DENT Seeks to Disrupt Telco Market with Blockchain

We are pleased to introduce [b]DENT, the token that will power the DENT Mobile Exchange.

DENT will be available through a crowd sale open to the community.

The crowdsale will start on July 12th 2017 15:00 GMT

It will end on July 26th 2017 15:00 GMT

[b]About DENT Wireless LTD
DENT Wireless LTD is the first company to create a global marketplace to trade with mobile data in which the DENT platform will treat mobile data as a publicly traded and valued resource or commodity. Based in Hong Kong and established in 2014 as Commando Coder Ltd by Tero Katajainen who decided to develop an automated FOREX trading system with built-in risk management functionality. He integrates products with leading trading terminal MetaTrader, which allows traders to trade directly from Web applications. Parts of this product are now being integrated into DENT Exchange to allow purchasing, selling, and contributing mobile data packets in the market. And what is exciting is that by 2017 many other founders have invested in and joined Tero in their efforts to develop and bring Dent Exchange to the world.

Problems And Solutions

As we know, the current mobile data access for many people is as valuable as hot water or electricity. If we do not have internet access, we are afraid of losing us. However, access to mobile data and bandwidth is controlled by only a few companies in each country.

Mobile operators keep supply limited and prices high.

Unused data allowances are made to expire each month and it generates billions of dollars in profits for operators at the expense of users.

We want users to have their mobile data and bandwidth, they should be able to freely sell or contribute unused data to other users.

"Then how does DENT solve this problem?"

To make this change, the telco market needs a comprehensive market, which will give users and telco the same tools to disrupt their current business model for their own benefit as they will benefit from repeated sales of data allowances. DENT Exchange will be a global market for mobile data and to double payments, DENT Tokens will be the currency to be used.

DENT is aimed at becoming a global exchange for mobile data, where in the best scenario all the world's mobile data will be sold and purchased and even donated through DENT Exchange, just like other commodities such as international currencies traded today. DENT Exchange will give consumers mobile data a direct way to influence the way their telcos data rates, through the bidding process on the exchange.

The possibility of exchanging packages with the more appropriate, especially in the emergence of eSIM that allows the use of multiple operators on a single phone, will encourage telco to compete.

The main purpose

1. Crowdfunding for the development team is scale to start DENT Exchange, DENT mobile app on iOS and Android, and to hire sales people, marketing, support and engineering to get the operation started on a larger scale.

2. Launch DENT Community to start acquiring users in key countries to become members.

3. Negotiate with telcos on behalf of the community to free user-to-user data transfer and to connect telkom to the market.

4. Launch domestic telcos in the market.

5. Launch International Dent Exchange

Sales Token

DENT token sales will start on July 12, 2017 15:00 GMT and will end on July 26, 2017 15:00 GMT.

• Price: 400,000 DENT = 1 ETH

• Bonus: 10% bonus tokens for bonus 14 Billion DENT issued / 5% bonus for 7 Billion DENT issued next

• Minimum target: 15,000 ETH

• Maximum token target sold: 70,000,000,000 DENT
[b]▪ Total supply: 100,000,000,000 DENT[/b]

[b][Image: dent_crowdsale.png]

• Tero Katajainen (Founder and CEO)
An experienced entrepreneur and software architect who founded its predecessor company DENT Wireless in 2014 for
Create trading platform for FOREX.
• Mikko Linnamäki (Co-Founder)
He is also a Co-Founder of DOVECOT Oy, the company behind Open-
IMAP Source Server DOVECOT has an installed base of over 4 million servers and a global share of IMAP servers.
• Andee Vollmer (Co-Founder)
A Mobile expert in a team with 12 years of experience in Mobile Apps, starting with Symbian in 2005 and today on iOS and Android.
• Michael Wirth (Director of Payment Systems and GM UK & Ireland)
Talent who has 20 years experience in large-scale transaction projects, including Product and Service Director at eNett International, Travelport company and a leading specialist for payment solutions in the travel industry.
• Ville Sundell (Smart Contract Specialist)
The pioneer of legal entities based on intelligent contracts, became the first company to create a company only in blocking Ethereal without human intervention through Etherprises LLC.
• Dr. Rainer Deutschmann (Counselor)
Someone who has 20 years of senior telco and tech executive experience in companies like McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom and Reliance.

• Ransu Salovaara, CEO of TokenMarket
Financial industry executives specializing in crypto, digital assets and blockchain technology. He launched Europe's first bitcoin Exchange Trading Instrument, BitcoinETI, which is listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
TokenMarket is an information platform, crowdsale and exchange for digital assets. They help beginners and projects with all aspects of Initial Coin Offering, including intelligent contract security audits, escrow, token distribution, etc.

• Mikko Ohtamaa, TokenMarket's CTO
Co-Founder and CTO from TokenMarket and early Blockchain and Bitcoin experts as well as Python and JavaScript developers and an O source supporter who maintains a Token back end system on their platform.

Download Whitepaper:
Official Website:

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Just want to ask if how can I grow my bitcoin without investing
any suggestions?
Thank you :)

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anyone Here Know How To Multi Signing Wallet At Stellar?

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[Image: 25220?size=1600x600&region=US]
One Punch Man is really good anime :) although it's more LT but I entertain everytime I watched it.
How about Mob Psycho? it's same author of OPM thats why I waiting for it too.

and HxH is really good I can't wait for their new Season in Anime Series.

[Image: 746648cbc49e05494bc250f40a0c84911467850041_full.jpg]

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
For some time now, Cointelegraph has been highlighting how Monero has been declining gradually in terms of market capital ranking. Therefore, it was no surprise to us when it finally left the top 10 last week Friday.

However, the anonymous coin has demonstrated a lot of resistance with all indications it is not ready to give up. Since Saturday, it has been fighting with Stratis over the bottom spot of the top 10.

It has been a seesaw affair with each digital currency dislodging the other four times in four consecutive days, making the battle intense.

Stratis Charts

The standings
Stratis could not recover very well from the issues it had with its wallet which led to its value waning. Its market price, which was in the $11 range, is currently fluttering around $6.95.

On the other hand, Monero could not sustain its $50 price and it has now settled at $46.87. The gap between the two is slim even though Stratis seems to be widening the gap since it took over the tenth position on Wednesday night.

At the time of filing this report on Thursday morning, Stratis was up 1.61 percent with a market capitalization that was a little more than $695,000. Meanwhile, Monero was holding $687,657,810 and down 2.52 percent.

Will Monero come back?
Stratis’ lead is beginning to assume a commanding position and Monero may not be able to catch up. But in the crypto world, anything can happen over night.

The reality is that the latter has not been consistent for months now. Monero gradually declined from the sixth rank in April till it finally lost elite status last week.

Even though Stratis entered the top 10 with great zeal, it basically couldn't maintain the momentum along the line. Moreso, with the entry of the likes of BitShares and IOTA, the race has become intense, leaving the weak no other option but to fall down the ranks.

For now, Stratis is the tenth most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and Monero needs to prove what it is made of in order to take over. Cointelegraph will continue to update our cherished readers on any new developments.


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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
One of the biggest stories in cryptocurrency over the past couple of months has been the meteoric rise of the ether price and the speculative frenzy around the Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs) launching on top of the Ethereum platform. In a recent video uploaded to his personal YouTube channel, Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer shared some of his thoughts on ICOs and their effect on the ether price.

“The real reason the [ether] price has been going up something like a hundred dollars per week for the past month is really just greed: greed from developers, greed from investors [and] greed from everybody in this speculative market,” said Palmer in a summary of his main point on the topic of Ethereum and ICOs. “And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. People making money is how the world works. But it’s the way in which it’s been happening and the speed at which people have been doing these ICOs that is a little bit concerning.”

This Is Not Our First Rodeo with ICOs

Before getting into the details of the current speculative bubble around ICOs, Palmer pointed out that this is not the cryptocurrency community’s first rodeo when it comes to these sorts of token sales and speculative investment opportunities.

As specific examples of past token sales from an earlier time, Palmer pointed to Mastercoin (now Omni) and Ethereum itself.

Then there was Havelock Investments, “literally a platform where you could buy securities or invest and get equity in a company based on bitcoin,” added Palmer.

In addition to Havelock Investments, public offerings for investment were also made on platforms such as Bitfunder, BTC-TC and GLBSE.

Palmer also brought up several infamous cases of bad investments or outright scams from the past.

He discussed Neo & Bee, a startup that failed in spectacular fashion after raising funds through various bitcoin-based stock exchanges. Cyprus eventually issued an arrest warrant for Neo & Bee CEO Danny Brewster.

Then Palmer also recalled the infamous case of Josh Garza and his schemes related to cloud mining and the altcoin known as Paycoin.

“They launched a coin that was literally just a token to facilitate their Ponzi scheme,” said Palmer. “And they would actually sell a product that didn’t exist.”

Why Are We Seeing a Flurry of ICOs Right Now?

So, if these sorts of schemes have existed in the past, why are we seeing a boom around the concept today? In Palmer’s view, Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard has made it easier for anyone to launch a token sale on their own.

“Because it’s so easy and a standard to copy, there’s been a lot of people that can just fire up an ICO in a couple of minutes,” said Palmer. “There’s actually a couple of websites out there that’ll let you generate an ICO or generate a token on Ethereum with no coding required.”

Although previous token sales did not involve much more than a Bitcoin address and a spreadsheet, Palmer said there’s something more tangible about the process on Ethereum.

“Something that is more tangible about Ethereum ICOs is that when you send the ether to the contract, the Ethereum network does recognize — and many wallets out there because of the ERC20 standard will recognize — that you got whatever coin or whatever token shows up in your wallet,” said Palmer. “So, it’s a lot more tangible. You’re not just sending money somewhere and never hearing about it again.”

Palmer added that developers need to take a step back and question whether it’s right for them to raise $150 million for their “little startup.” As a comparison, Palmer noted that normal seed round funding for a startup is between half a million to a million dollars.

“Many of them don’t even have a tangible product yet,” claimed Palmer.

While Palmer’s video casted a cautious tone over the entire ICO market, he did mention and Civic as two projects with legitimate, tangible technology behind them.

How Are These ICOs Affecting the Price of Ether?

Another aspect of the speculation around Ethereum-based ICOs is the effect these digital assets have had on the price of ether. There’s been a flurry of ICOs launched on the platform in the past few months, with some projects raising over $100 million in a matter of minutes.

“When [an ICO is launched], the only way to buy into these ERC20 contracts or these ICOs is through ether or Ethereum, so if these companies are raising $150 million in ether, that’s locking that ether up in that contract,” said Palmer. “And so, it’s taking that money off the market. So, what happens is you have this shortened supply, but there’s an ICO coming on the market every single week. And so, people are getting really excited about this and trying to buy up ether.

“This is what’s really happening,” Palmer continued. “This is what’s driving the bulk of the [ether] purchases and trade right now is people buying ether to send to a contract in the hope they’ll get rich quick off one of these ICOs.”

In Palmer’s view, the speculative boom and FOMO driven by the ICO market has spilled out into the entire cryptocurrency market.

Source : Bitcoin Magazine

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
An Amazon customer made a petition directly addressed to its CEO Jeff Bezos to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as mode of payments on the e-commerce platform.

The petition which has been lodged through is mainly requesting the e-commerce giant to allow its users to pay for purchases on the site using cryptocurrencies.

Will Amazon listen?
It specifies that the logic behind the petition was to not only allow its customers to have more options in terms of method of payment, but it will also allow Amazon to promote innovation and modernization during the purchasing process since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have already been accepted as payment methods for a lot of other institutions.

With the initial goal of 1,500 goal, it has managed to gather 1,438 supporters as of writing. While it got a few upvotes on Reddit, some the latter’s community members think it’s unlikely for Amazon to pay attention to the request since it has been historically hesitant to support cryptocurrency.

Retailers that are accepting Bitcoin
While Amazon is not yet taking Bitcoin as a payment method, other organizations in Japan are already accepting cryptocurrencies are valid mode of payments including airlines, hotels, among others.

In fact, Bitcoin can already be used as a payment method in over 260,000 merchants and retailers starting April this year. Japanese government regulators have already accepted Bitcoin as a legal currency in as early as 2016. With Bitcoin slowly being accepted by many institutions and even a few countries, it’s only a matter of time until other e-commerce companies start following.


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[Image: 1f1180ab7154dba7f8cb79bf1dbd6237.jpg]
Hi guys! Get a Steam Game for free for a limited time.
If you already claimed the game please kindly reply here .

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Hello guys

Why every time I try to upgrade an old account always an error occurs , and this was happen from 1 months ago until this time
now the messege is "Please contact support:"

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[Image: b66ade7eac56f99ea92645bc893e25ab.jpg]
It seems due to large amounts of ICO based on Ethereum make Ether network clogged. Some users experiencing frustration not only for Coinbase but Also Poloniex users

"It seems like massive volumes of ether have caused over 24 hour delay on my transaction. I tried to transfer my eth from coinbase to poloniex and it showed pending for hours before it said that due to high volume, ether transactions will be delayed.
Over 24 hours later i still dont have the eth in poloniex. I couldve sold and bought back several times for profit. Couldnt even buy on coinbase. Cornered from all angles.
What if the price tanked and went to 50 bucks. We wouldnt be able to do anything. Funny thing is, coinbase always has issues when you need it the most. Now on poloniex you cant deposit or withdraw ether at the current time. If people cant buy and everyone else panic sells, obviously the price will tank."[Image: 25e960c6547029995f9e1f4e3848bd2d.jpg]

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BTC/USD 22.06.2017
After the consolidation of the BTC/USD, a new support level of $2,300 has been set up. This level has not been retested yet, so it cannot be regarded as strong. However, in case the correction does take place, traders will consider a strong buy opportunity from that level.

Bitcoin/Dollar, 240, BTCE

Key points
In the case of a correction, you may consider buying close to the $2,300 area. If the level is retested, the price will likely settle and is unlikely to fall down. If this forecast proves feasible, the first target will be at the $2,700 level.
It might be a good idea to closely and attentively monitor the $2,724 - $2,880 zone since the price fluctuations at these levels might result in a viable pattern.
The network scaling issue is one of the crucial factors that will largely determine BTC price.
ETH/USD 22.06.2017
After a massive correction of the crypto market on June 16, ETH was exposed to another correction a few days ago. But, most clearly, these problems have been observed during the large ICOs, like the recent Status ICO, which clogged up the Ethereum Blockchain. The ETH website was down for periods of time due to the traffic problems.

On the market, ETH price instantly reacted to these congestion issues and started to drop.

Because of that, many trading platforms like Bitfinex, BTC-E and restricted the withdrawal of ETH.


Key points
A clear support zone has been established at $310. It was visible during last week’s correction and is visible right now. From the technical point, it is a strong long signal with minimal targets at $360.
There are several upcoming ICOs and the question is whether the ETH Blockchain can handle them.
Vitalik Buterin has not yet spoken on the issue. While there are clearly some problems, ETH price uncertainty will remain. Technically, ETH can be traded with a low stop from the support level of $310 but fundamental factors outweigh, suggesting refraining from the opening positions of the ETH/USD.

LTC/USD 22.06.2017

LTC exited the channel it was trading from the start of May and has reached new highs.

It has been renowned as a stable currency.

Key points
The potential resistance zone is above $48.
A clear support zone has not yet been established, but it is likely to be the $40 level.
It might be a good idea to follow Charlie Lee’s Twitter.
Given the current volatility levels of the LTC/USD, resistance and support zones are relatively weak. Currently, there is the nascent establishment of strong channels, so successful traders might be waiting for a clear channel pattern with viable support and resistance levels.


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[Image: ac76ef2bee596c718f92380c97153536_330.jpg]
If this teen entrepreneur, high-school dropout and bitcoin millionaire has any predictive powers at all, then we’ve hardly seen the top of the market for the hot cybercurrency.

Meet Erik Finman, who started picking up bitcoin at $12 apiece back in May 2011, when he was just 12, riding a hot tip from hits brother Scott and a $1,000 gift from his grandmother, he told CNBC. He’s now the owner of a reported 403 bitcoins, and while the cybercurrency has been on a bit of a bumpy ride lately, at Thursday’s priceBTCUSD, +2.61% of $2,685.53 each, the now 18-year-old Idahoan’s stash is worth $1.08 million and change.

Finman cashed out his first bitcoin investment back in 2013 and started Botangle, an online education company that provides tools for locating instructors in subjects they need or wish to learn about.

He wasn’t a fan of high school and convinced his parents, both Ph.D.’s, to let him drop out at 15.

His teachers clearly weren’t seeing his potential. “One teacher told me to drop out and work at McDonald’s because that was all I would amount to for the rest of my life. I guess I did the dropout part,” the young bitcoin millionaire said. He didn’t really want to go to college, either, and won a bet with his parents that if he was worth a million dollars by 18, he could skip it. He was, and so he did.

Finman encountered discouragement from an Uber executive, who, instead of listening to his Botangle pitch, told him he should count on college rather than racking up millions. But the teen did end up successfully selling his company’s technology, for a cool price of 300 bitcoin, reportedly. He has said he took that offer over an alternative $100,000.

Bitcoin prices have soared more than 300% in the span of a year, with the bulk of the gain coming during May and June. Ethereum, one of its chief rivals, has also seen big gains. Bitcoin tapped $3,000 last week, before a pullback last week that saw it shed billions in market cap.

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