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XLM Remains Bullish Even After an Escalation of 4% Overnight
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[Image: Stellar-05.jpg]
XLM Remains Bullish Even After an Escalation of 4% Overnight

  • Stellar is up by 4.37% over the last day and stretched itself to $0.072
  • XLM is also supported by daily moving averages

Stellar Lumens has followed the overall market condition and managed to fetch a bullish ride on the last day. The price has been increased by 4.37% in this period, and it has been traded from $0.069 to $0.072.

Stellar Price Analysis

XLM price was at $0.069094 at the starting of the day, and over the next 26 minutes, it encountered a bearish strike that cost it 2.38%, and the price fell to the lowest point for the day at $0.067447. It was followed by a 5.31% price recovery that added $0.003582 and pushed Stellar price to $0.070999 by 05:46 UTC.

[Image: XLM.png]

The next variation happened between 05:46 & 14:06 UTC. This swing took a 3.94% value from XLM coin and locked the price around $0.068200. Towards the closing of the day, Stellar coin started strengthening. By 01:25 UTC, it managed to fetch an elevation to the extent of 5.54% that took the price to $0.071975 from a $0.068 price range.

Stellar’s current price at $0.072114 is supported by its 50 days MA ($0.071561) and 20 days MA ($0.071914). As per the current momentum, XLM price will further grow, but a few abrupt strikes on the intraday level also can be anticipated.

by Sara Gillard

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