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Vitalik Buterin, the creator of ethereum, used the technology he developed in an unusual way this weekend, turning to the blockchain network itself to disprove his own death.

The hoax originated on the 4chan internet forum yesterday, with posts stating that Buterin had died in a car crash. The story was picked up by at least one online news site, VioNews, though the article and a corresponding tweet were later removed once the story was revealed to be false.

Amidst the rumors, Buterin ultimately took to social media to prove that he was, in fact still alive, posting an ethereum block number and corresponding hash.

It was a move that echoed one taken by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who, amidst rumors of his own demise, turned to the bitcoin blockchain as a "proof of life" tool during a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session in January.

Word that Buterin had died, however, had an impact on the market for ether, the cryptocurrency of the ethereum network, with the rumor sending the price below $300.

That market decline has continued, market data shows, with the price of ether dropping to about $231 at press time, a drop of more than 20% since the start of the day’s trading (though its unclear if the two events are connected).

Image credit : @VitalikButerin[Image: 348574d7de48325d2528e23732b94383.jpg]

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I am new to stellar, i read stellar documents and came across multi signer concept,i want to use this feature in my sample stellar code which creates test account,do transactions,etc. can someone help me by sending sample multisign Java code.


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This is the my most binge watching. tv series. I love the beautiful casts-Blair, Nate, and Chuck.

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itatanong ko lng po sana kung anong wallet ang maganda for this kasi po medyo nagdadoubt ako sa centaurus wallet kasi lagi syang nagkacrash tuwing inoopen ko :)
Sorry po kung matanong ^.^

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I Have Opened My Stellar Slack
They Are Discussing If Poloniex Not Pwrticipating The Giveaway
Is This True?
I Think This Is Not An Issue
Because Lot Of Peoe Make This News

This Is The Message

I have heard that Poloniex refuses to distribute Stellar to its customers:
Polo Rep: Ok, I got clarification on the STR distribution question
Polo Rep: I’m sorry. We never committed to that. Unless you see otherwise in the Notices section at, I would assume not and withdraw to your own wallet to participate.
Customer: poloniex committed to distributing the STR to their costumers iirc
Polo Rep: I was told we did not. Management told me this. Today.
Polo Rep: I understand someone said we did, but we did not commit to that, as far as I know.

if this is true, Stellar fucked up and should be held responsible and distribute Stellar to the Poloniex BTC holders directly, otherwise they would just keep it for their foundation.
(This screenshot clearly shows that Stellar listed Poloniex:

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Hello po :)
I just started here po last friday and itatanong ko lang po sana kung makakasama po ako sa mga makakapag payout this coming june 30?
And on time nyo po ba narereceive si payout?:) curious lang po :)
salamat po sa mga sasagot :)

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Anyone have any opinion on Skycoin's future? Worth investing?

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Kong: Skull Island (2017)

[Image: MV5BMTUwMzI5ODEwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjAz...00_AL_.jpg]

Download Links :
Google Drive ---
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Indonesian --

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The rags-to-riches stories about Bitcoin investors are a consistent theme with the rise in the value of Bitcoin over the past six months.

The most recent is Erik Finman, who invested $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2011 when it was valued at $12. His parents had made an agreement with him that if he were a millionaire by 18, he wouldn’t have to attend college. A child of two Stanford Ph.D. holders, Finman was willing to take the bet.

He now holds 403 Bitcoins, which, at their current valuation of $2,700, represent $1.09 mln. He also manages investments for the rest of his family, who have begun looking into Bitcoin as an investment vehicle.

At one point, an investor offered him either 300 Bitcoins or $100,000. At the time, Bitcoin was worth $200. He took the coins over the cash, much to the chagrin of his parents.

Will he return to college? "I never got my GED, and I don't see the value in it," Finman said. "The purpose of that would be to get another education level and get a job. I had to learn through running a business. Instead of writing essays for English class, I had to write emails to important people.”


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Why altocin price down so deep during this week? What the reason?
oMG Rolleyes

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[Image: biyq3rka.jpg]

Hallo zusammen,
heute stelle ich euch Eth Faucet Club, vor.
Das Faucet ist am 16.6.2017 gestartet.
Hier kann man gratis, ohne Einzahlung, Ethereum (ETH) bekommen.

[Image: tcojwn2m.jpg]


=> 0.00000500 ETH jede Stunde, kostenlos verdienen.
=> Nach dem Login auf Faucet klicken, Captcha bestätigen
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=> Manuelle Auszahlung innerhalb 24 Stunden, bei mindestens 0.0015 ETH
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=> Referral-Boni: 1. Linie 10%

Was ist Ethereum?

Quote:( – Ethereum kann bis dato die Silbermedaille aller Kryptowährungen verteidigen. 
Ein Plus von über 3.000 Prozent in diesem Jahr sowie ein Anstieg um rund 180 Prozent lassen sich im Ether- Chart verzeichnen.

YouTube Video mit deutschem Untertitel:

Eigene Ethereum – Adresse

Vor der Registrierung bei Eth Faucet Club, braucht man seine eigene Ethereum – Adresse, 
um die verdienten Ethereum (ETH) empfangen zu können. 
Ich schlage euch vor, das gratis Ethereum Wallet auf CoinPayments (Multi-Coin Wallet) (Deutsch), zu registrieren.
Hier kann man die eigene Einzahlungsadresse - ETH wie folgt finden:
auf Ihre Geldbörse (oben) klicken, bei Ether (ETH) auf ETH Optionen und auf Einzahlen / Empfangen klicken.  

Videoanleitung auf Deutsch zur Erstellung des Online CoinPayments Wallets:

Happy Earnings mit Eth Faucet Club  Big Grin

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How to monitor earnings here in stellar? I mean, each time I post, I don't know where to look or find and monitor my earnings are. Thanks for your answer!

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Original Thread :

[Image: bzI7Pcm.png]

FundYourselfnow is a company established in 2014 and based in singapore. FundYourselfNow (FYN) outlines aims to help the project creators to obtain funding from global investors. Unlike other investments, "FYN" is in the form of tradable cryptocurrencies. FYN itself was issued on the Ethereum platform as a smart contract.
For more details you can read the whitepaper of FundYourselfnow here

[Image: KvI0MD9.jpg]

For ICO FundYourselfnow starting on 13 June - 31 July 2017 With
Rate Exchange:
1 ETH for 120 FYN Token (13 June 2017 - 4 July 2017, 14:00 UTC + 8) [Initial Bonus]
1 ETH for 100 FYN Token (4 July 2017, 14:01 UTC + 8 -31 July 2017, at 17:00 UTC + 8)

FundYourselfnow Minimum initial target of 1.5 million US Dollars, calculated using the ETH price at the end of the ICO period. This will ensure that FundYourselfnow is funded properly. If they do not reach the minimum funding target. Funds will be refunded. Unsold tokens will be transferred to locked contracts that will only be released when they conduct a second ICO to raise additional capital to develop the company.

FundYourselfnow itself has a team - experienced team just call it:

Jack Ser | Founder
Jack is a serial entrepreneur. He runs Pinnacle One Consultancy, which focuses in providing IT design and solutions for businesses.

Kenneth Tan | Co-Founder, COO
Kenneth has extensive experience in software development and is currently the COO of Pinnacle One Consultancy

Zheng Junyi | Core Ethereum Dev
Junyi is an infosec researcher with 7 years of experience in vetting and development of cryptographic solutions

Venkat Krishnan | Solution Architect
With over 25 years of experience in IT industry, he has worked on domains ranging across Fintech, Logistics, Automobile, Oil & Natural Gas industries

Charlene Bautista | UI/UX Designer
Charlene is an experienced UX and web designer with over 5 years of experience

Carlos Salas
Mr. Carlos Luis Salas Porras has been the Chairman of Success Dragon International Holdings Limited and serves its Director since May 07, 2015 and has been its Chief Executive Officer since October 2, 2015

For now they are close to reaching the initial minimum of $ 1.5 million USD. So there is no doubt to invest in FundYourselfnow. And for those who are stuck buying Ethereum, this maybe one alternative to cover the losses.
My advice is to buy it while the ICO period is not over. Because based on experience from ICO altcoins before. Its price will be more expensive compared to the period of ICO.

To know the latest updates from FundYourselfnow you can visit the link

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