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UCoincash - NEW ICO START in less than 20 Hrs (Join and be ready to get your tokens)
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*What Is UcoinCash ?
● Blockchain Technology
● Decentralised
● Peer to Peer Network
● Anonymous
● None Intitutions or Governments
Register here :

Features of UcoinCash
Name: UcoinCash
Transaction Code : UCH
Algorithm : Script
Max Supply: 31.000.000 UCH
ICO Supply : 6.000.000 UCH
Start Price ICO : $0.8 / UCH
Finish Price ICO : $1.2 / UCH
ICO Timing : 15 nov 2017 until 15 Dec 2017
Block space : 2 minutes
Block Reward : 50 UCH
Minimum Stake Age : 15 Days

 ? NEW ICO START IN 15 NOV 2017-15 DEC 2017

[Image: why-should-you-invest-in-ucoin-cash-8-63...1508985678]
"ICO preparation essential checklist 

The latest number of member registration is 77857, and this number is expected to exceed 100,000 on our official ICO day. In order to handle the pressure imposing by the traffic overload on ICO day, we have implemented several measures including dedicating more people in key positions to support our customers and users, providing more technical support (ticket), upgrading our server, etc... We are doing our best so that our ICO day would take place successfully. And we do require your assistance with optimizing our website performance on Ucoin Cash first ICO day by following the steps listed below:

1. Members who do not deposit BTC/ETH to buy UCH on the upcoming ICO day, ie do not intend to buy UCH on November 15th 2017, your accounts would be deactivated 1 hour before and after when the ICO take place on November 15th. Only members who deposit BTC/ETH to buy UCH on ICO day are allowed to sign in our website to make their purchase. After the ICO is accomplished, your accounts would be re-activated.

2. During the ICO some other features on our website would be disabled to optimize site speed.

3. BTC/ETH/UCH withdrawals and deposits are not allowed 1 hour before and after the ICO, ie you cannot deposit or withdraw BTC/ETH/UCH in 120 minutes. When the ICO is accomplished, you can start withdrawing and depositing your coins again.

4. There will be an official announcement of the maximum amount of UCH that an individual/ an account is allowed to purchase prior to the ICO

5. There will be detailed guidance on how to buy UCH prior to the ICO

We strongly recommend that you use ETH instead of BTC to make your deposition, as a huge number of BTC transaction these days has led to thousands of BTC pending transactions. It would generally take from several hours to several days for your transaction to be fully processed.

Thanks and best regards
The Ucoin Cash Team  - Join it here "

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