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"Sticky -  How to create STELLAR WALLET + ADDRESS ?
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(10-01-2017, 06:24 AM)blueman Wrote: I would like to try Centaurus - Stellar Wallet BUT I try to avoid anything google. If I download Centaurus on my phone, google will be basically tracking my activity? Is that correct? Is there another option? Lobstr seems like a good option. I will try to search for a desktop wallet version.
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Anyone know of a desktop or browser based Stellar wallet? I don't want to use Centaurus or Lobstr. I did go to the but it does not have a wallet friendly option like Jaxx, Exodus or something similar. Dang it. I really wanted to earn/get Lumens. has nice interface, it really looks professional and beautiful
centaurus approach is simple and clean
i only use centaurus because it give me 50str bonus per week, from FREE 100str i got from this forum,  then moving back to lobstr i like the interface
i have not see any desktop version, but this is a good idea, maybe someday someone build it, i heard that from this forum is planning to build desktop wallet, dont know the progress.
blueman if you want to earn free Lumens, go to Stellar Promotion, actually all you need only create account for once, and only store the wallet & passpharse only thats easy

if you dont want to install android wallet, then use browser based as temporary solutions, i found someone create tutorial to quick create a wallet

but you must use facebook to login
this topic need catchy title, it helps, but people still keep asking Confused seems not easy to find
I still do not understand that how should I setup my login id after I ask the exchange market to transfer 20XLM to activate my new account, and how can I login to the new account after I sign out??
i still dont understand how can i create a stellar account with username, i got find a lot of threat, no one told about this.
wow nice info thanks
im just use stellar wallet on pc
mybe next time i try on phone Big Grin
Well, I just opened!/ and generated key pair for a new account. So, basically this is online Stellar account ?
(07-05-2017, 12:41 PM)bogdanmihajlov Wrote: Well, I just opened!/ and generated key pair for a new account. So, basically this is online Stellar account ?

yes it is.. on the client side, If you want offline simply write it down on piece of paper, and hid it
Ok. Did exactly that. Now I can log on at account viewer and send/receive XLM.
thank's for your info.
many place to get personal wallet for xlm Big Grin
I installed the stellar wallet but had a few questions 
1. How do I extract the private key 
2. I have a receive address is their a blockchain client that can show my wallet address and transaction history the address is 

Otherwise looks neat and thanks a phone app is useful I also see an anchor function not sure what it does but thanks in advance.
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin  Thank U, but I not create an account on LOBSTR.CO
thanks for information,now i cant registed on stellar viewer
Doesn't work. It is no possible to login.
I use Firefox on Ubuntu.
Please help, how do I find my destination tag on my Centaurus wallet? Because I still can't find it
im newbie here finalyy i downloade my centaurus apps Big Grin
Thank you very much for the article. good luck!
yes finnaly, I have a stellar account from a centaurus app
so much online wallet right now, and i use wallet such as Poloniex with address GCGNWKCJ3KHRLPM3TM6N7D3W5YKDJFL6A2YCXFXNMRTZ4Q66MEMZ6FI2 memo 1912955

and in my country i use and i get STR wallet ID : GC4KAS6W2YCGJGLP633A6F6AKTCV4WSLMTMIQRSEQE5QRRVKSX7THV6S destination tag : 320621

is it ok to use as my wallet ??
Thanks to this thread i know what is stellar and i love to use centaurus app
Yes finally i have my stellar wallet. How to get my stellar money goes to my stellar wallet? Or they directly put it on my walley when i accomplished the task?

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