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What is mining: 
Mining is a complex mathematical process aimed at checking, documenting and recording transactions between the portfolios of electronic currencies. These processes produce coded mathematical equations, which are used by the metals to measure the hash. Those who have a high decimal capacity are the most likely to decipher the code, Of the queues and this number is called block, and all the minerals involved recording and documenting this process in what is now known as Block Chain. 
What is the benefit of the metal (Miner): Block is the reward obtained as a result of the mining (documentation of the public record), of course if they are a group of two men, the reward is divided according to his ability (Hash)

The difficulty of mining Bitcoin network Difficulty:
In the past (and as the program was programmed), a block was issued every ten minutes, but after the increase in the number of metals has decreased this period of time, and the decline of this period led to the difficulty of mining, I said the time period to generate a block, and therefore the discovery of block blocks is difficult for low-enriched metals). 
The difficulty of mining is a variable factor. This difficulty changes every two weeks (as programmed in the currency code) and increases (by increasing the value of the metal to the metal - or less depending on the decrease in the value of the metal). 
The value of the ash may increase by increasing the number of minerals, or one of the metals will update the equipment used for mining (currently the update is increasing with the number). 

To view the current mining difficulty of the developers: 
To view the current mining difficulty (for living currencies traded): 
Click on any currency for details.

What are the mining pools: After the difficulty of mining, the two minerals discovered a way to collect their forces within the mining complex and thus have a preference in the discovery of the block before others and then distributed this block discovered all of them (each according to the Hash who participated)

Types of mining:
First: POW or Proof of Work: 
Mining by means of mining devices, computer processors, a graphics card or any devices programmed for this purpose, the following types:
1. Solo Mining is a one-person mining that directs all its possessions to its own pool and if it does, it gets the whole block and no one shares it. 
This kind of mining is very difficult and costly because the mining is very difficult, so those who want to do so must provide at least $ 5 to $ 10 million worth of mining equipment (as of this article)

2. Mining within mining complexes is the same as the principle of unilateral mining, but it is based on the participation of all the minerals and their joining one group (the latter is collected to the metal) so that the assembly can detect blocks or several blocks (based on the strength of the Hash Participants) and then distributed the block discovered to everyone Kalan according to the power of Alhash, which participated.
Peer-to-peer mining (P2pool): Similar to the principle of Solo Mining, but known as Peer-to-Peer mining or exploration. This type binds Bitcoin node operators to a network called P2POL. The network generates a block every 30 seconds in a so-called Share Chain, not Block Chain, each share is a block with a difficulty. When a metal finds a difficulty similar to the current difficulty of the Block Chain, Thus, this block is distributed to all participants in the P2pool process based on the share quotas that each metal detects The process is recorded in the Block Chain

Second: POS or Proof of Stake:
A mining that does not intentionally target mining equipment. But it is based on the principle of deposit to retain a certain number of queues in your portfolio and thus get a monthly amount of a certain percentage ranging from 1% to 40% of the value of deposit deposited in your portfolio, and if you withdraw this deposit, you therefore lose this monthly value 
Is not mining in the truest sense but closer to the principle of interest that a person who deposited money in a bank may have. 
The size of this interest depends on the size of the deposited value.

Why was this principle adopted? 
In one year, the mining pool controlled global mining capacity (this group managed to obtain 51% of the total network capacity) and thus eliminated the basic pillar of the block network, which is decentralized. 
The central danger of mining is that it allows this mineralization assembly to control the issuance of the block and even cancel and disallow transfers. 
In order to get rid of this potential scenario, the idea of POS MINING has emerged. It is a thought that does not need much effort. It requires a full-node portfolio and a balance. In order to encourage the person who deposits and stores these currencies in his portfolio, he is rewarded with a certain number of months on a specific percentage basis Is consistent with the value of what is deposited in his portfolio, and therefore there is no metal that exercises the power of a hack that no one can manage to control the network. 
The Etherium coin will apply the principle of POS Mining in the coming months, which will eliminate the mining based on the POW Mining, which in turn may lead to a decline in the price of this currency. 

In the POS process there are no mining sites, because the work is done within the full-node-wallet and most currencies may review mining only using the POW and add the POS because this technique helps to: 
1. Enhancing decentralization. Because anyone who uses this method has to run Full-Node on their own device. 
2 - Energy savings, because there are no mining devices that consume a lot of electricity

The two main types of mining have been explained with the knowledge that there are quite a number of electronic coins in the logarithm deciphering them. Here is an updated list of all types of mining and logarithm applied: 

I hope that I have tried to communicate and interpret this technology to you, and I welcome any additions or corrections to any information that you may deem inappropriate.
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thank you for the tutorial, it is a good idea to place your wallet on signature, incase someone feel halped and send you donation :)
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Thank You Sir for your Information, May you Always be Good People .. [Image: 06%20go.gif]
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Quite and insightful and great post. Thank you so much for making this available.

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