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Lumen is a Crypto-Currency That Will Rise!
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Lumen is a Crypto-currency that will rise!
This platform has been out for some time now and has seen amazing strides.
Those of us who would've known about it a some months ago, would've now been well off.

Big Grin
However, the platform is still young and there is still more money to be made!
Lumen can be gotten by Posting Thread, Replies, Inviting friends, Fulfilling task and joining sites that give Lumen as reward. Or you could just purchase the Lumen Crypto Currency (watch it rise in value) and then convert your into USD.

The possibilities are endless to make money with this platform.

Facebook is definitely not the way to make money because FB does not pay you even 1 penny for your posts!

I predict that Steem will rise well above $5 dollars in the future and those of us that are taking advantage now will be paid significantly. 

Let's make it happen. UP UP
Let's Built Mystellar Together
Rate Me Now. 

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You're right the more we speak about stellar and lumens, the more it will be famous.
And if stellar becomes famous, lumens will rise up to the skly.
yes yes yes.This crypto goes Upppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!
Look at only soon
Yes, agree with you. The rate of btc was dropped, but other cryptocurrency rate was remaining. There is high possibility whom earn big profits from btc investor are moving their funds into another coins sector. Stellar maybe is next coins which will boom soon. Expecting on it.
In this week, xlm chart show significant movement. Hope it will be best in 2018

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06 go 
Go stellar go! One of my favorite currencies and will be for life
Amen brother.. I hope it'll break to 5$ so my investment would not be a waste! haha
Buy for $0,71 now. Wait 2 years. Sell for >$100. Or wait one more year and sell for >5000$ Big Grin
Surely it will rise because it offers more features than best crypocurrencies in the world.
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Yess mate, xlm will rise over and over, keep fly higher stellar  Big Grin
yeah just wait and let's collect as much lumens
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
There is no doubt that with the work that is done by this platform, the price will surely be a reglect to those that do not want to join the early birds.

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