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(11-02-2017, 09:48 PM)Peron96 Wrote: The more confident with stellar..stellar is the best ..

May the stellar price in the market has been rising

yeah stellar is the best coin for me Big Grin
on launching promo with fb i got 2btc from stellar from my referal and today, stellar price 1390sa and i got over 100$ bonus trading Big Grin
i think this stellar best coin and i hope next day stellar can ghrowing to the mars Big Grin
Wow, I hope I can earn like that. Stellar is the best. Many thanks to the one who invite me here.

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I think stellar is a valuable crypto..hope the value increase faster.
thank you. the information quite helping me on learning about stellar
Nice sharing bro, sttellar coin is the best and join this forum igive me income
this is very usefull for me thanks..
(16-02-2017, 02:12 PM)BillyNomatesii Wrote: Instead of solely focusing on the coins. Why not have some more (easy to find and use) how to's on using the forums.
You are promoting it as a social coin, yet all the focus seems to be on the coin, the wallet, the money.
How about a bit of focus on the community as well? otherwise, what is the point in the forum?

Yes sir ... that's my point too . Completely agree . Great for you to speak up .
The other world. 
im pretty sure for the next future it will go 100x than the price now- it offers the technology
nice thread here......
hope u can share more of it.....

i'm newbie here.....
Bullish or Vanish

Thanks for your donation
Tugas kita mudah, untuk mendapatkan credit dari giveaway ini kita hanya perlu membuat Thread/artikel/blog atau yang lainnya dan untuk setiap reply/comment yang kalian dapat di thread/artikel/blog  Blush
(30-06-2017, 01:05 AM)I like is rockzu07 Wrote:
(11-02-2017, 09:48 PM)Peron96 Wrote: Semakin percaya diri dengan bintang.stellar adalah yang terbaik ..

Semoga harga bintang di pasaran sudah naik.

yeah stellar adalah koin terbaik bagi saya Big Grin
saat meluncurkan promo dengan fb saya mendapatkan 2btc dari bintang dari rujukan saya dan hari ini, harga bintang 1390sa dan saya mendapatkan lebih dari 100 $ bonus trading Big Grin
saya pikir koin terbaik ini dan saya berharap bintang hari berikutnya dapat bersekolah marsBig Grin
Wow, saya harap saya bisa mendapatkan seperti itu. Stellar adalah yang terbaik. Banyak terima kasih kepada orang yang mengundang saya kesini.

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hey, please give me stellar coin


memo : 530890

thanks u
Thanks it explains
Sorry for my english its not good
i'm newbie at stellar...
thanks for the sharing...
Hi guys, i'm newbie for this coin, so can anyone explain to me how the prospect of this coin for the future ? and what is the advantages of stellar lumens from btc ?
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
This post is very important for new members like me.
Thank for the good informations for beginner like me, ^_^
transaction fee too small, but maybe if 1 XLM is 10000 USD to big for 0.00001xlm at my opinion

The base fee is currently set to .00001 XLM—a fraction of a fraction of a penny. The sender of the transaction incurs the fee.
No one profits from the base fee. The ledger collects the fees and redistributes them in the process of inflation.
Yes , good brief explanation , if possible do comparison w other coins as well to know the adv and disadv...
very useful i learn all about thankyou i think this coin will be huge
this coin interests me much ... and i need more time to learn about this coin, hope this forum help me to achieve that.

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