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To be honest, both are great projects to look into.

But Stellar may lead soon as new tokens are being introduced based on Stellar protocol (so many already introduced); which I believe will make Stellar the 21st century Ethereum. Also the introduction of the Lightning network towards year end is gonna boost it even more. 

#wishfullthinking :)
Truly appreciate it   Big Grin
both are good. each has its own path to success. success lies not in its value. but success in every step will show you which one is best. the value could be up and down. but the right step towards the target is more meaningful.
I certainly hope the price of both will go up. It would be great if both have a good future, if the value of the two coins rises, it will affect the other cryptocurrency. In addition there will be many countries that will approve the circulation of cryptocurrency.
"Thank You for Your Kindness"
02 bug 
Anyone in there right mind would have to say that its stellar.  Not the biggest fan of ripple and not just cause of the crypto community that thinks its trendy to not like it, but for my own dis interest in it.  Plus stellar has more community involvement and the real world cause behind it and thats one thing a coin needs to succeed, a community behind it that believes in it and lives it day to day everyday!
espero que ambos les vaya bien

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(04-01-2018, 03:55 PM)pocahontas1010 Wrote: Ripple is the bank's coin while stellar the people's coin, what do you think?

Yes, i Agree with you.
Ripple already cheat on its former supporter by whoring their tech to big banks!
Stellar for sure, better coin with a greater cause!
(03-01-2018, 07:50 PM)bungtoel Wrote:

will fly Angel on price in the future...

just for discussion

I think both to the moon in the future...
I bought XLM while now is going down
All altcoins not only XLM down in end of this year, so let's hope it will be better next year
Two good coins to be in one portfolio

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