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NiceHash CEO Quits After 4,000 BTC Hack, Service To Continue Work
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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
NiceHash CEO Quits After 4,000 BTC Hack, Service To Continue Work

Slovenian mining service NiceHash has swapped CEOs several weeks after hackers stole Bitcoins worth around $63 mln in 2017’s last major attack.
After the embattled platform relaunched Dec. 22, local news media reported original CEO Marko Kobal had left, himself confirming on LinkedIn:

Quote:“As you are aware, since the recent security breach we at NiceHash have been working round the clock to rebuild our internal systems as well as management structure. I shall now stand aside and allow new management to lead the organization through its next, exciting period of growth – therefore I decided to resign as CEO of NiceHash.”

The total spoils from the NiceHash hack reached 4,000 BTC. Despite the severity of the attack, Kobal appeared confident the service would continue to operate in the same capacity.
2017 has seen a continuation of the infrequent yet poignant major hacking attempts hit well-known entities in the cryptocurrency industry, notably exchanges. Korea’s Youbit became the most recent victim, declaring bankruptcy after hackers stole funds amounting to 17 percent of its net asset value.
Speaking to Bloomberg in December, Blockchain CEO Peter Smith said the industry was overduea major hack.

Source William Suberg
Thank you for info
I'll take look at it
Terima kasih infonya gan

Wow 4000 btc ? Kasian sampai harus mengundurkan diri ceo nya
Sad news but they have to make fully secure Wallet that no body can hack it.
It is a big lose comparing it's dollar equivalent. He acted rightly.

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