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[Image: Stellar-XLM-and-Ripple-XRP-Which-one-Sho...t-List.png]
Building a crypto portfolio could sometimes be confusing and tricky. With an extensive range of pool to choose from, choosing a particular coin for investment will require comprehensive knowledge and insight as to prevent any loss in the future.

Many have heard about Stellar Lumens (XLM) and also with the current waves Ripple is making at the moment, it would be tough for crypto investors to miss it. Taking a closer look at the two, one will see so many similarities, and that’s because they are almost identical. Both coins have the same founder, Jed McCaleb, and were programmed to function as an underlying payment processing solutions.

However, throwing more light on both coins, many differences will be observed, and this piece pitches the two digital assets together to see which one should be on top of an investment list.

Ripple makes it possible for banks and multinational corporations to use XRP to make international transactions and this is made possible by transferring the XRP token through the Ripple network whiles, on the other hand, Stellar gives individuals the freedom to trade money directly amongst each other, also using Lumens (XLM) as a medium.

Ripple’s performance this year, before its surprise surge just days ago, hasn’t been good. The coin hit it’s all-time low this year, shedding almost 70% of its value since its record hit in the early stages. The recent change in events, however, has drawn the attention of investors to the coin as it might be in for a bull run.

Stellar’s performance this year on the crypto market also hasn’t been anything good to write home about. With most of its year seeing constant rise and drops, the coin wasn’t showing any sign of promise until just recently.

Not as remarkable as Ripple’s surge, Stellar saw a rise in its value last week, which has provided the kick it so desperately needed this year. Many experts are now tipping the coin to go on a run within the coming weeks mostly because of the advancements in its cryptocurrency service.  

Allying itself with Stronghold and IBM, in addition to its Stellar Term which was launched recently, things are starting to pick up shape for the coin. The Stellar Term is a decentralized wallet and exchange which eases trading as well as transactions involving digital assets on the Stellar network.

At the time of this piece, Ripple was trading at $0.522 whiles Stellar $0.268, both a steal, regarding prices in the crypto market. Weighing up both coins, you can see potential in each of them, and anyone would make a good investment, as preferences also come to play here.

by Mr Oak

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2:5[Image: 740_aHR0cHM6Ly9zMy5jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNv...5qcGc=.jpg]
IBM and members of the U.S. Congressional Blockchain Caucus discussed the use of blockchain for ID systems, payments, and supply chains during a meeting today, September 24, according to a press call attended by Cointelegraph.

IBM recently published a report entitled “The Impact of Blockchain for Government: Insights on Identity, Payments, and Supply Chain” made in collaboration with the U.S. Congressional Blockchain Caucus.

The report summarizes a series of roundtable discussions between U.S. Representatives Jared Polis (author of “The Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act,” which proposes to abolish crypto taxes below $600) and David Schweikert, along with Thomas Hardjono, technical director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Jerry Cuomo, vice president for blockchain technology and CTO at IBM.

IBM and MIT held three meetings with members of Congress, discussing the need for government funding of blockchain innovation and regulatory sandboxes, in which the state would be able to test different solutions before they are brought to the market.

As Cuomo said during the press-call, experts could study blockchain “the whole day”, but eventually it must be made available to citizens. He stressed that it was “time for the [U.S.] to start acting” on blockchain integration in daily life. “Blockchain is ready for government, let's get government ready for blockchain,” he added.

Rep. Polis, who previously proposed making Colorado a “national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government,” said that the state has only begun to see “the promise of blockchain technology,” which exceeds cryptocurrencies and tokens.

He stressed the importance of creating the best legal  framework for innovation and blockchain implementation, which could significantly improve the quality of life of Americans. Polis also added that blockchain might address “the real lack of trust in centralized institutions.”

Polis further mentioned the importance of relevant crypto taxation. “We want to make sure that people using cryptocurrencies won't pay taxes for buying a cup of coffee or a magazine,” he said. However, when later asked on tax holidays for crypto startups, IBM CTO Cuomo said that was “a really big question” that had not yet moved much beyond “small dollar amounts.”

During the call, Rep. Schweikert — who previously urged the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to clarify crypto taxation — said that medicine and social projects would see the most benefit from blockchain solutions. However, he noted that specific encryption standards should be elaborated to protect data — an aim pursued by the caucus’ partnership with several institutions such as MIT and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

As Cointelegraph reported earlier this week, U.S. Congressman and Blockchain Caucus member Tom Emmer announced that he would introduce three bills to support the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as well as establish a safe harbor for taxpayers with “forked” digital assets.

by Ana Herman

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[Image: stellar_7mIEHK6.original.jpg]
It Is So Close To See The Stellar Bull Run

Last couple weeks had passed remarkable when it comes to Ripple. Yet the end of the seven-day streak may have seen a minor recession in the general advances made by the cryptocurrency, XRP is still up an bewildering 93% at the moment.

Bearing in mind the bombshell news that has been in last week, Ripple’s xRapid platform would likely be released to contributing banks within the next couple of months and this should be comparatively expected. After the announcement, there was an implausible bull run that had the currency—at one point— USD $0.70 per coin which means all the way up to six-month highs.

But the communal is always trying to find the next huge bull run. Ripple’s value look as if it have largely festered from the time when the foremost boom earlier this week, soaring insipidly at around 52 cents per unity at the moment. Other cryptocurrencies that might be knotted to the value of XRP are the new objective of mass conjecture as customers and investors in the upward crypto markets look to recover some of their losses.

Name Price
24H (%)
[/url][Image: btc.svg]
Bitcoin (BTC)

[Image: xlm.svg]
[url=]Stellar (XLM)

XLM, or Stellar is the main coin which drawing the interest of speculating analysts in the crypto space. Stellar is a company that intends to do something mainly parallel to what Ripple wants to do; they are working to create a scalable ledger system to maximize efficiency in transacting between major banks in the traditional financial realm.

Predictors argument towards the longstanding tendency that within the next few weeks, XLM naturally will follow just behind its participant in value as a proof that it is likely to practice a parallel bull run.

Advantage of The Stellar

According to some experts and their analysts within the crypto field, Stellar has a strong benefit in marketability over Ripple. 

Whereas Ripple is specifically made-to-order to work with traditional banks in the traditional finance field, professionals say that Stellar is exclusively suited to work with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Decentralized Applications (DApps). This double functionality is one of the core mechanisms of the Stellar appeal, and it might just be the object to stand out that permits the coinage.

Stellar has also assertively endeavored to place itself in a limelight beside Ethereum. Both platforms could be a chief benefit for the DApp and ICO conception process, though Stellar claims an imposing list of exclusive welfares, including low transaction fees, pre-made decentralized exchanges, and fissionable transaction capability.

The vast submission of the technology is clearly one factor that could push XLM to new heights, while Stellar is clearly still a long way form taking Ethereum’s spot as the preferred among cryptocurrency developers and blockchain.

Regulation and Stellar

Regulation is a major concern for all cryptocurrencies. Stellar seems to have a comparatively close lock on the supervisory, regulatory efforts by leading bodies within its authority. The Stellar Foundation has kept its intention relatively straight—and out of the court room, while Ripple has been enforced to ward off many endeavored proceedings from furious investors who had lost money investing in their token.
While this does not necessarily mean that the currency does not have to concern about governing movement in the coming months and years, nonexistence of clear attack from litigators is a progressive indication for the future of the currency in a legal nimble.

Upcoming Updates

Moderately often, Stellar’s team is also disreputable for coming out with updates to their platform. The development team for the Stellar Foundation has released information on at least three main updates to be supplementary to the long list of functions on the network in this last quarter of 2018.

First of all , Stellar’s developers are working to draw near to other cryptos on the market with the operation of state channels. Under a state channel, users are capable to perform their own transactions without having to do them on the actual Stellar blockchain. This is stereotypically used when the expenditures being established are not old-fashioned forms of transactions.

[Image: XLM-News-Today.jpg?resize=696%2C392&ssl=1]

Stellar is also planning to implement a beta for its new lightning network possibly more exciting for the tech-oriented professionals on the blockchain. The lightning network is a distributed ledger solution which permits for much faster and well-organized transactions to befall at an advanced volume. The lightning network could effortlessly make the Stellar blockchain meaningfully more effectual than it already is, of course in theory.

Captivatingly, the new updates will also contain the live, non-beta version of the Stellar Lightning Network. Considering that many cryptocurrency updates takes months or even years in their testing phase before hitting the true network and this is something unexpected. Yet Stellar is going hard on their expansion procedure, and the team has assured that a live Stellar Lightning Network by December 1st of 2018.

Bull Run is Near

With the whole thing released by the Stellar team, it should come as no coincidence that some predictors are foreseeing an enormous bull run just before the end of this year. it is only a matter of time of course if XLM actually does plan to sustained to follow closely behind XRP.

by Abel Cleland

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[Image: Trading-and-Emotions-Dealing-with-Overco...96x449.jpg]
One of the key things that every trader has to deal with is their emotions. In fact, successful traders are known to be great at controlling their emotions. This is great because emotional grading can result in huge losses.

As a result, one of the biggest challenges that many traders face is dealing with their fears and panicking. And most traders work hard to defeat that. Yet, there’s an even more dangerous emotion that people underestimate- overconfidence.

It can be just as dangerous –if not more- than fear. With fear, you’re cautious at least or able to go into damage control mode. With overconfidence however, you’re all cocky and assured, which means you’re likely to be careless, investing more capital than is necessary.

This is the single biggest cause of huge capital loss in cryptocurrency trading and investing. And it’s not surprising because it is hardly ever addressed, sought out or even explored.

Why Overconfidence Is Dangerous

The problem with overconfidence is that people tend to underestimate circumstances, take dangerous steps, become more relaxed and overestimate their abilities. A combination of all this results in something called optimism bias.

This is a situation where you think you’re very capable of something or in control of that thing, but in reality, you have zero or minimal control at best.

When crypto traders and investors become cocky like this, they tend to make terrible mistakes. Most instances of overconfidence in cryptocurrency trading comes from previous successes, which were often as a result of pure luck.

Many traders –particularly the beginners– assume that because they had the luck, they were likely to continue being lucky. We saw this play out a lot during the height of the crypto market appreciation in January 2018.

Beginners whose trading knowledge came from watching YouTube videos started thinking they were experts. As a result, only very few saw the market crashing, with many others losing a ton of money in the process.

Of course, many people made a lot of money, with Ripple being the biggest surprise –yielded a return of $350 for every $1 invested. But the smart ones knew that the market couldn’t sustain itself. So, their cautiousness got them to get out before the market crashed at the end of January.

The problem with overconfidence is it can result in poor or bad judgment calls, costing you a lot of money in the process. No one is immune to it. Even experienced crypto traders fell victim to it and lost sizable sums. This is why you must guard against it with everything you’ve got.

How Can You Tackle Overconfidence In Cryptocurrency Trading?

As simple as it sounds, the first step is realizing that it does exist and can hurt you. If your trades are going too well, and you get to that point where you feel you’re lowering your guard, that’s when you should become very careful. This is important because traders make a lot of trading mistakes when they feel there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Stop Underestimating The Market

For starters, no matter how well the market is currently going, do not make the mistake of underestimating the market. Pay attention to market sentiments, take a good look at the current charts, listen to the news and do your due diligence before trading cryptos.

Be very alert and remember that trading is ultimately a zero-sum game. Which means for every person who wins, there are others who don’t.

Remain Cautious

The first thing all seasoned traders know is that the tides can turn in a second. It is possible for the market to look great and bullish this minute and bearish the next minute.

All it takes is a major announcement that negatively impacts the market, a global event, tariffs and so on. As much as possible, stay cautious even if your trades are going well.

Adopt An Objective Stance

In cryptocurrency trading, strategies typically remain fairly constant… as well as their outcomes. But, those are often backed by in-depth analysis and the consideration of many other factors.

You should always keep your perspectives objective. Analyze all data, weigh all information, and stay rational. This is the best way to consistently keep overconfidence at bay, thus ensuring your trading success.

Prioritize Risk And Money Management

Adopt proven money and risk management protocols. Minimize your risks as much as possible and stick to tried and tested money management strategies. This is the only way to keep your emotions in check.

It is easy to want to go all in with your capital when you see that the market is performing well. While that can work and generate some significant amounts of cash for you, the reality is you can as well lose everything in the event of a market downturn.


Overconfidence should be eliminated as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how well the market is performing or how much you have made in past trades. If you are reliant on the success of your past trades for your new ones, you’re clearly trading with overconfidence. This can cost you a lot and result in significant losses.


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[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-09-20-at-5.33.21-PM-800x570.png]
Stellar lumens has been growing in importance, within the financial ecosystem. Today, the nation, a major newspaper in Thailand has announced that K-Bank will be partnering with Visa in piloting a blockchain-based B2B platform. This is what Visa country manager had to say about the deal,

“Visa is proud that we have representation from a Thai financial institution in the pilot programme. Building on the enterprise blockchain technology, Visa B2B Connect is a new transaction platform designed for the exchange of high-value international payments between participating banks on behalf of their corporate clients. Managed by Visa end-to-end, Visa B2B Connect combines Visa’s core capabilities in security, governance and distributed ledger technology.”

So how does Stellar come into this deal? Well, the thing is, Visa B2B was developed in partnership with Chain Inc. Chain was recently acquired by stellar backed Lightyear to form Interstellar. Under the deal, all the financial institutions using Chain will start using the public stellar blockchain. Technically, this means that K-Bank and all other institutions that are using Chain will be running on the stellar blockchain.

Clearly, the stellar network is getting more entrenched in the global banking industry. That’s because it is also gaining interest through its partnership with IBM. IBM is the main financial technology for banks in over 80% in the world.  IBM has already launched the World wire, a stellar-based platform that is meant to help banks clear cross-border payments in a matter of second. This gives Stellar a major edge in the race to disrupt the cross-border payments market.

But what gives Stellar an even bigger intrinsic value in the market is the fact that it also has a major use case in asset tokenization. 

STOs are the future of financing in that, they pretty much eliminate all the loopholes that come with ICOs. That’s because STOs entail the financing of existing businesses that are fully compliant with security regulations. Stellar stands to lead the way in the coming STO revolution because of its DEX platform, and the fact that it is feeless and highly scalable.

Signs of Stellar’s future reign in this market are already there, as was the case with Robinhood, which will be tokenized on stellar by a Silicon Valley startup. The startup is also looking to tokenize ripple on stellar, and that is definitely a big deal. As STOs pick momentum, it could become the norm for all other companies, and pretty much tokenize the stock markets, unlocking limitless potential in global blue chip stocks.  All the above are trillion dollar markets, from cross-border payments to the tokenization of securities.

Going by today’s news from Thailand, how has Stellar reacted? Well, the market has been in the red all day today, and this has affected the price of Stellar (XLM) as well. Since the K-Bank news do not affect Stellar directly, the market didn’t react much.

 However, once the market rebounds and the magnitude of today’s news sinks in, Stellar will explode in value.

Stellar has been one of the best performing cryptos in quarter 3, and stands to be one of the best performers going into quarter 4 of 2018, going by its recent moves in the market. It is slowly getting entrenched in the banking industry, as well as the wider finance industry, and this will see its value soar going into the future. Its network effect in the market is pretty much unrivalled at this point. A $1 – $2 Stellar (XLM) is very much possible in the next few months.

by Nicholas

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[Image: brdnk-production-739024-unsplash.jpg]
On 22nd September, the CEO of, Roger Ver conversed with Zane Tackett, the Head of OTC Sales at B2C2 wherein they discussed the reason for institutions and cryptocurrency enthusiasts “transitioning” from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash and other altcoins. 

Roger Ver said:

Quote:“I’ve known you for a while but a lot of people who aren’t hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have seen you around. So you first worked at OkCoin, one of the bigger exchanges in China and then you were at BitFinex, arguably the biggest exchange in the world. Now you’re busy doing OTC stuff, is that right?”

Roger Ver believes that Zane has seen progression because he used to be a Bitcoin Maximalist and did not care much for Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, Tackett stated that he used Bitcoin on a daily basis and even accepted his salary in BTC.

He further added that the first time he used Ethereum for a transaction was when Bitcoin began to charge $50 for each transaction.

 He refused to pay $50 to move money around. Additionally, Ethereum was doing it at a fraction of the cost. He stated:

Quote:“I remember sitting at my computer and going ‘oh my god I can’t believe I’m about to use Ethereum over Bitcoin and I was a Bitcoin maximalist through and through. I had earlier fought against having Ethereum added to BitFinex.  And then it hit me like a ton of that I can’t use the Bitcoin network anymore.

Another reason the Bitcoin Maximalist moved away from the Bitcoin network was when he found out what was happening to companies that built Bitcoin and individuals who got the cryptocurrency space to where it is today. Bitcoin core supporters began to turn rabid on these companies and began attacking and making invalid accusations at them. To this, Roger Ver added:

Quote:“Yeah, the Bitcoin core fanboys even claimed that Brian Armstrong from Coinbase, the company that’s brought more people to the cryptocurrency space than anyone else that he was attacking Bitcoin! Like, what a bunch of nonsense.”

Zane and Roger Ver both believe that platforms like NeWag and BitPay were the first heroes of the cryptocurrency space and they still are to people who understand the cryptocurrency community. They both agreed that BitPay was another platform that got out open source and free software.

Roger Ver went on to add that the wallet that is being used by a large number of individuals from the cryptocurrency space is also based on the open source software created by BitPay.

Zane believes that since he had a decent paying job, he did not need his transaction to be confirmed instantly but to get it confirmed over several days was too much of a hassle. He also confirmed that the Bitcoin core community’s hundred percent lack of foresight and the simple usability of the network killed it for him.

Roger Ver concluded by saying:

Quote:“I think it’s true. A lot of these core supporters, they have cloudy hindsight. We can see exactly what happened. The industry moved away from BTC. They started integrating all sorts of altcoins and they still can’t see what happened. We have Bitcoin cash now, the version of Bitcoin described in the original whitepaper.”

by Shahrain KM

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[Image: Stellar-XLM-Might-Be-Preparing-For-a-Sim...-Surge.png]
Ripple’s phenomenal price gain in the last week is no longer news for those who have been following the cryptocurrency market. Stellar (XLM) may experience a similar gain or even more as long as the market remains.

Although all cryptocurrencies have experienced some increase in the last week, Stellar made a significant gain which admittedly was not as phenomenal as that of Ripple, but was enough to raise the hopes of Stellar’s supporters and to make them expect more in the future.

One of the reasons for this expectation is the recent improvement in the cryptocurrency’s service. It has recently launched Stellar Term, a decentralized exchange and wallet developed by Iris Li, that enables easy trading, sending/receiving of digital assets on the Stellar network. It has also built a strong alliance with Stronghold, a giant holding company and IBM, a multinational technology company, in order to further improve its system.   

The price gains in the last few days suggests Stellar might beat Ripple in the race to take over the cryptocurrency market. It has already knocked EOS off before to take its fifth place before dropping to the sixth. It may go even higher next time because of some recent “strong fundamental news” about the company which have proved to be of advantage.

[Image: chart-1.png]

First, Goldman Sachs whose rumored change of mind on creating a bitcoin trading desk allegedly led to the recent crash of the Bitcoin, has added XLM to its list of tradable assets. That is a certain plus. Secondly, UNICEF has announced its acceptance of the asset as a token for donations.

Another major event took place earlier this month. There was a merger between Lightyear Corporation and Chain Incorporated that gave birth to a new company, Interstellar. This merger is expected to widen the scope of Stellar’s products coverage and increase patronage of its public ledger by providing a conducive environment for different organizations to trade, send and receive digital assets around the world on the Stellar network,.

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation Lightyear speaking on the merger said:

[i]“Chain’s team has led the market for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, which is a critical component of building a future where money and digital assets move over open protocols. We are thrilled to be joining forces to help organizations build on Stellar.”[/i]

Stellar is now the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world owing to these recent developments and if it keeps pushing up as it did last week gaining up to 50%, its dream of taking over the industry may be within its reach in the near future.

by Shedrach Kongvong

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[Image: After-XRP-Went-Crazy-Is-Stellar-Next-750x430.jpg]
XRP just wrecked the crypto china shop, but there may be another bull right behind the Ripple run.  As the market sweeps up the wreckage and fragments, one question is still looming: is Stellar lumens next?

Although Ripple predates Stellar by several years, the tokens of the two protocols act more more like twins than ordinary siblings. 

Except for rare outbreaks, XLM prices typically remain glued to half the price of XRP.  Although Jed McCaleb, the creator of both protocols, left Ripple on apparently unfavorable terms, the newer protocol inherited very similar uses and use-cases: both are targeted at banking and legacy finance with fast, low-fee and highly scalable ledgers. 

[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-09-24-at-11.46.41-AM-1024x600.png]
Six-month price history for XRP (above) and XLM (below). Source.

But there are also significant differences that may clear the way for a future Stellar run. While the XRP token was the first-mover, Stellar has a sizable latecomer advantage as well. 

The Next Ethereum?

Although both Stellar and Ripple are ostensibly positioned as payment technologies, only one of them is also suited for dApps and token sales. 

While it’s technically possible to host an initial coin offering on Ripple tech (and some adventurous companies have done so) the company’s ledgers are more aimed at upsetting MoneyGram rather than the Nasdaq. 

Stellar, though also a payments platform, has shamelessly eyed Ethereum’s position as the de facto platform for token offerings and flaunted its advantages. These include negligible fees, a built-in decentralized exchange and token-for-token atomic transactions.

Stellar XLM Readies for the STO wave

But there’s no expectation that humdrum utility tokens are going to lead the next encierro. As Crypto Briefing has previously reported (and many others have agreed) utility token offerings may well be on their way to becoming investment has-beens. 

The Stellar protocol is already pivoting towards regulatory-compliant security offerings. DSTOQ, a Vanautu-licensed Stock Exchange, announced the launch of a peer-to-peer security token marketplace on the Stellar protocol earlier this summer.   

We’ve previously waxed poetic about Polymath and Civic as important bricks for future security platforms, although they do not escape Ethereum’s limitations. Stellar, in contrast, seems to have been built with these limits in mind.

A built-in compliance protocol allows financial institutions to add AML requirements, if they wish, and issuing assets on Stellar “can be performed by a crypto-beginner,” as Viktor Krekotin points out. Moreover, he adds:

It is also possible to limit access to asset ownership on the Stellar network through requiring trustline authorization by an issuing account (one action). This feature helps implement KYC easily and reliably as opposed to Ethereum…

A Favorable Regulatory Outlook For Stellar?

Speaking of securities, this might be a time to address crypto’s lurking pachyderm-in-the-corner. Although Ripple has done as well in the courtroom as it has in the marketplace, that hasn’t diminished perceptions that XRP may ultimately fall on the wrong side of the SEC. 

As we know the Stellar Foundation is not defending itself from angry XLM investors, nor has its PR agency issued circulars to distance itself from the lumens token. That doesn’t necessarily mean a regulatory green light, but at least Stellar doesn’t have flashing red-and-blue lights in the rearview mirror. 

This is still largely speculative, but the market is already leaning heavily in favor of the kinds of tokens for which Stellar has a marked advantage. Given that 2017’s bull-run started because of the ICO’s advantages—and crashed because of their limitations— it seems likely that more advanced tokens will also play a part in the next one.

Assuming that XRP’s good week was not, as some writers have speculated, the work of professionals, last week’s bull run occurred in spite of ongoing securities concerns. If XLM does succeed as a platform for next-generation STO’s, the next bull run will be because of those concerns.

by Andrew Ancheta

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Spending time online has become a very common need of people’s lives in today's time, especially for youngsters, who spend hours and hours on social media or surfing. So, why not make the BEST use of your precious time?

To do just that, introducing to you “Fellowhale” 

[Image: M6pGZwZ.png]

Fellowhale is the new generation’s favorite creation, which will give you an EASY way to make money! It is a new game based on the EOS Blockchain with a simple, straightforward, and transparent system to ensure everyone is able to participate easily and confidently! 

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5. A new round begins when nobody is willing or able to beat the Fellowhale for 5 days.

After each move, the timer at the top of the screen is reset to 5 days; it means that you have 5 days to become a NEW Fellowhale. If no player is willing to take a risk during the 5 day period, the round is over, and the next round begins!

Not only is the system easy but also fully secured by using Crypto as your payment method! All of Fellowshale’s wagers are managed through the virtual wallet Scatter!

[Image: 03Pj3VT.jpg]

Fellowhale is a fully transparent online web-based game, as the source code is open source and available to be found at Github! Which allow everyone to be able to view, and even audit the code, it makes safer for everyone to use, play and enjoy!

So, come forward and be part of this luxurious game that is really going give you the time of your LIFE! 

Check below for further details:

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[Image: 180924_xlmusd-800x600.png]
Stellar might be done with its long-term slide as it moves to complete a double bottom on its daily time frame. Price is making its way closer to the neckline around the 0.3500 mark, and a break higher could mean more upside.

Price has also moved above the 100 SMA dynamic inflection point to signal that bullish momentum is picking up. A break above the neckline resistance could spur a rally that’s the same height as the chart formation, which spans around 0.2000 to 0.3500.

RSI is already indicating overbought conditions, though, or that buyers are feeling exhausted and might let sellers take over. Stochastic has some room to climb, so bulls might stay in control for a bit longer, but is also nearing overbought levels. Turning lower could lead to another dip for Stellar price.

[Image: 180924_xlmusd-600x317.png]
News of adoption by UNICEF and Goldman Sachs-backed firms for Stellar led to a strong pickup in price, allowing it to overtake some of its peers to clinch the top five spot in terms of market dominance.

Last Friday, the French division of UNICEF announced that it is accepting donations in Stellar and Ripple, expanding the list of cryptocurrencies that it accepts, namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Stellar, Monero, and EOS. To add to that, Circle also announced that it would be adding four crypto assets to its “Invest” platform. Circle is backed by financial giant Goldman Sachs, which was previously said to be delving into cryptocurrency offerings by creating a Bitcoin trading desk.

Circle head of product and SVP Divya Agarwalla announced that EOS, Stellar, 0x, and Qtum are part of the mix of crypto assets in their platform. Furthermore, the blog post noted:

Quote:These 4 assets were selected specifically based on their potential to contribute powerful infrastructure to the broader crypto ecosystem.

by Sara Jenn

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[Image: eosio.jpg]
Circle App Expands Portfolio with EOS, Stellar, 0x and QTUM
The popular app has a total of 11 digital assets, making it one of the leading vectors for crypto popularization.

The Circle fintech app has expanded its crypto portfolio with EOSStellar (XLM)0x (ZRX) and QTUM, growing the offerings to a total of 11 digital assets.

Quote:“These 4 assets were selected specifically based on their potential to contribute powerful infrastructure to the broader crypto ecosystem,” explained Circle in the official statement.

The selection includes the up and coming EOS, which is seen as gaining importance in the crypto ecosystem, as a medium for distributed apps, as well as a potential quote currency. XLM is seen as one of the fastest networks, and is potentially the go-to scalable solution for cross-border payments.

The 0x project is a protocol used on decentralized exchanges, and QTUM is one of the promising platform coins on the Chinese market.

The Circle app will also add an educational section, to better understand crypto assets, providing relevant information to understand each coin. Circle does not offer private key wallets, but it offers a fast way to own crypto assets.

Additional services include a global OTC market, as well as portfolio investments. Users of Circle can choose to buy all of the 11 digital assets on offer. Additionally, there are options for automated monthly purchases, as Circle is fully legalized and connects to user bank accounts.

Buying crypto assets has become easier in the past year, although investments are still relatively limited. But for retail buyers, adding small investments is more accessible compared to betting large sums on a single coin. Circle started with what many see as the most solid coins - Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are also supported, as well as anonymous coins Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC).
Quote:[url=]SURVEY: Millennial women underrepresented in #crypto investing opportunity #cryptocurrency
— Circle Invest (@circleinvest) September 17, 2018

Recently, the Circle app pointed out that it aims to popularize crypto investment among women, to break up the dominance of male investors. According to recent eToro research, women investing in crypto are still a small minority.

by Christine Masters

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[Image: kayla-harris-1042455-unsplash-e1537779341415.jpg]
Stellar Lumens [XLM/USD] Technical Analysis: Bulls and bears fight for control after price surge
Stellar Lumens [XLM] is riding high with a 30% growth in its price as it surged behind other altcoins. Now, the coin is seeing a loss, although as a correction or impending bear run is not clear.

30 minute:

[Image: Screenshot_2018-09-24-XLMUSD-0-2677344-%...ngView.png]

The $0.240 – $0.262 uptrend is a continuation of the $0.211 – $0.233 uptrend, exhibiting strong buying power. The $0.294 – $0.282 downtrend should be focused on, as a break in this will see the coin reaching higher.

The parabolic SAR is flashing a bearish signal, as evidenced by the dots above the candles. However, looking at it in conjunction with the Stochastic provides a buy signal, as it is recovering from being oversold.

1 hour:

[Image: Screenshot_2018-09-24-XLMUSD-0-2680014-%...ngView.png]

The MACD is diverging, and the histogram is below zero. The indicator is exhibiting a bearish crossover signal, as seen by the MA line crossing below the signal line.

The 20-period MA is at $0.243, providing a support level for a future drop.
A triangle is forming between the trend lines at $0.211 – $0.233 and $0.294 – $0.282, which is indicative of a breakout.

4 hour:

[Image: Screenshot_2018-09-24-XLMUSD-0-2665200-%...ngView.png]

The 20-period EMA is at $0.256, again acting as a support level for the next rally. A channel is forming between $0.212 – $0.240 and $0.209 – $0.240, setting the scene for a breakout to occur soon.

The RSI dipped back down from oversold owing to the recent bull run.
The Klinger Volume Oscillator is flashing a bearish sign, as seen by the line crossing the oscillator when it is on a downtrend.

1 day:

[Image: Screenshot_2018-09-24-XLMUSD-0-2668261-%...ngView.png]

$0.333 – $0.281 provide a strong long-term downtrend line that the coin has to break in order for a reversal. This trend couples with the $0.197 – $0.189 line to form a channel indicative of a breakout.

Breaking above the $0.333 level will indicate that the bulls have taken control and reversed the trend.
The 20-day Weighted Moving Average is $0.224 providing a support in case the price drops below $0.260.
The Awesome Oscillator is flashing an Above Zero Line bull indicator, hinting that the price might move upwards.


The bears and bulls are fighting for control over the price, with market movement having lost momentum for the time being. A bullish break will occur above the $0.333 mark, as it would mark the break of a long-term downtrend. In case of a bearish run, support will be found at the $0.24, $0.22 and $0.19 levels.

by Anirudh VK

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[Image: cryptocurrency-blockchain-militant-terro...60x400.jpg]
We first mentioned Ben Strickland in our coverage of his report on SadaqaCoins, a dark web marketplace aimed at crowdfunding for weapons and paramilitary training of Syrian jihadists. Strickland didn’t just stumble across the site — he’s an OSINT (open source intelligence) investigator who uses OSINT techniques to trace cryptocurrency transactions and draw connections between paramilitaries, extortionists, and organized criminals online.

Strickland spoke to CCN about the open-source data techniques he used in his investigation, describing open source data as anything from YouTube videos, blockchain data, satellite imagery, or social media posts.

Quote:“I started by looking at a jihadist group that were requesting donations from the public through the typical channels groups like that generally operate on (Telegram, Twitter). Doing the same as I do with human rights abuses, I looked at all of the data available. It became apparent to me than an address linked to their account was linked to a kidnapping in South Africa.”

[Image: mujahidin.jpeg]

He started to run searches on Google and Reddit regarding linked bitcoin addresses and found a comment about a scam Facebook account containing one of the addresses he had flagged.

Quote:“I looked through the alleged Facebook account. It was pictures of the guy and his girlfriend from the UK, but he was cashing his bitcoin out in South African Rand. In other images he was posting pictures of handfuls of US dollars and statements on ‘how I can make you the next bitcoin millionaire.'”

He later found multiple other Facebook accounts with a similar setup that actually offered each other support and guidance on how to scam their victims as well as praising each other’s successes.

Quote:“Needless to say, my bullshit radar was going off. Those Facebook accounts had pictures of their bitcoin addresses to flash how much they had made. On the blockchain, those addresses were in the middle of it all. I eventually identified a former South African exchange that was connected to them all.”

Asked about the reasons behind his work, Strickland cited the growing amount of cryptocrime cases, pointing out that on BitcoinWhosWho, a site aimed at identifying bitcoin addresses and reporting scams, there are 10-30 daily reported cases of sexual extortion alone. He said that just as we have the ability to monitor the more prevalent world of fiat-funded crime, it’s important that people are aware of the methods used to monitor crypto-crime as well.

He concluded:

Quote:“It is important to realize that this is what the power of the blockchain is supposed to be. As much as it is a free market, unregulated and decentralised, the power of the blockchain should be that someone like me, from the comfort of my home on my laptop, with no formal training, can identify any wrongdoing on the blockchain.

by Conor Maloney

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[Image: Stellar-%C4%B0s-The-Quietest-And-Most-Aw...C392&ssl=1]
Stellar (XLM) $0.26671 +1.12% remains one of the best performers during the last 7 days. Stellar has seen an increase upwards of 20 percent for the day, and more than 50 percent for the week, now standing as the sixth largest cryptocurrency.


The last few days have seen serious price action, with the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrencies marking notable increases. The serious uptick was marked by Ripple’s (XRP) $0.56180 +0.62% rally on Friday as the cryptocurrency managed to gain almost 100 percent of its value in a few short hours, briefly unseating Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency.

Stellar also managed to amass some serious gains during the last few days, and it continues to trade in the green. The cryptocurrency is now sitting at number 6 and it has gained a total of about 50 percent in the last seven days. For the last 24 hours at the time of writing, alone Stellar is up with about 20 percent.

[Image: stellar-cmc.jpg]
Stellar is also the third best-performing cryptocurrency for the day.


Earlier this month, a Stellar-focused commercial entity called Lightyear Corporation merged with another company called Chain Inc., to form a brand new organization called Interstellar.

Purportedly, the merger is going to increase the enterprise products, as well as the customer base to the global public ledger of stellar. It’s aimed at delivering a turn-key solution enabling different organizations to exchange, issue, and manage assets on Stellar’s public network.

Speaking on the matter, Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation and Lightyear said:

Quote:Chain’s team has led the market for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, which is a critical component of building a future where money and digital assets move over open protocols. […] We are thrilled to be joining forces to help organizations build on Stellar.

by Georgi Georgiev

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