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"!! Announcements -  Centaurus Wallet Giveaway - FREE COINS, 25 XLM/per week, for Centaurus Users
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can i get xlm if balance is empty?

Rolleyes sorry i'm a beginner
(13-11-2016, 12:45 PM)centaurus Wrote:
Quote:Centaurus is starting a Giveaway Program for its users! Watch your balances and help spreading the word!

Centaurus is the first Stellar wallet for Android!
Go and get it from Play Store.

Centaurus was the first wallet application for Stellar. It is conceived in the spirit of the Stellar mission to expand financial access and literacy worldwide.
It's open source, free of charge, available for android and has small apk size for regions with low and/or expensive bandwidth
The wallet has been recently awarded in the centaurus build challenge. I feel really honored by this award and I would like to pass a bit of the reward to YOU - the current and future users of the Centaurus Wallet!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=274]

Who will get Lumens (XLM)
I haven't decided on the exact distribution criteria, and there is still some development to do. It will NOT be sufficient to download the app. For technical reasons your account will need roughly 100 Lumens in the app to be eligible. While none of the below criteria is a guarantee, you can increase your chances by following those principles:
  • If you already have Lumens, be generous!

  • Tell your friends and help them to get over the 100 Lumen threshold!

  • Donate to Centaurus to keep the programm running:GDJXQYEWDPGYK4LGCLFEV6HBIW3M22IK6NN2WQONHP3ELH6HINIKBVY7

  • Use the latest version of Centaurus.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=272]

Do I have to apply for the giveaway?
No, the Lumens will be directly transferred to your Centaurus wallet. And rather than a single payout per account, I'll try to distribute on a weekly or at least monthly base over a longer period of time. This will give chance to new users to jump on, while rewarding existing users again and again. And it gives me the chance to adapt the programm if necessary for its spirit: Make Lumen an evenly and fairly distributed global currency!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=273]

Mataduitan How to get started Money
As mentioned above, your account will need some Lumens to be eligible for the giveaway. The easiest way is to ask a friend, who already has lumens, to help you out. With the help of the giveaway, you'll probably soon be able to pay him back if you don't want to sponge him off. If nobody around you has Lumens, then YOU should be the seed! Go to the Stellar Info about Lumen, especially read the section on where to get Lumens. Create an account on one of the mentioned exchanges and get some Lumens for you and for those around you!

  • 1. Get centaurus from play store:
  • 2. Get at least 100 Lumen somewhere
  •          2a. By a friend
  •          2b. By the stellar giveaway program:
  •          2c. Open an account on an exchange like kraken, poloniex or whatever exchange in your region supports and buy 100 XLM
  •          2d. Get Free 100 XLM from various Reward Programs:
  • 3. If you have at least 100 Lumen in your centaurus account, you will get roughly 25 XLM/per week
  • 4. In whole, 800000 Lumen or more will be distributed like that.
  • 5. The incoming payments will show up in your centaurus history tab

[Image: attachment.php?aid=271]

I'm doing all this in my spare time, and in a manner of best effort!
  • There is no guarantee on whether or not, or how much Lumens you will receive.

  • It may happen that you wrongfully don't get anything. I'm already sorry, if that happens, but please don't contact me for investigation.

  • The programm may be stopped or changed anytime for any reason, but especially if it seems to be abused.
Can you fill my xlm fill it up ?

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very good for everyone! Big Grin. I wait for bonus. hihi
if you can... donate for me 
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pleeease Can you help me with a small donation? GDC2Y5J6OKPYAX6IIEZ5S2WYM7EANUKCDSTT22WXDSFVKYRIUYIK4PSF
pelos comentários na play store , esta carteira parece não ser muito boa , alguém já usou pra confirmar se funciona?
distribution is still going on?

Centaurus - Stellar Wallet for Android!
Giveaway is still live?? 24 june 2018?
Pessoal, alguém me responda e já tira a duvida de outras pessoas:
o programa centaurus é uma carteira ou um programa de investimento em que devo investir 100 XML para obter 50 XLM semanalmente?
Agradeço ás doações nesta conta:

ID MEMO: 223968

"you will get roughly 25 XLM/per week" << its just like PoS coin? rest of life?

how if coin sent out? still get 25 xlm/week?
Is the program still alive?
Does this pos on centaurus is still allive?
Wow! I'll have to dig out my old Samsung and have a go at this - it's good to have your money in different wallets anyway - and 100 XLM isn't too much to try and get (I hope!)
anyone can tell me toturial how to join stellar giveaway Angry
I thing this giveaway already stopped, but still give 0.02% from balance.
Maybe someone can explain this giveaway still available or not ??
This is fine, but because of the requirements, I have it and I have 200 xlm. It's a bit but it's something, but I'll do the bounty
Is the giveaway still available?
how to get the remaining 20 xlm from centaurus?

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