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Stellar Lumens Executive Director Denelle Dixon looks towards 2020 Funds Set Aside
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Stellar Lumens Executive Director Denelle Dixon looks towards 2020 Funds Set Aside for User Acquisition

Denelle Dixon, Executive Director of Stellar Lumens, is looking towards 2020 as a big year for SDF and the Stellar Lumens community as a whole.

User Acquisition is an essential part of SDF.  Without users, the apps, tokens, companies, and projects created by the various efforts of the foundation will fail, and therefore the company has set aside funds for user acquisition.

The mandate for the SDF program areas was published this month.  The foundation focuses on the development of Stellar Core and the Horizon.  They are looking to formulate policies around Stellar and overall to engage with regulatory bodies and policymakers. Ultimately, building upon the network technology and the business ecosystems, in a way honoring the community of the Stellar Foundation and the individual network participants.

All of the above-stated goals and mandates get funded with XLM.  Lumens are sold via public exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken and sometimes through the OTC markets.  The money thus generated is spent on employee salaries and also for other expenditures like rent, travel, overhead, and server costs.

Stellar Lumens Denominated Grants and Enterprise Funds

Apart from the cash salaries, several employees receive lumen-denominated grants conditionally given in the satisfaction of a combination of sets of services.  Eventually, contributing to the overall ecosystem milestone.  There are grants drawn from the Direct Development Fund too.

Grant development funds are paid out every financial quarter during February 01, May 01, etc.  Before paying out the funds, Stellar Lumens ensures that the project is contributing to taking the stellar ecosystems forward.

The Stellar Enterprise fund will be similar to a venture style fund used for growing the network.    The enterprise funds will not get distributed as grants.

Stellar Lumens Ecosystem and Developer Support

Stellar is an attractive place for developers to build their apps.  Several direct development projects get planned and executed.  There are teams and projects which strengthen the Stellar Ecosystem independently.  The ecosystem continually focuses on two major areas, like supporting the developers and issuing more of currency tokens on the network.

Developer support provided for several community initiatives like hackathons and meetups provides for sustainable use cases.  Several factors get taken into consideration before deciding on whether to build a product like whether the product will provide value for other projects and on whether SDF fills the different gaps in the ecosystem, whether the SDF team supports a better future for the Stellar projects.

by Maheen Hernandez

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