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How to Join the Millionaire Club with 2020’s Bitcoin Halving
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[Image: Bexplus.jpg]
As estimated lately, 2020’s bitcoin halving will happen in early May. Bitcoin traders can hear the opportunity knocking and it will change many people’s lives. In the last 30 days, the bitcoin price has increased from $8,138 to currently $10,196.

A forecast from Sonny Singh, Bitpay’s Chief Commercial Officer, claimed that Bitcoin will hit and surpass its all-time high of $20,000 this year, it sounds conservative by comparing to an analysis from Nexo co-founder Antoni Trenchev who was interviewed by Bloomberg saying $50,000 is easily and very possible due to the halving. So in the middle of the year, the bitcoin price can reach from $14,000 to $20,000.

[Image: YBVX5LBINNqw9mPQpQbCEFmILRs3AaK3B6b0999A...wYMmoxBI9T]

Halving is expected but still exciting. As the mining rewards will be halved soon, the bitcoin supply will be inevitably in kind of shortage considering that Bitcoin has become a popularly recognized cryptocurrency.

In January 2020, Pornhub announced that the fiat money payment to models has been discarded but only Bitcoin, Tether or Tron were provided as only transfer options. Now those models are crypto traders like you! The giant adult company, Pornhub, is estimated to earn billions of dollars yearly. Assumpting that 30% of their cost is granted to models, the clothed models will spend millions and millions of cryptocurrencies to buy cosmetics, to rent shooting studios, and even buying a yacht in 2020!

“Bitcoin is now more of currency than asset makes it an asset with more potentials”, commented by Justin Kwok, Bexplus’ Analysis Director.

The halving leaves us a question: how to get rich in the next wave? For the first two halvings, the market was influenced in the same year of halving. Justin Kwok says that this is the chance to see over 500,000 bitcoin traders become millionaires as long as they hold at least 1 BTC, with the help of proper trading tools.

How to make this happen? The 100x leveraged trading tool allows you to invest small margins but will gain 100x huge profits in return. If you invest 1 BTC, and the price of bitcoin goes up to $20,000, at the time closing the position, you will have 47.64+1=48.64 BTC in hand, valuing by 48.64*20,000=$972,800 USD.

[Image: 8v6uXPSVCf4-mwFHMfTq0JXvvmBna22APiXjnZHT...T3zyIf_PVR]

With the 100x leverage tool provided by Bexplus, you can open a 1 BTC position with only 1/100 BTC as margin. In case the long/short direction goes wrong, all you can lose is part of the 1/100 BTC margin. The worst case is to lose all of the 1/100 BTC, but the best case is to earn profits based on 1 BTC.

The profit rate of such a strategy relies on market trends, the incoming halving makes trading long a more secure option. With the 100x leverage trading tool, you can easily double your Bitcoin quickly. For small traders, to join the Millionaire Club, the first step is to join the 1 BTC Holder Club.

Besides handling positions in computers like the Wall Street traders, crypto traders can also trade to execute their strategies quickly and easily with their mobile phones.

“Future trading is the future for crypto trading, and mobile trading is exactly a secret weapon to win ahead of all traders when the others are still hesitating, Bexplus develops lite-sized but professional apps for all devices to ensure you won’t miss any opportunity that may change your life,” as Justin Kwok added at last.

[Image: NMnReXiwXH13bn8Soyja4v1XqUoph4Unbduply7B...EWK_UgyY6i]
(Image: search “bexplus” with a smartphone to download the 100x  leveraged trading app.)

Visit Bexplus


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