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SDF presents growth strategy for the Stellar network in 2020
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SDF presents growth strategy for the Stellar network in 2020
  • The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) intends to bring Stellar into the mainstream in 2020.
  • To achieve this, the SDF will focus on goals in three key areas: robustness, ecosystem support and scalability.

The CEO of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), Denelle Dixon, spoke in a video update about the growth strategy for the Stellar network in 2020. As she explained in a blog post, 2019 was a very successful year for Stellar:

Quote:We’ve ensured the strength and maturity of our technology. The Stellar network has never been as strong or decentralized as it is today. That’s because we spent a lot of this year encouraging key organizations to set up validators, and helping them organize so they can sustain the network independent of the SDF. This group of Tier 1 validators is mature enough at this point that we could turn off our nodes and the network would keep going!

By 2020, Stellar intends to be established as the global payment standard. To achieve this, the Stellar Development Foundation will focus on ecosystem growth:

Quote:We are going mainstream this year, i think. To do that and to think about that, we really have to evaluate what we wanted to here at SDF. Really focus on the growth of Stellar. And so we did our objectives and key results for 2020 so that we could setup our plans throughout the organisation to make some good stuff happen.

SDF focuses on robustness, participation and scalability

According to Dixon, the Stellar Development Foundation will focus its objectives on three core areas. The first focus is on robustness to bring more developers into the Stellar ecosystem. This, according to Dixon, will help Stellar develop more use cases on Stellar. The SDF also wants to see more stakeholders in the Stellar ecosystem and achieve greater participation:

Quote:We wanna see more validator, we wanna see more folks engaging in Stellar to see what Stellar has to offer.

Finally, Dixon also explained that the Stellar Development Foundation has to take appropriate action to ensure that the Stellar ecosystem can handle its continued growth. A focus, Dixon said, will therefore be on scalability. Dixon stated:

Quote:We think it can, but we wanna make sure that it can handle all the different use cases out there.

In addition, SDF wants to “tell a story” and talk more with regulators and get the message across that Stellar is the one blockchain that meets all the requirements. To this end, SDF will also talk to authorities to address their concerns. Another focus will be on sustainable use cases. Stellar will also focus on promoting community projects that help the ecosystem grow.

In addition, SDF will also launch its own “official” wallet for XLM, something that has been lacking until now:

Quote:We are building our own walllet. We already talked about this for Latin America. It’s gonna launch sometime in spring.

You can watch the whole video update below.

by Jake Simmons

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