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"Sticky -  How to create STELLAR WALLET + ADDRESS ?
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(26-05-2017, 05:47 PM)kurniawanism Wrote: You can buy it through exchange or claim give away

Untuk Exchange Stellar

Hi, sorry to bother you but how can I participate in the GA, thank you so much.
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thanks to this TS i am using centaurus for my XML wallet Exclamation
My Stellar Address

Feel free to send me some stellar  Big Grin
23 help 
How to get free stellar?
(31-05-2017, 03:25 AM)tlghvn Wrote:
(26-05-2017, 05:47 PM)kurniawanism Wrote: You can buy it through exchange or claim give away

Untuk Exchange Stellar

Hi, sorry to bother you but how can I participate in the GA, thank you so much.

(20-06-2017, 02:32 PM)vanbaxm Wrote: EXCULSEME!
How to get free stellar?

Make a Post or Reply any of threads without spamming.
You could claim here before 15th each month (recommended early of the month so you won't be missed)
For new users could also claim this after making 10 Quality Reply
.:: You could donate me STR / XLM ::.
thanks for this new bie here  Blush

Thanks for the info :) i love this app

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I got two wallet, poloniex and centaurus. Both of them are useful poloniex is for coverting it to btc.

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Downloaded centaurus! Waiting for the 15th of July! Up! Big Grin

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No invest! Paid thru PAYPAL or BTC!
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I just registered in lobstr thank you for this useful information. For i love the logo of lobstr. hehe joke
I just downloaded the centaurus app and registered in poloniex but I have no idea how to use it. Im just new to this.
oh thank you so much, i know what i want to do now:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Thank you sir. I'll give centaurus a try first and I'll try the others if im not satisfied hehe
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that is huge amount of stellar you got there
can i have some of it please ?
tag : e2eeffaebbb84a928ef
(28-06-2017, 06:01 PM)Jenn09 Wrote: Thanks for the info :) i love this app

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hi Jenn09, nice to meet you. love you so much beauty. please add me as your friend.   Cool
my stellar add: GC4KAS6W2YCGJGLP633A6F6AKTCV4WSLMTMIQRSEQE5QRRVKSX7THV6S  Destination Tag: 115461

Im new to the forum, im considering if use the wallet from bittrex, in where i have already some XMR or should i make another one? 

I read in the forum that it needs TAG if send to that wallet, but i found that the TAG is change not always the same, right?

I posted this question yesterday on a different thread but can't find the thread so don't know if anyone responded. I'm fairly new to crypto trading and so far have just used the wallets on Coinbase and Bittrex, and have just started using Poloniex. I know theoretically that private wallets mean holding a key. I opened a Centaurus account yesterday and wanted to transfer XLM from Poloniex but I need a "wallet backup string" or "plain key pair." I've been reading all the posts in this thread and found two links which will generate a keypair with a public key and a secret key. I don't know if that's what the app means by "plain address" and "plain secret." If so, am I supposed to write down those 100-ish random characters and then type all of them and hope very, very. very much that I don't make a mistake??????? Isn't there any way to copy and paste?? This seems like a LOT of hassle for 25 XLM/wk.
From what i understand a TAG is needed if using a wallet from an exchange, but if another wallet for receive XLM you should just give the wallet address.

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saya pake centaurus tapi saldom asih telor blom netas2
I use Staller Wallet from Bitcoin VIP or Coin Base
t's free this is my address

Destination tag 137701 ! tks

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