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Understand you will be the next rich!
2017-11-13:  Virtual Asset Investment Circle

Why do rich people have to do to share the economy?

  Do not have the money to continue income is also a failure, the rich do live to share the economy is not only more money for themselves, but also for their own future has been to keep the money will not be eliminated.

1.One of the major reasons why we love to share economic work is that it has the freedom of expression. Sharing economy is a free work. You can do what you want to do and win the cause for yourself with your own ability and perseverance. Success, nothing more than the direct sales to reflect your life value, no success or failure of any job more than direct marketing depends on your ambition to work.

2.The sharing of economic work is fresh and interesting. How many people work boring for a living, you are enjoying the work, the happiness brought by this contrast is really beyond words.

3.Sharing economic work will give you a great sense of accomplishment . When you come home, knowing that you have helped others will be very happy. You can say, "When I let other people enjoy the company's products, I sent them a handsome income Occupation. " When you use your own professionalism, ability, skills to serve others, to help others have been successful, but also have their own substantial economic benefits . Why not do it?

4.Sharing economic work challenges almost every day, sales team building is the core , and one-on-one communication is a challenge to self. As you see people around you doing the job of challenging yourself and defeating yourself , You will feel that they have found themselves in this work, truly reflect the self-worth of life, you will think it is a truly worthwhile work to challenge you, you will devote it to it, and Team together to challenge yourself and defeat yourself.

5.Sharing economy which, together with the results usually come out a team to create , rather than rely solely on a person to complete you, so you and your group when working hard with the team, you'll find a lot of you in any other industry Impossible to find the phenomenon. For example, when you encounter difficulties, as long as you send out a distress signal, then there will be a lot of people a helping hand to help you out of the woods . In sharing economy you will realize that many of the profound truths you can not comprehend in other professions and even the essence of life.
  Sharing economy is a school, your colleagues are your classmates, you can help and promote each other; your leadership is your teacher, he will help you develop your potential, so that you in the least time to complete your Goal.

6.Sharing the economy is a snowball process, getting bigger and bigger, the business will be carried out more extensively . The sharing of economic leaders can affect the lifeblood of the company . Therefore, the enterprises will attach great importance to you, do not have to worry about the specter of fighting because you have obtained the "multidisciplinary degree" in a non-walled university. Even entering new industries and new fields, Can quickly become professionals, make good performance.
  The most exciting part about sharing the economy is that all decisions depend on yourself and everything is on your own. As long as you take the time and effort to work hard, you can do it well. His essence is: " You succeed when you help others succeed ."
Why do poor people try their best to share the economy?
  Change their own destiny, change the fate of the family, become rich, so parents, children's lives more quality!

1.small investment, no risk:
  Daily consumption is investment , even if you do not do this "business", daily consumption is also required as usual. This made "business", just to the family of this spending another place to consume the body of the can! Flowers have to spend money, earn money before making money, so what's the risk ah?

2.someone taught, someone help:
  Competitors in the traditional industries are enemies, and competition is the last word. In the platform of sharing economy, everyone helps each other and you can achieve greater success only if you help more people succeed ! a branch, do not spend money:
  Operating traditional industries, in order to open branches without hundreds of thousands of investment is impossible, bother, laborious, expensive! In the sharing of economic platform, is a simple self-defeating + sharing , sharing the company's high-quality products and this career opportunity is equivalent to open an invisible chain, does not require any additional investment!

4.automatic vitality:
  Traditional business management, including everyone is now rushing shop, is doing time, not do not need to manage and manage someone! The sharing economy is the elimination of fees stimulate consumption in the industry , as long as there is consumer demand, as long as your "store" will continue to copy branches, have continued to generate income!

5.the bigger the more relaxed:
  In the traditional view, the greater the cause, the more energy it takes, it will be more tired; and in the economic platform sharing, incentive programs and systems to improve the cultural, educational and training system, will let you market team bigger and more easily!

6.pipeline-type revenue, weeks and weeks, months and months, every year, there are generations:
  The traditional business is to open rich earn, close pay rent, booming season, off-season deserted; to do to share the economy, digging their own home Jinshan, built wealth pipeline, there is no income, bonuses will continue to flow into Your personal account , one of the charm, only to participate in the real experience!

  Of the 500,000 millionaires in the United States, 20% come from the concept of sharing. In the world, 103 million people are engaged in sharing and sharing not only the best opportunities for self-employment , but also the hottest industry after stock and real estate.

  You do not have to fully understand before you start to do it. On a high-speed road, no matter what car you drive, just run faster than ordinary people! Chances are all beginning in the suspicion that China's next wave of riches must be to share the economy!

  This is the trend, no one can stop! Direct selling cheer!! To enrich the wealth of life icing on the cake!!

Thank you.

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Hello members..... Any new and promising  ICO with free coins offer?

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4. Check Email, Konfirmasi link account

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What made me convince to invest in PRE ICO?
-I like how they work so far. The team who is behind this project, they've already done a lot, so you can really see the work progress.
I also think their goals and concept look realistic. Lets support their PRE ICO and I guarantee you won't regret investing in.
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On ICO you can only purchase using ETH.

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Lets discuss about what alt will pump after bitcoin and BCH in few day , i think XRP and XLM will be pump 

Lets share your opinoins

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Stellar Lumens (STR)  available today for DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS in POLONIEX.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=1bBNSUd59oL2TAZFLDTopWFxexKcose88]

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For everybody who is unquestionably motivated by an article of costume for halloween pandora, also if within just good shape, it happens to be sure to pay the amount of money in it. A part you value is normally a lot more associated with expenditure as opposed to the finance value associated with product or service, which means splurging could be helped. pandora disney bracelet cheap online Come to be remarkably knowledgeable whenever you are in a very go shopping to invest in cutting edge pandora. People sprinting your go shopping also have several years associated with guidance to help you straight into choosing a usually that's been becoming dusty for their event. If you think maybe at all required, you must abandon in addition to have a go with some other go shopping, or even go back after.

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This is my link :

CoinStarter 2.0 is here!

Since our launch in July, we've worked around the clock to finish the CoinStarter technology and launch our ICO.

This process also included some changes to our structure and technology.

1. We've decided to use the Ethereum network instead of Waves.
StarterCoins issued as an ERC20 token through Ethereum Smart Contracts.

2. We've increased our supply of StarterCoins and also increased the number of your coins.

3. We are introducing CoinStarterBOX and CoinStarter Premium. You can learn more from the "CoinStarterBOX" section of your account page.

You had 161.50 StarterCoins
You have 2,664.75 StarterCoins Now

What you need to do:
Update your Waves wallet to your Ethereum wallet before January 15, 2018.
Unsold StarterCoins will be burned, so it's essential that you add your Ethereum wallet so we can issue your coins. You can update your wallet on the bottom of the "My StarterCoin" section of your account page. For more questions, please refer to our FAQ.

This is my link :

Earn CoinStarter coins by

Referring a new member
Receive 16.5 coins when they sign up
Referring a unique visitor
Receive 0.0825 coins at their first visit (after 10 seconds)
Log in to your account daily
Receive 8.25 coins for each day when you visit your account page
Your referral starts a campaign
Receive 825 coins when their campaign is approved
Your referral sends Bitcoin to a crowdfunding campaign
Receive 1650 coins for each Bitcoin sent to a project

This is my link :

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100+ XUN Miners and fast growth.
Are you mining yet?

[Image: uc?export=view&id=11k1Kin9wGU78phPB_eZusPV-XPpm4b16]

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I suggest you to join the PRE ICO. Surely you can profit a lot if you will contribute here. They have a good team running their ICO and their project also. They have a huge potential.  

Don't miss this offer with 25% bonus, the rate of TradeToken(TIO) is 1ETH = 200TIO. You can purchase TradeToken using fiat & ethereum.
This offer is exclusive for PRE ICO only. :) 
Invest now and it will surely give you profit in the future.

Join us on telegram HERE 

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XUN is a new code and it is not a clone of XDN.
Even if at the start we thought it would be easier to clone XDN; we discovered that XDN is plagued with issues and errors which does not make it a viable code anymore. Not a surprise the price is at the all time low and the Dev or Devs are not giving any sign of life. At XUN we decided to rebuild a new code from scratch to ensure that we have a perfectly working code without having to address tons of issues like the team had to do when they were helping the XDN community.
[Image: uc?export=view&id=1GYH3AkEhXk-PixtmjBMWBDtpv4ftnxxc]

We want a stable and growing coin not a quick money making machine (do an ICO and run away with the community money). The XUN team is composed by the most active group of indiviuals from XDN community who were helping on every level since Dnote disappeared but got fed up with all the FUD going on in XDN. We moved on now and has no link with XDN anymore; XDN became a ship without a capitain or even a rudder. The team tried to save XDN but nothing could be done. The Devs were absent and did not care. We even invested our own money to save XDN but this is old story now.  So we decided to leave and start a project which would fulfil a real purpose and give a proper chance to everyone who lost money believing in XDN to finally get what they deserve; A trusted reliable coin with anonymous and untraceable features. I am not trashing XDN do not get me wrong but this is pure truth and who ever knows XDN well will know what I am talking about.

We are the best simply because we are a team who understands the technology, a team with solid hands on experience with all the issues experienced by XDN so we know exactly what can go wrong and how to fix it. We know exactly what to expect from such a project and what we can do with such a powerful tool. The only thing we share with XDN or other cryptonote coins is the cryptonote technology nothing more.
XUN team is among only a few cryptocurrency which has such an extensive range of field experts. But these other coins run ICOs and preming which gives them a head start over the community which is understandable but not really egalitarian after all since they are sure of making massive profits while the community takes all the risk in buying in. So again we are better than them in being egalitarian. We may be perceived as a small team as compared to other coins but the truth is that it is not about how big the team is, it’s all about how good and dedicated the team is.
Apart from XRY and XDN we are the only coin who has messaging facility. The XRY code is not profitable for miners you get 0.40 coins per day mining if you have a decent computer and both XRY and XDN codes are not optimum ( I will not elaborate simply because I do not want to trash any coin, I am just stating the truth and answering your questions). Now we are left with only XUN so there is nearly no competition. Monero or BCN are very good coins but they do not offer messaging. Monero is trading at $90 expensive right? BCN has a total supply of 183 Billion coins with 8 decimal places and we have 85Billion supply with a 5 decimal place code. Our supply is better than BCN and competitive with Monero.  XUN have 32000 blocks with a block target of 2minutes and a perfectly working code. We are not doing premining so you have all the time you need to gather as much coins as you can without having to put 1 cent from your pocket. Do you identify our position now and why we are the best? Of course you can... Thank you.

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Mungkin beberapa pengunjung disini sudah ada yang tahu tentang koin stellar yang dulu sempat booming karena membagikan hadiah 100 miliars Stellar. Dan hasilnya pada panen bitcoin/rupiah dari stellar koin. Nah kali ini Stellar kembali bangkit dengan mengupdate nama koin Stellar menjadi Lumen koin atau XLM. Harga XLM pun sekarang mulai naik, jadi tunggu apalagi miliki Lumens koin sekarang sebagai tabungan masa depan sebelum masa yang akan datang XLM naik seperti harga Bitcoin sekarang yang saat ini menyentuh harga 20 Juta Rupiah per Bitcoin. 

[Image: send%2Bstellar%2Blumens%2Bke%2Bexchanger.png]

Melihat dari pengalaman tersebut,  lebih baik kita memiliki STR / XLM secara gratis dan menabung, daripada membelinya nanti kalau sudah mahal? Berikut cara mendapatkan STR / XLM tanpa harus membeli. 

Cara Mendapatkan Stellar Lumens Coin Gratis

1. Pertama Anda harus memiliki dompetnya terlebih dahulu. Buat wallet Stellar Lumens Disini 

Cara buat wallet Stellar: Klik Generate lalu akan muncul Public Key dan Secret Key. Silahkan Copy 
Secret Key Buat Login. Public Key adalah Address Stellar. Simpan Secret Key ke tempat yang Aman jangan kasih ke orang lain karena itu buat Login Wallet kamu.

2. Dapatkan Stellar Lumens Gratis dari Giveaway yang diadakan secara Rutin di Forum StellarGabung Forum Stellar Disini 

Cara yang ini merupakan cara yang saya rasa cocok untuk kita. Dari sekian metode, stellar network selalu memberikan metode giveaway sebagai distribusi cryptocurrency nya. Mereka nyebutnya mandate.

Beberapa metode giveaway aktif yang bisa Anda coba adalah sebagai berikut :
  • New user bonus 40 XLM 
  • Paid To Post 
  • Thread Starter 
  • Advestise Bounty
  • Promo New wallet Stellar
- New User Bonus 40 XLM

Giveaway diadakan oleh forum dari stellar, yaitu Langkah claimnya adalah sebagai berikut :

  1. Buat Stellar wallet (caranya lihat diatas) 
  2. Daftar di forum Stellar Disini
  3. Upload avatar (Photo Profil) 
  4. Post/reply ke 10 thread yang berbeda dan pastikan jangan spam atau one-liner (boleh tanya-tanya, atau memberikan info) 
  5. Buka thread forum:
  6. Reply Adrress Wallet XLM/STR Anda, Address Wallet XLM/STR diawali huruf G jangan memberikan secret key nya tapi public key nya dan tunggu beberapa hari (Sekitar 3 - 7 Hari)
Quote:Contoh Address Wallet Lumen (XLM)

Catatan: Untuk giveaway ini terbatas hanya untuk 1 ID, tetapi MyStellar.orgmengijinkan kita untuk membuat lebih dari 1 ID, sehingga jika Anda menginginkan cepat dapat banyak XLM, silahkan registrasi kan lebih dari 1 ID dan jalani langkah - langkah sesuai yang diatas.

- Paid To Post  

Giveaway ini, diadakan juga oleh staff dari forum, segala bentuk Post/Reply, Thread/Blog, Invite atau Share content akan mendapat revenue berupa XLM dengan berbagai jumlahnya yang akan dibayarkan setiap bulannya (redeem reward sebelum tanggal 15)

1. Daftar terlebih dahulu di forum MyStellar
2. Posting konten apapun, buat thread, buat blog, share info dari stellar, invite member lain ke forum
3. Pendapatan XLM dengan rincian sebagai berikut :
  • Setiap posting yang dibuat, akan mendapatkan 1 XLM 
  • Setiap Topic/Thread yang kita buat, akan mendapatkan 5 XLM 
  • Setiap member yang di invite pake link refferal, akan mendapatkan 10 XLM
4. Karena pendapatannya per bulan, tentunya ada tingkatan/rank per member, yaitu :

  • Junior | 50 Post | 50 XLM reward 
  • Senior | 250 Post | 250 XLM reward 
  • Veteran | 500 Post | 500 XLM reward 
  • Warrior | 1000 Post | 1000 XLM reward 
  • Legend | 1500 Post | 1500 XLM reward 
  • Titan | 2000 Post | 2000 XLM reward

5. Cara reedem, Anda tinggal buka thread claim, tulis wallet dan username forum Anda.

  • Kualitas posting dan topic akan selalu di check, dan untuk reedem/request harus sebelum tanggal 15 setiap bulannya. 
  • Jika tidak di redeem sebelum tanggal 15, reward akan direset ke 0 
  • Minimum redeem adalah 15 XLM

- Threat Starter

Giveaway ini merupakan giveaway yang diselenggarakan oleh admin dari forum dengan tujuan agar kita mempromosikan stellar/lumens dan mengenalkan forum ke ruang publik. Tugas kita mudah, untuk mendapatkan credit dari giveaway ini kita hanya perlu membuat Thread/artikel/blog atau yang lainnya. Dan untuk setiap reply/comment yang orang lain buat Anda akan mendapatkan 1 XLM

Aturan untuk melakukan redeem reward adalah dengan melakukan post address dan link menuju thread/artikel/blog agan di thread ini

 Reply semacam "UP UP UP UP" atau reply dari akun kita sendiri akan tidak dihitung. Comment anda harus berkualitas, tidak hanya lempar postingan atau spam dan yang lainnya.

- Advertisement Bounty

Giveaway ini diselenggarakan oleh admin dari forum MyStellar milik dari stellar network sendiri. Tugas di giveaway ini, kita hanya cukup membuat artikel atau post untuk mempromosikan forum ataupun mempromosikan stellar/lumens dengan meyinggung soal forum

Berikut aturan aturan yang ada untuk ikut giveaway ini gan :

  1. Kita dapet 40 XLM jika promosinya original, menarik, dan publikasinya bagus. Bebas menggunakan bahasa apapun. 
  2. Kita dapet cuma 20 XLM kalau promosi kita dianggap cuman sekadar copy paste. 
  3. Setiap konten atau artikel yang kita buat harus ada sangkut pautnya dengan salah satu link di 
  4. Reward akan dikirimkan setelah 1 minggu terhitung dari pembuatan artikel. 
  5. Untuk melakukan claim, dapat dilakukan dengan posting di thread ini 
  6. Yang perlu diberikan adalah informasi wallet address dan link thread/blog yang sudah kita buat

Catatan: Giveaway ini 'stack' dengan giveaway lainnya, misal, jika Anda membuat advertising di salah satu forum/blog, lalu forum/blog tersebut memiliki jumlah reply yang banyak, jumlah reply tersebut akan dihitung 

Sebagai poin pada giveaway thread starter yang sudah saya jelasin di atas tadi. Contoh dari pembuatan advertisement adalah blog ini, yang juga merupakan salah satu konten advertisement bounty.

Tambahan & Catatan Penting: Setelah request/redeem reward pengguna harus aktif selama 7 hari sebelum Lumen nya diberikan, jika tidak aktif, maka reward yang sudah didapat akan kembali ke nol.     

- Promo New wallet Stellar

Giveaway ini diberikan oleh salah satu developer aplikasi Centaurus, yang berupa aplikasi wallet Stellar Lumens untuk Android. Aplikasinya bisa Anda download gratis di Play Store.

Cara kerjanya cukup mudah, ikuti langkah-langkah di bawah atau Anda bisa baca dulu thread:

  1. Download dan instal Centaurus Stellar Wallet di Google Play Store 
  2. Dapatkan setidaknya 100 Lumen di suatu tempat

          2a. Oleh seorang teman
          2b. Dengan program giveaway bintang:
          2c. Buka akun di bursa seperti kraken, poloniex atau pertukaran apapun di wilayah Anda dan beli 100 XLM
          2d. Dapatkan Gratis 100 XLM dari berbagai Program Ransum
3. Isi akun Centaurus Stellar Wallet Anda sebesar 100 Lumen, maka Anda akan mendapatkan 40-50 XLM / per minggu.
4. Untuk mengisi akun Centaurus Anda bisa mendapatkan Lumen dari beberapa giveaway di atas atau dengan cara membeli di exchanger, seperti poloniex, kraken, atau
4. Secara keseluruhan, 800000 Lumen atau lebih akan dibagikan seperti itu.
5. Pembayaran masuk akan muncul di tab riwayat centaurus Anda 

Tanggal 07 Mei 2017: Rate 1 STR/XML = 0.00001334 BTC

STR/XML Exchanger (tukar STR/XML ke BTC/Rupiah):
Bitcoin Indonesia

Nah, silahkan gunakan kesempatan tersebut untuk mendapatkan Stellar Lumens secara gratis. Jadikan Stellar Lumens tabungan masa depan Anda. Pada 27 Juni 2017 Stellar juga memberikan hadiah orang yang memiliki bitcoin infonya bisa kamu lihat di website Stellar.

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