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:) Can anybody tell me how to send my XLM from to my new centaurus wallet ?

i have problem when i want to send my XLM coin to that address....
it's always said....."Stellar Lumens address is not valid",[Image: 15%20kesal.gif]
what i must do, to make it valid???? if i can't send mine to it.......


Thanks for any kind of help.
[Image: 23%20help.gif][Image: str]

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The starting date of Unix Coin ICO is November, 26th 2017, and the final date is December, 25th 2017.

[Image: Unix-Coin-Lending.jpg]

The total supply is 19,000,000 UNX and Scrypt mining algorithm. 

Unix Coin ICO released are 6,000,000 UNX starting at $0.9

- ICO REFERRAL PROGRAM (3 GEN 7% , 2% , 1%) 
- REFERRAL BONUS (8 GEN 8% , 3% , 1% , 1% , 0.5 , 0.3% , 0.2%)

[Image: Unix-Coin-ICO-2.jpg]

Go to the Website.

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ULASafe is an open-source chrome/firefox/Opera extension that allow to manage Stellar wallets and check the XLM/BTC rate in one click.

The user guide is available here:

ULASafe is available on firefox, Chrome and Opera: The features are:
- real-time balance of Stellar accounts (Public, private keys or federation addresses) (in XLM)
- XLM/BTC rate in many currencies*
- translated in many languages**
- multiple accounts
- account creation
- account merge
- send XLM (Public keys / Federation addresses)
- join custom inflation pool
- print account
- export account by email
- export account by QR code
- protect your data with password
- detect public keys / federation addresses on all websites
- Provide transaction signature
.* currencies currently available: AUD, BRL, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, PHP, USD
** language supported: English, French, Spanish, Portugese

  I hope that it will simplify your life Big Grin

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Neoconnect might not be in line with things like Ethereum/Dash and all these, but it is certainly one of the biggest upcoming ICO. 

It is a new decentralized self-regulated cryptocurrency and digital payment system that promises to change the land scape of the financial world in P2P network. 

So anyone can send money from one person to another anywhere on earth instantly with lowest possible fees unlike Bitcoin where fees are growing like a dinosaur! Now is your opportunity to be part of this spectacular thing where you could earn via Lending, Staking and trading! 

The double bonanza is to join it through this link BEFORE 1st December to get 2 NEOCOINS absolutely FREE! Get in on the offer that will change your life in a way you can only dream about!

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lumen gratis donng  
saya newbie . bukan kah berbagi itu indah

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NUMIVCoin - Join Here.

[Image: 250x250.gif]

The process of selling ICO - 25.11 - 25.12.2017 .

$ 1 million for $ 0.80 per NUM
$ 1-2 million for $ 0.85 per NUM
$ 3 million for $ 0.9 per NUM
$ 4 million for $ 0.95 per NUM
$ 4 - $ 5 million for $ 1 per NUM
$ 5 - $ 6 million with a custom price of USD / NUM

Total Coin Supply: 50,000,000(NUM)
ICO Coin Supply: 5,000,000(NUM)
ICO Start Date: 18/11/2017
Term Length: 90 Days
Daily Interest: Up to 40% Monthly 

Go To The Website

[Image: 250x250.gif]

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[Image: sficoin-affiliate-program300X250-2.gif]

- Link Sign Up:
- ICO crowdsale starts on 21st November (21/11/2017) - 15.000.000 SFICOIN
- Price: 0.1$ - 0.9$

- Road map: https://
    + 11/2017 -  Initial Coin Offering & Windows/Web Wallet!
    + 12/2017 -  Start Lending Program - Trading On Exchange
                 Android/iOS Wallet - Block Explorer!
    + 01/2018  -  Listing On CoinMarketCap - Linux/Mac Desktop Wallet!
                 SFICOIN Debit Card - Target Price Per Coin $5!
     + February 2018 -  Staking Wallet Launch - Start Partnership with Merchant Sites
                 Top 50 On CoinMarketCap - Target Price Per Coin $10!
    + December 2018 -  Top 10 On CoinMarketCap - Target Price Per Coin $100!
- Affiliate 10 Level Bonuses - 8%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%-0.25%-0.20%-0.10%-0.5%-0.1%

Go To the Website.

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Hi Guys!
I am a newbie to this project I was trying to follow this discussion and I would like to understand how to get some free XLM. Which pool is the used one so far?
Feel free to donate XLM


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[Image: 23658563_367378973683746_680872792129304...e=5AA669E2]

Legendcoin (LGC) – ICO crowdsale

ICO site:

Maximum Supply 18,000,000LGC
Crowdsale 6,500,000LGC token
Crowdsale referral earn 5% LGC

First Crowdsale : Dec 1, 2017 => Dec 3, 2017 - 500.000 LGC, price $0.8
Second Crowdsale : Dec 4, 2017 => Dec 6, 2017 - 800.000LGC, price $0.85

Third Crowdsale : Dec 7, 2017 => Dec 9, 2017 - 1.000.000LGC, price $0.9
Fourth Crowdsale : Dec 10, 2017 => Dec 12, 2017 -1.200.000LGC, price $0.95

Fifth Crowdsale : Dec 13 ,2017 => Dec 16, 2017 —1.400.000LGC, price $1
Sixth Crowdsale : Dec 17, 2017 => Dec 20, 2017 - 1.600.000 LGC, price $1.05

After ICO Launch Internal exchange, Lending progam and Affiliate program.


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Bezop is an ecommerce solution provider that enables you to professionally set up and manage online stores so that you can sell whatever you want. With Bezop, you can sell software and other forms of products without being a software geek. In addition, they provide a secure way for customers to do business transactions.

Why should you use Bezop?

• The Bezop market runs on blockchain, making transactions to be highly encrypted for privacy
• The transaction of business is fast
• Customer orders are processed in a professional manner
• It is a smart contracts friendly network
• Orders are processed with a proof of delivery
• It provides a Decentralized Order Management (DOM)

Bezop to Launch an ICO

Bezop hopes to take its business to the next level by launching an ICO which is expected to be done soonest. It promises to reward investors handsomely. You can get updates regarding this at

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[Image: O9eZ7n6.jpg]
[Image: Ga9ojWM.jpg]
[Image: IdvE5vO.jpg]
[Image: V6Vh6w4.jpg]
[Image: xF7GijJ.jpg]
Pre-sale - 12th December 2017 to 12th January 2018
ICO - 20th January to 20th February 2018

Social Media Communities

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GoldGate - ICO starts on Nov 25th. 

Total supply: 26,000,000 BGG

Presale: 7 days

Crowndsale: Remaining 30 days

Based on Ethereum Blockchain and the smart contract

Start price: 1 BGG = 1 USDT, Average of exchange rate from Bittrex & Poloniex

Lending - 
[Image: lending-s.png]

Staking Opportunity -
[Image: staking-s2.png]

Referral Earnings -
[Image: bounty-s2.png]

Go To The Website.

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[Image: 22]

CryptoXchanger offers variable daily accruals from 2-6% and your deposit is included in that accruals. Average return time is about 40 days.

Go To the Website.

[Image: EXCC-WhitePaper1.jpg]

18.11.2017 12:00 GMT; 1 million EXCC; price 0.00017BTC for 1 EXCC
23.11.2017 15:00 GMT; 1 million EXCC; price 0.00018BTC for 1 EXCC
28.11.2017 15:00 GMT; 1 million EXCC; price 0.00019BTC for 1 EXCC
03.12.2017 18:00 GMT; 1 million EXCC; price 0.00020BTC for 1 EXCC
08.12.2017 18:00 GMT; 1 million EXCC; price 0.00021BTC for 1 EXCC

Join Here.

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Introducing the NAGA Coin.

join here :

We are the award-winning NAGA GROUP, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a performance of +400% since our IPO in July 2017.

The NAGA group
The NAGA GROUP AG is a German FinTech company listed on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt. NAGA was founded in 2015 and performed the fastest German IPO in the last 15 years, currently trading at 400% above issue price.
  • A management owned and growth-driven young FinTech company with a great team of more than 120 people.
  • Millions of EUR in yearly revenues, billions of EUR in trading volume, and several hundred thousand transactions per month.
  • NAGA owns various EU-financial licenses, including an asset management license and is built on a top legal setup.
  • NAGA's current market cap exceeds 200 million EUR with a share price of around 9-10 EUR (as of Oct. 17). This is an increase of around 400% in comparison to the issue price of €2,60 in July 2017.
1 NGC Token sold at $1.00
Tokens Created (Hard Cap): 400,000,000 NGC
Tokens Available for Sale: 220,000,000 NGC
Recommended Minimum Purchase Per Person $15 (=15 NGC)

Pre-Sale +30% Bonus ( 20,000,000 NGC Available for Sale )
20. November 00:00 CET - 27. November 23:59 CET
Main Sale ( 200,000,000 NGC )
1. December 00:00 CET - 15. December 23:59 CET

Buy NGC Tokens with BTC, BCH, ETH, LiteCoin or DASH

Join here :

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