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Stellar Lumens Community Podcast for 2020 Released – Episode 1 Live
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[Image: stellarlumens-podcast2020.jpg]
Stellar Lumens is trading through XLM.  The price of the Lumens has been trending around $0.062620.   Stellar is currently in an uptrend.  The best reason for the recent Bull Run is not known; however, like the rest of the market, the token is trending upward.  The current uptrend is expected to bring in a rally.

On January 17, 2020, Tyler van der Hoeven tweeted:  “So incredibly honored and excited to finally announce the release of the Stellar Community Podcast! Listen to Episode 1 now!”

Sydney Ifergan, Crypto Expert Tweeted:  “For those who do not have time to read enough, the Stellar Lumens Podcast is a great way to listen while to drive or on other tasks to get regular updates on XLM.”

The contributors to the Podcast are Tyler van der Hoeven and Kolten Bergeron.  Tyler van der Hoeven stated that it was an incredible journey right from inception to execution.  He further said that he switched jobs for it.

Stellar Lumens Podcast First Podcast 2020

The first Podcast of Stellar Lumens Kick Started in 2020, and it runs for 23 minutes 40 seconds.

The Episode Summary provides that the Podcast is about the accomplishment of the Stellar Community in 2019 and on their plans for 2020.

Open live calls are facilitated for the Podcast; the move is appreciated by many in the Stellar community. So far, there have been positive comments about the Podcast and the community is looking towards further episodes. Several community members are thanking Stellar for the Podcast.

Coinbase Lessons on Stellar Lumens – Explainer Videos

Coinbase has been providing explainer video lessons in Stellar Lumens. Investors who learn how Stellar works will be able to earn XLM through the explainer videos.

Stellar being a platform focused on connecting payment systems, banks, and individuals are educating new investors through their videos.  The beginner lessons for new investors take just a few minutes for the investors to complete.  The lessons cover for a range of beginner necessities like sending remittances with Stellar, protecting Stellar Digital assets, and information about viewing price charts, live market data, and trading XLM.

It takes a lot of knowledge for new investors and developers to understand the economic potential facilitated by the Stellar Lumens Community. New investors will do well joining the conversations online to get the best out of the benefits facilitated by the community.

Podcasts, Explainer Videos, Community discussions, and a whole lot of informational media make it comfortable to deal with Stellar Lumens XLM.

by Dan Saada

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