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"MOVIE ANIME -  My list of Must Watch anime
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I will not talking to much in this thread actually just go to the point of my thread

And here's the list of Must watch anime my version

1. Serial Experiment Lain
2. All Evangelion
3. All hack series
4. Spirited away
5. Kaze tachinu
6. Nausica of the wind valley
7. All Haruhi suzumiya
8. All K-ON!
9. Magi
10. Akira
11. Flying witch
12. Porco rosco
13. Koe no katachi
14. Kimi no nawa
15. All Free

So that's my list how about your list ? And ofc You can add as well just drop that in reply section

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Wow how much anime I have not watched! Wow! Wow! Wow!
(15-08-2017, 04:19 PM)Bonita Wrote: Wow how much anime I have not watched!  Wow! Wow! Wow!

actually that's a good anime and some unknown to the public because of the rarity of the people which like that genre of the anime i said
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your name (kimi no na wa) is the best till now among which i have seen and spirited away is also can also look into silent voice, wolf children, howl's moving castle, castle in the sky, tokyo godfather and haruhi suzumiya (2 parts)
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