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[Image: Bitcoin-Cash-Now-Commands-Over-20-of-BTC...shrate.png]
On August 21 the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network got a lot more active as the large mining pool Antpool has pointed some of its hashrate towards the BCH chain. According to data, the forked chain’s hashpower has spiked exponentially, and BCH hashpower is roughly a quarter (approx. 2 exahash) of the BTC hashrate at the time of writing.

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Antpool Begins Mining Bitcoin Cash

[img=300x0][/img]As recently reported the bitcoin cash (BCH) blockchain has sped up quite a bit over the past five days. There are a few factors behind this, such as the price of BCH rising exponentially and reaching $960, making mining over 140 percent more profitable on the BCH chain on August 19. Since then the price has dipped quite a bit on Monday, August 21, as one BCH hovers roughly just above the $600 price range at press time. This makes BCH miner revenue only 69 percent more profitable than BTC. Currently, bitcoin cash miners have processed 2171 blocks since the hardfork, and are steadily catching up to the BTC chain which is leading by 794 blocks.

[Image: hash-630x420.jpg]
Bitcoin Cash hashrate exceeds 2.2 exahash on August 21.

Just recently the mining pool started mining BCH on Sunday, August 20 becoming the next pool to join after Bitclub. Following this, the Bitcoin network’s largest mining pool, Antpool, pointed some of it’s hashrate towards mining BCH as well. Antpool’s Jihan Wu previously stated that once another Segwit supporting pool joined in on BCH mining, Antpool will follow suit. Over the last 144 blocks, Antpool has captured 2 percent of the hashrate since it started 24-hours ago. BCH supporters are also waiting for the mining pool to point some hashrate towards the chain as they announced they would start doing so on Monday the 21st. Additionally, many miners are coin-jumping between BTC & BCH as mining pools have added switchable interfaces on their dashboards.  

The Mining Operation Batpool Dedicates Hashrate to Bitcoin Cash While the Mystery Hashrate Drops Below 50%

While waiting for other miners to jump aboard the bitcoin cash mining train, BCH supporters got another surprise. On August 21 at approximately 10:25 am EDT the mining pool Batpool mined BCH block 480667. Now a total of six ‘known’ mining pools are mining the BCH chain, and the ‘unknown’ hashrate is currently mining less than 50 percent of the network. Further, there has been lots of discussions about the mystery mining power, and many believe the hashpower does not represent one miner. According to many BCH supporters, who are currently asking data sites like Coin Dance to update their pie chart, there are three ‘unknown miners’ making up the majority share of BCH hashrate. The differences between the three ‘unknown’ mining pools can be seen within the coinbase data on each block.

[Image: today-1-630x420.png]

Bitcoin Cash hashrate distribution as of August 21, 2017, with three new known mining pools including Antpool,, and Batpool.

At the Current Trajectory, the BCH Network’s Difficulty Will Retarget Higher

Now with a lot more hashrate pointed at the BCH chain, the network’s difficulty will retarget higher at the current rate in roughly two days. If the price remains low and the hashrate stays the same or increases, BTC mining may become more profitable to mine at this time. This could very well lead to miners switching back and forth between both chains for competitive profits. Since some hashrate has shifted to the BCH chain, there has been a significant drop in hashrate for the BTC chain. For instance, on it’s top around August 16 the Bitcoin network had commanded 9 exahash, but at the time of writing on August 21, the hashrate was only 5.9 exahash.

[Image: BTCrate-696x290.jpg]
Bitcoin (BTC) Hashrate drops significantly since last week.

At the moment many cryptocurrency spectators are watching the competition between these two chains very closely. Further, besides watching BCH & BTC, there is still a lot of bickering happening back and forth between Core developers and Segwit2x supporters. With all this action taking place there’s no doubt there will be a lot going on over the next few weeks in Bitcoin-land.

What do you think about the bitcoin cash hashrate growing exponentially while BTC’s network sees a drop? Do you think more miners will join the BCH chain or do you think miners will switch back to BTC soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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[Image: htc.jpg?w=738]

Just as reality appears to be getting worse by the day, VR companies are doing the lord’s work and making the price of escaping it a bit more accessible.

HTC is dropping the price of its Vive virtual reality system from $799 to $599 as the Taiwanese tech giant seeks to compete with aggressive price cuts coming from Facebook-owned Oculus and their Rift headset.

At the beginning of the 2017 calendar year, both Oculus and HTC were selling their flagship VR headsets and motion controllers for roughly $800, but a pair of deep price cuts and a temporary summer sale has left the price of the Oculus Rift at $399, nearly half of its original sticker price.

Once Oculus’s summer-long sale on its headset ends, the Rift will retail for $499, notably still $100 cheaper than the Vive’s updated pricing.

Though HTC fancies the Vive a more premium experience than the Rift, the two are really on mostly equal footing from a hardware standpoint with each having some marginal advantages over the other. For HTC, the task of defending a price tag double its competitor’s has been one in honing its brand messaging in the face of a massive price differential.
Just this past March, HTC exec Patrick Seybold said that the company would not be lowering the price of the headset. “We don’t feel the need to cut the price of Vive, as we’ve had incredible success, and continue to see great momentum in market,” he said.

Nevertheless, HTC executives insist that today’s $200 drop was one planned long before Oculus dramatically slashed the price of its own system.

All is fair in PR and war, but over the past several months it’s become clear that the war is no longer HTC and Oculus trying to discover who is Betamax and who is VHS, now they’re just trying to ensure that high-end VR doesn’t turn out to be LaserDisc. Though few of the big players are keen to readily admit it, many investors and analysts have been less than thrilled with the pace of headset sales over the past year.

The problem really doesn’t seem to be so much the headset price as it is the need to buy a powerful desktop PC which retail for around $700+. Though both are working on all-in-one headsets which don’t require a smartphone or PC to operate, it’s unclear how wide the gap in quality will be between the new headsets and their PC-powered older brothers.

HTC has dedicated efforts over the past year to ensure that users can have a more modular approach to upgrades on the Vive which really have made having a lower base price a necessity. The company has introduced an integrated audio head strap and has been working with partners to bring technologies like eye-tracking and wireless-streaming to the headset through add-ons.

The company will soon have even more competition as Microsoft begins selling “Mixed Reality” headsets from various hardware manufacturers over the holidays and sets sights on a wireless VR headset for its upcoming Xbox One X.


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[Image: DHX3rOTXoAAlok6.jpg]

Three Ukrainian lawmakers have declared holding a combined $47 million in bitcoin following mandatory disclosures requiring members of parliament to reveal their finances.

According to a report from RIA Novosti, the Russian state’s foreign news service, three Ukrainian lawmakers belonging to Ukraine’s ruling party have revealed they hold bitcoin worth a near $50 million combined.
The three lawmakers are notably members of the “Petro Poroshenko Block”, the report reveals, the majority group of legislators within the Ukrainian Parliament.

Dmitry Golubov holds the most bitcoins of the three revealed in the report, with 8,752 bitcoins declared in an online submission. Golubov’s holdings represents approximately $36 million in today’s prices. Alexander Urbansky declared 2,494 bitcoins, over $10 million in value, while Dmitry Belotserkovets indicated a possession of 398 bitcoins (approx. $1.6 million).

Bitcoin Legislation

The disclosures are part of a sweeping anti-corruption reform requiring the country’s senior politicians and lawmakers to declare their wealth publicly. The trio’s disclosures of holding bitcoin comes at a time when Ukraine is making moves toward regulating bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The National Bank of Ukraine, the nation’s central bank, revealed it would “develop a common position on the legal status of Bitcoin and its regulation’ in an announcement this month.

As reported by CCN earlier, the central bank will discuss the legality of bitcoin with a number of authorities including the Ministry of Finance and the National Securities and Stock Market Commission during the next meeting of the Financial Stability Board, scheduled during the end of August.
Adding to the flurry of bitcoin-related news in the country, Ukraine’s National Police arrested a number of bitcoin miners alleged to have used the premises of an unused swimming pool at a state-owned institution. Some 200 bitcoin mining machines were reportedly confiscated by authorities. Ukraine is also expected to see up to 150 bitcoin ATM machines installed this year as adoption and awareness of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency grows among politicians and citizens alike.


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[Image: 25173fb2b6b7de006bc6d3b2b603b14b.jpg]

The video-game industry has exploded in the past few years. According to a study published by Newzoo, the global gaming market is expected to reach $108 billion this year, and $128.5 billion by 2020.

However, only a small minority of gamers are actually rewarded for their abilities and manage to become sponsored professional players. Most just buy a game, learn how to play properly, enjoy the competitive scene for a while, and then move on.

Enter the Next Level Token (NLT), a blockchain-based solution that rewards players with digital currency tokens when they win multiplayer matches, so as to promote a strong competitive community and guarantee an interest in cryptocurrencies. These tokens can then be used to purchase in-game upgrades, or be cashed out for real world value.

Uniting the Blockchain and Gaming Industries

Next Level Token is already developing games that will be connected to its blockchain. Its flagship, Diplomatic Deathmatch, already has a demo version available on app and has been well-received. Mini arcade games are also being developed for less skilled players to be a part of the Next Level Token Economy.

As stated, players will be awarded tokens for winning multiplayer matches. These tokens can be used on items, game improvements, or be cashed out. As more tokens are given, the more the value of each of these tokens increases, while the amount paid per victory is reduced to increase scarcity. The games apply a small transaction fee when awarding the tokens through an Ethereum smart contract.

When there are less than 20 million NLT tokens in circulation, a subtoken will be created to increase NLT’s value. This means players will either have NLT tokens by winning competitive matches and tournaments with their skills, or by purchasing them from Next Level Token.

Next Level Token’s end goal is to help by introducing gamers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, by providing them a user-friendly introduction, as all they have to do to earn tokens is win multiplayer matches. Soon enough, through experience, players will be immersed in blockchain related terminology and will be familiarized with cryptocurrency wallets, markets, and regulations.


The Next Level Token’s ICO started on August 14, and will end on August 31. NLT adheres to the SEC’s securities guidelines and ensures that ICO investors will receive quarterly financial statements that outline where the funds are being spent. Issued tokens won’t be viewed as securities, but as a digital asset given for in-game value.

Early ICO investors have an edge over their competitors, as they will have access to exclusive content, which means they can get to know the game before others. However, at the end of the day, winning games will come down to skill.
Tokens can be purchased with Ethereum (minimum 1 Ether investment), or with a debit/credit card. You can keep up with the project using Facebook, and Twitter. Users are thoroughly advised to read the project’s whitepaper.

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[Image: University-Research-Project-Analyzes-Bit...8x1068.png]
Researchers from several American universities are using artificial intelligence to examine the bitcoin blockchain to identify victims of sexual exploitation. The initiative plans to develop a freely available suite of tools that can assist authorities in tracking and identifying individuals working in the underground sex industry.

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The Project Will Analyze Online Ads and the Bitcoin Blockchain to Identify Participants in Illegal Sex Trade
Researchers from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, the University of California in Berkley, and the University of California in San Diego have teamed up to develop software designed to combat the sex trade through examining the bitcoin blockchain. The project seeks to develop machine-learning algorithms that can scan and identify patterns in sex ads, including the identification of illegal prostitution rings by identifying cryptocurrency wallets that are associated with multiple ads.
UC Berkeley doctoral candidate, Rebecca Portnoff, has had significant involvement in the bitcoin blockchain analysis project.” Portnoff stated that “the technology we’ve built finds connections between ads. Is the pimp behind that post for Backpage also behind this post in Craigslist? Is he the same man who keeps receiving Bitcoin for trafficked girls? Questions like these are answerable only through more sophisticated technological tools – exactly what we’ve built in this work – that link ads together using payment mechanisms and the language in the ads themselves. Portnoff also stated “where previously you might have five different phone numbers that you had no idea were connected, when you can see that they all came from the same wallets, that the same person paid for them, that’s a concrete sign that these five phone numbers are all related to each other.”

The Projects Hopes to Deliver “A Big Boost for Those Working to Curb Exploitation”
The project will predominantly target ads hosted on websites such as Backpage and Craiglist, where human traffickers are known to operate. Until now, law enforcement have struggled to identify the ring leaders of illegal prostitution rings operating online due to the pseudonymous nature of online ads, culprits’ use of multiple phone numbers, email accounts and aliases, and the challenge of ascertaining whether or not an ad has been posted by a victim of the sex trade or a willing sex worker.
Damon McCoy, an NYU assistant professor of computer science and co-author of the research believes that the project will have a significant impact on the illegal sex industry, stating that “There are hundreds of thousands of these ads placed every year, and any technique that can surface commonalities between ads and potentially shed light on the owners is a big boost for those working to curb exploitation.”

The development of the online ad and bitcoin blockchain analysis algorithms has been funded with assistance from the Amazon Web Services Cloud Credits for Research Program, the technology and security firm Giant Oak, Google, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education. UC Berkeley has stated that the project’s findings will be published by Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

Do you think that the joint university project will be able to identify underground prostitution rings through bitcoin blockchain and online ad analysis? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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[Image: bitflyer-covered-image.png]
Bitflyer, Japan’s and the world’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume, has announced its expansion into the US market this fall. It is launching a US-based bitcoin exchange, allowing customers to trade between bitcoins and dollars. The company says it has already obtained regulatory approval to operate in 34 states.
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Bitflyer Expanding into US Market
[Image: bitflyer-logo-300x94.png]Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume, Bitflyer, announced on Friday that it is launching a US-based bitcoin exchange by the Fall of this year. “Bitflyer will initially target professional traders and institutions in the US, offering BTC/USD trading at launch and then expand to support other trading pairs and products,” the announcement revealed.
Bitflyer CEO Yuzo Kano commented:
[i]While Bitflyer, Inc. is headquartered in Japan, my vision was always to create a global company, and I am excited that the US will be its first step toward global expansion. Bitcoin is a global currency, now our exchange will be global too.[/i]
Founded in 2014, Bitflyer has raised over 4.1 billion yen (approximately $36 million) in venture capital funding. The company operates a merchant payment processing service along with their bitcoin exchange, which Coinhills ranks as the largest in both Japan and the world by bitcoin trading volume. The Japanese yen is also currently the most-traded currency for bitcoin worldwide.
[Image: Bitflyer.png]
The upcoming US exchange will be operated by the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Bitflyer USA Inc, which is headquartered in San Francisco. Bitflyer says that this US expansion is the first for the company into a new market.

Bitflyer’s announcement came exactly one week after Bitfinex, the leading bitcoin exchange globally for US dollar trading volume, announced its exit from the same market. Bitfinex cited “a dramatically outsized portion of our resources…including support, legal and regulatory” as the reason for dropping US customers. Meanwhile, Biflyer says that it has already gained regulatory approval to operate in 34 states. In comparison, Coinbase is licensed in 38 US states.

[Image: bitflyer-team-933x420.png]
Access to Trading with ‘Mrs. Watanabe’

The exchange has facilitated over $40 billion worth of bitcoin trades, including $30 billion in 2017, according to Friday’s announcement. Some of this growth was attributed to the powerful Japanese class of investor known as “Mrs. Watanabe,” which is a major force in the global foreign exchange (forex) markets. Bitflyer’s COO Bartek Ringwelski commented:

[i]There is a concept of ‘Mrs. Watanabe’ in the Japanese forex market; she is the personification of household trading in Japan. Bitflyer aims to be the first exchange to allow US bitcoin traders to trade with Mrs. Watanabe.[/i]

Recently, reported on how Mrs. Watanabe is enticed to invest in bitcoin following its recognition by the Japanese government in April. Japan’s near-zero savings rates are also a factor driving them to bitcoin.

“Tokyo has been the epicenter for forex trading for decades,” Ivan Brightly, a portfolio manager at the New York-based investment manager Full Node Capital LLC, commented. “As the market leader in Japan, I expect Bitflyer to bring significant liquidity and market expertise to US markets.”
Would you use Bitflyer’s bitcoin exchange once it is launched in the US? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Here we go, this is the one of my best anime and you all must watch this anime

[Image: 5123l.jpg]

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Simon and Kamina were born and raised in a deep, underground village, hidden from the fabled surface. Kamina is a free-spirited loose cannon bent on making a name for himself, while Simon is a timid young boy with no real aspirations. One day while excavating the earth, Simon stumbles upon a mysterious object that turns out to be the ignition key to an ancient artifact of war, which the duo dubs Lagann. Using their new weapon, Simon and Kamina fend off a surprise attack from the surface with the help of Yoko Littner, a hot-blooded redhead wielding a massive gun who wanders the world above.

In the aftermath of the battle, the sky is now in plain view, prompting Simon and Kamina to set off on a journey alongside Yoko to explore the wastelands of the surface. Soon, they join the fight against the "Beastmen," humanoid creatures that terrorize the remnants of humanity in powerful robots called "Gunmen." Although they face some challenges and setbacks, the trio bravely fights these new enemies alongside other survivors to reclaim the surface, while slowly unraveling a galaxy-sized mystery.

Episodes: 27
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2007 to Sep 30, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Sundays at 08:30 (JST)
Studios: Gainax
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

For more information :

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