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Ideal coin Deep onion for investment in 2018!
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I really like the project DeepOnion! Terharu
I am sure that this coin will turn the crypto community and all the next 2018 everything will be and will talk about it, since the developers of DeepOnion are simply grandiose plans that will already begin to be performed literally in the first months after the new year! Accordingly, the price of the coin will fly not that "to the moon", but to "distant space" !!!! ))) Big Grin
I myself chose this coin as an object for my investments and I recommend that you take a closer look at it. A number of undeniable advantages to invest your money in this crypto project:
- Coin DeepOnion is new and accordingly the price is only being formed.
- DeepOnion coin has not yet seen pampas, so the price is very interesting for entering their savings.
- Coin DeepOnion has not yet released all its new technological developments. The release is scheduled for early 2018, which means that in just a few months the price will simply fly to the moon !!!
- Coin DeepOnion has a fairly large community of users, which means that the coin is trusted!

Therefore, I recommend that everyone consider this option as an object for investment! Exclamation
DeepOnion is a very promising PoW + PoS hybrid cryptocurrency, focused on privacy and anonymity. Since it has Tor natively integrated in the client, IP addresses of its nodes stay hidden at all times. Recently the DeepVault feature was added. It allows anybody to store a hash code of any file directly on the DeepOnion blockchain, which can be used to check / prove whether the file / document was modified or not, show when it was first recorded on the blockchain atc. The devs are currently working on the DeepSend feature, which should be implemented before the end of the year. It is basically an integrated coin mixer, which will (on top the hidden IP addresses) render all transactions within the DeepOnion network untraceable. The network will thus be completely private and anonymous (hidden IPs + untraceable payments).

Last but not least, I have to say that I’ve never before seen such big, active and supporting community as DeepOnion has, which gives the coin huge power. Huge dedicated community, very active developers, unique features.
i have been seeing peoples post on deepOnion recently and i decided to check it out
i noticed that they are doing beautifully well in market
i see big things coming to deepOnion soon
i just hope i can invest more before its too late

thanks for the information
The community strength is where the real power of this coin lies. Aside from all its unique features, No ICO, Airdrop... 100% anonymous on TOR, DeepVault... Upcoming DeepSend, and soon to have smart contracts, and everything else mentioned here. The sheer mass of the community is what will make this one of the greatest altcoins in the near future.

I've invested as much as I could into Onion early on and my gains have been more so than any other altcoin I've even touched! The growth is amazing and reflects directly with community growth. Again with the strength of the community and the nonstop growth the price will be sure to follow.
The success of DeepOnion is possible because of the active development team integrating new features in DeepOnion sphere, hard-working moderators working long hours to support and assist members new to the community and the coin, various reward mechanisms providing incentive to members instead of ICOs. There is so much to it! DeepOnion's future is very bright and people who are looking for new coins to add in their crypto-portfolio, this one is a must.
Thanks guys, I checked out the website, subscribed to the community and came to the conclusion that this really is a great project. Just supercool to see that they actually integrated with the TOR network.
Next to the above, I followed DeepOnion a few days on coinmarketcap. A nice steady growth in marketcap, trading volume and price made me decide to invest in this coin.
Thanks for checking out our deep onion community XLM members! And yes, DeepOnion is another great investment that can you buy if you have some extra $ from XLM profits this past few days.
TOR integrated, DeepVault, low price coin currently at $4, and low supply running around 4 million out of 19 million.

Don't forget to check out our community! -

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