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Register here:
Currently it is a billionaire through ICO LENDYNG SYSTEM, immediately register and lock your position from now ???
Ucoin Cash Specification
• Coin Algorithm Scrypt (POW / POS)
• Coin Abbreviation: UCH
• Maximum Coin Supply: 31 Million
• Coin base maturity: 50 blocks
• Total POW block: 3100000
• POW block reward: 50 UCH
• Block Spacing: 2 minutes
• Minimum Stake Age: 15 Days
• Maximum Stake Age: 90 Days
update the latest information about ICO:
Visit our website at:
White Paper:
ICO is a way that allows Ucoin Cash to fund our activities including building and developing our core Team, the ecosystem for our applications, and running a marketing campaign so that Ucoin Cash brand awareness and Ucoin Cash reputation will be successfully built. The sooner investors buy Ucoin Cash, the higher earning potential they will get, both in the short term and in the long run. In the short run, prices will increase rapidly after ICO, and you can make money through Trading, Lending, Staking or Mining programs. There are several ways to make a profit with Ucoin Cash, and buying ICO coins at the best price allows you to optimize your investment. Therefore, you should not miss the latest information on ICO calendars, so you can be one of the first individuals to buy coins at the best price. Total number of UCH coins: 31 million • ICO coins: 6 million • Timed for ICO 15 November - 15 December 2017
Lending system up to 45%

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