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Stellar (XLM) Manages to Fetch 1.28% Hike in the Last 24 Hours
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Stellar (XLM) Manages to Fetch 1.28% Hike in the Last 24 Hours

Stellar has finally shown an upward movement after the last few days of struggle. The recovery in the overall market seems to have impacted the XLM coin, as well. It has been through three major price swings in this period and got a hike of 1.28% overnight.

Stellar Price Prediction

XLM coin opened the day at 0.054746 USD, and its first major price variation happened between 01:58 & 12:23 UTC. Over these 10 hours and 25 minutes, Stellar gained 2.81% and got placed at 0.055716 USD, the highest for the day. At 12:23 UTC, the coin started weakening, and it went through a 2.28% decline in the value that cost it 0.001268 USD and pushed XLM price to 0.054454 USD by 15:29 UTC. The last price swing happened between 15:29 & 01:51 UTC and over these 10 hours and 22 minutes; Stellar managed a hike of 2.03% that helped it to scale as high as 0.055562 USD.

[Image: XLM.png]

The market cap of XLM coin on December 05 was 1.113 billion USD, and over the last 24 hours, it has been increased to 1.115 billion USD. The recent hike in the market cap shows that the investors’ confidence in Stellar Lumens is still intact.

The 20 days MA is now at 0.055452 USD, and it’s 50 days MA stands at 0.055418 USD. The current price at 0.055449 USD is 0.055% more and 0.005% less than the 50 days and 20 days moving averages, respectively. Stellar’s next halt may come at 0.0572 USD as a resistance point.


by Ruti Vora

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