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"!! Announcements -  [ANN][APL] Apollo - The World's Fastest, Most Feature-Rich Coin
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 [Image: RgceCwM.png] 

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Utilizing a community of world-class developers, managers, marketers and researchers the Apollo community, backed by the Apollo Foundation, has accomplished its goal in becoming the World's fastest, most private and most feature-rich cryptocurrency. Apollo was developed for the sole purpose of offering every mainstream cryptocurrency feature on one untraceable platform. The Apollo team is here because they believe the only person or entity that should be in control of your funds is you.

Coin shuffling is an additional privacy feature allowing your Apollo, as well as other assets or currencies held in the account, to be simply and randomly shuffled between user accounts. This allows an account holder to anonymize their funds and transactions nearly instantly.

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrency is not private. Any entity can access a users IP address revealing their physical location. Apollo has set out to be one of the first currencies to change this fact. Apollo offers substantial IP protections and will integrate at least three layers of IP masking offering unparalleled user privacy.

Is a transport protocol that allows anonymous encrypted packet delivery. This function prevents the tracking of transaction paths and is one of the elements of complete anonymity of transactions. The development of a proprietary protocol is justified by the recognition and blocking of TOR in some countries, as well as by the inability to configure data exchange parameters in the TOR network. To implement transport between nodes, a VPN channel is created, a tunnel through which all data is transmitted in the form of standard protocol packets used by standard web-browsers.

Encrypted messaging on the Apollo blockchain will allow any user to send and receive, untraceable messages and data files from one account to another. Utilizing the Olympus protocol, the user’s IP address and the transaction carrying the message will be invisible. Possible use cases: Untraceable Communication, Untraceable File Transfer, etc.

The alias system in Apollo can be used to create unique aliases that act as a representation for a specific set of text. This will encrypt the chosen text into the alias. This text could be your account number, a website, email address, etc. A specific alias can be claimed only once (like a domain name), therefore it can be sold privately or publicly and transferred to any other account. The most obvious use for an alias is in sending funds to an account number that is tied to that alias. Instead of typing out the entire account number you would simply write out the alias.

Database coin mixing allows any user to send a private transaction using an advanced transaction-mixing system. This system will mask the sender, recipient and transaction amount. Each transaction will be broken into parts, of which are sent to many one-time use wallets that are immediately destroyed after the operation takes place. These parts soon arrive together into the wallet of the recipient without any traceable origin.

The private ledger function implements the creation of anonymous wallets, carrying out anonymous transactions from these wallets using a full range of anonymous services. This offers a 100% guarantee of anonymity of transactions, users, nodes and usage of blockchain.

The Apollo voting system allows users to create public or private polls for many purposes. Polls can be used to direct and manage funds from an account, elect officials or simply to gauge public opinion. This opens up near endless possibilities for collecting absolute, verified responses from designated sources. Possible use cases: Contracts, Voting, Signatures, Account Management, Arbitration, etc.

The Apollo data cloud allows any user to upload data to the blockchain for storage, retrieval and publishing of information. This gives a user the ability to upload a file to the blockchain, therefore receiving an irrefutable timestamp for that data. This timestamp could be helpful in establishing an absolute date for legal documents such as contracts and intellectual ownership. Possible use cases: Voting, Permits, Evidence, Court Records, Transparency, Death/Birth Certificates, Contracts, Wills, Trusts, Escrows, Maps, GPS Data, Signatures, Medical Records, Arbitration, Delivery Records, Certifications, etc.

The Apollo decentralized marketplace will allow users to buy, sell and trade physical and digital goods using the Apollo currency. Users can list goods to be sold locally or even worldwide. Trading will be decentralized and untraceable allowing the free trade of any item. Future updates will include a review and reputation system aiding sellers in building a positive reputation based on experiences.

Using the Apollo asset system, a user can issue, buy, sell and trade asset tokens intended to represent anything from public and private equity to real world commodities. Unlike other markets and cryptocurrencies, users will be able to trade these assets with 100% privacy. Possible use cases: Assets, Commodities, Derivatives, etc.

The monetary system within Apollo allows users to instantly create currencies that can be traded privately on Apollo’s decentralized exchange as well as freely on external exchanges. These currencies can be easily backed by Apollo giving them an instant, tangible value. Possible use Cases: Finance, Charity, Voter IDs, Escrows, Coupons, Currencies, etc.

Accounts can be created in a way that allows group control. Utilizing the Apollo voting system a group can be granted the ability (via initial ownership or ownership of a specified token or asset) to vote on the transactions that are spent on the account. Possible use cases: Private Investment Fund, Private Insurance Fund, Charity Fund, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

Apollo supports multi-signature accounts allowing more than one user to control an account. It also supports phased transactions which are transactions set up to occur after a certain condition is met. This could be after another transaction is sent or received, after a passage of time or after a certain block number is hit.

The decentralized exchange is an important feature in the Apollo platform as it allows for the fast and private purchasing, selling and trading of all assets, tokens and currencies created within Apollo. We are in the process of also adding Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other well-known cryptocurrencies to this exchange. This will allow users the ability to buy and sell Apollo privately from any nation on Earth.

Apollo will soon integrate the ability to create complex smart contracts. Combined with our asset system, monetary system, decentralized marketplace, storage system, leasing and voting system these smart contracts will open up nearly infinite possibilities within Apollo.
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  [---Apollo Currency---] 
Apollo is available on exchanges world-wide

Ticker - APL
Consensus - Proof of Stake
Mining - Pre-Mined
Total Supply - 21,165,096,531 APL
Circulating Supply - 21,165,096,531 APL
Last price - $0.0008
Inflation - 0%
24hr Volume - 27.8 BTC

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