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"TUTORIAL -  A Guide on How to Prepare a Large Chunk of Coins for Staking
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First of all, set up 2 wallets, a transit one and a production one.

The transit wallet will be used to receive coins from exchange and to split them into smaller parts for staking.

The production wallet will be used for actual staking.

In the production wallet:
1) create 10 addresses with labels 01, 02, ... 10;
2) encrypt the wallet (optional);
3) make a back-up copy.

In the transit wallet:
1) create an address labelled t00 to receive the coins from an exchange;
2) create addresses labelled t01, t02, ..., t10 to use as intermediates for splitting;
3) encrypt the wallet (optional);
4) make a back-up copy.

1) send the coins from the exchange to the t00 address;
2) wait for 2 confirmations;
3) if encrypted, unlock the transit wallet (uncheck the box 'for staking only');
4) go to Tools->Console;
5) execute the following command:

sendmany "t00" '{"t01":500, "t02":500, ..., "t10":500}'

Replace t01, t02, ..., t10 with your real addresses.
You can also change amounts to lower or higher than 500 by default.

6) wait for 2 confirmations;

You should have the t00 balance = total - 5000 and the balances of t01, t02, t03, etc. at 500 each.

7) execute the following command:

sendmany "t01" '{"01":50, "02":50, ..., "10":50}'

Replace 01, 02, ..., 10 with your real addresses of the production wallet.
Each of these addresses gets credited with 50 coins.

8) Repeat 7) nine times. If you receive error "Account has insufficient funds (code -6)"change it to "t02", ..., "t10".

Don't worry if you see the coins spent not from the t01 address, it's a console bug.

9) You have split 50*10*10=5000 coins. If you have more, repeat starting from 5).
how to staking lumens?

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Very good one. Thanks for sharing this. This piece of information will help a whole lot.
I want to prepare a large chunk of coins for staking. My friend told me that it is easy to way to earn money. Actually, i am website designer and recently i am designing website for my client. But there is not much money in designing website. I want to earn more money so that i can full fill my dreams which is not that big. I am trying everything to earn money, then my friend told me about chuck coins. But i don't know how can i earn money through chunk coins. But then i found your post in which you have shared a guide how to preparation la large chunk of coins stak. I will surely try it, the way you explained in your post.

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