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XLM’s Gain is a Good Start; May Not Suffice for Long-Term
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[Image: Stellar-Lumens-Cryptonewsz-3-780x470.jpg]
XLM’s Gain is a Good Start; May Not Suffice for Long-Term

  • Stellar gains 2.14% to touch 0.0606 USD.

  • The next resistance is likely to come at 0.0610 USD.

XLM price has gained 2.14% in the last one day, and the current price hovers around 0.0606 USD. The three price swings of Stellar have given the price movement a range between 0.060926 USD and 0.057364 USD.

Stellar Price Analysis

XLM coin opened the day at 0.059395 USD, and over the next 11 hours, it lost 3.02% to reach 0.057602 USD. However, soon it got strengthened and could add 2.80% more to touch 0.059216 USD. The last price variation for Stellar Lumens happened between 18:37 UTC and 03:43 UTC, today, marked as the most important variation of the day. It gave a boost of 6.21% between 18:37 UTC and 03:42 UTC, and with an addition of 0.003562 USD, the final value of Stellar reached 0.060926 USD.

The market cap of XLM has also been raised by a decent figure. As far as the latest figure is considered, the value has been up from 1.18 billion USD to 1.20 billion USD.

[Image: XLM.png]
Stellar Chart By TradingView

Stellar’s price movements saw minimal volatility in the last 24 hours barring the last huge swing. Its 20-day average is way above its 50-day average, and the current trend is currently below both the lines. XLM coin is likely to find the next 
resistance at 0.0610 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels-

R1- $0.0601, R2- $0.0607, R3- $ 0.0610
S1- $0.0584, S2- $0.0578, S3- $0.0573

by Ruti Vora

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