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"?? Resolved -  Are Roomba filters interchangeable?
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All 600 Series Roombas come with the AeroVac bin.

As far as compatibility it will depend on the model and when it was built. Many of the 500 series models have what is called the "Sweeper Vac" bin; it has a cavity at the top where debris is swept into and a thin slit of an opening at the bottom where a vacuum is pulled into a different compartment to grab fine dust. It has a flat filter in a plastic frame. This filter is not usable for a 650.

Some of the older and many of the newer newer models of the 500 Series (560, 570, 580, Pet variants, Costco variants) have the "AeroVac" bin that uses a curved filter at the back of the bin covering the motor assembly and pulling airflow into the entire bin (no slit at the bottom). Those filters are interchangeable with the 650.

No filters from the 700 or 800 series is compatible with the 650.
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