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"!! Hot NEWS -  AVALO: The Making Money Opportunity Through Electricity
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[Image: 9kKyoKL.jpg]

Electricity is a necessary commodity in every home. From powering our TV sets to illuminating our houses, electricity has come to stay as we can’t do without it. No wonder it makes a substantial part of our utility bills. 

However, what about if you have a platform that pays you whenever someone consumes electricity? No kidding, that’s possible with AVALO-energy.

Sensing the increasing needs for energy, AVALO has created a unique platform for energy investors to manage their funds. The European company with a special interest in renewable energy, environmental protection, and blockchain-based ecosystems has provided a way for energy investors to earn passive income while generating more energy for consumers. 

The project is currently in the pre-ICO phase. However, potential investors can still take advantage of its investment options to join the league of power investors. The company is currently looking for “first-movers, bounty hunters, super affiliates, crypto enthusiasts and nature conservationists, which are familiar with telegram bots.” When you invest in AVALO-energy, you get paid each time consumers use electricity at home. 

The investment plans range from €599 to €23,880. With this amount, you can purchase between 5 and 220 shares and become an investor in the energy company. Your commission is determined by the investment plan you purchase.

For your investment, you will receive pre-ICO token that will be converted to ETH tokens once the project starts. You will also earn some bonus pre-ICO token every day as an early bird until the official ICO begins.

Investment Plans:

AVALO offers investors a couple of investment plans to choose from. These are:
1. AP 50

This is the cheapest plan and offers the lowest share. Subscribers to this plan earn 5 shares for €599. You are on your way to getting €950 profit on this investment.

2. AP 100

You can subscribe to this investment plan with €1,199. You will get 10 shares with the amount with an estimated profit of €1,900.

3. AP 200

€2,280 gets you 20 shares when you subscribe to the AP 200 plan. You stand a chance to get €3,800 profit on your investment. 

4. AP 500

€9,500 profit can be yours if you purchase this plan. With €5,880, you will own 50 shares

5. AP 1,000

This plan offers you an opportunity to earn €23,047 in profit when you purchase it with €11,880. 

6. AP 2,000

220 shares can be yours if you purchase this plan. It goes for €23,880 and offers you an estimated €41,800 in profit. 

Note that regardless of the investment plan you purchase, AVALO offers you a daily token. This amounts to a substantial amount once it is converted into ETH.

Affiliate Program:

AVALO offers you another means of earning passive income through its Affiliate Program. Whenever you refer an investor to the company, you earn an affiliate commission. The company pays commissions on three levels: 12%, 7%, and 4%.
For direct referral, you earn 12% commission. The second and third lines will receive 7% and 4% commission respectively. 

You don’t have to go through a rigorous process to redeem your commission. The company pays in BTC instantly and sends it immediately through its Telegram bot. you don’t have to purchase an investment package to qualify for commissions. Make a referral and earn it.  

Every referral gets a 50 free token as their welcome gift. 

The investment process is pretty simple. To join the AVALO team, do these: 

1. Sign Up on their website for free. 
2. Choose a Plan. 
3. Get aid

Note that you need Telegram to use the platform. The operations of the company are run strictly on Telegram. Download the app on your device to simplify your activities on the platform. 

Why Should You Join AVALO?

Why should you invest in AVALO-energy? There are several reasons why investing in this energy company may be a wise choice. Here are some of what your investment in the company offers you: 

1. Daily bonus token
2. Fast commission in BTC
3. Profit in EUR
4. Future-proof business concept
5. 24/7 support

Create a personal account with the company. That’s the first step towards becoming an investor. Don’t forget, you can earn much from their affiliate program too. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn passive income for the rest of your life. A one-time investment with AVALO guarantees that. 

[Image: tyflfXo.jpg]

Join now and get your 50 Token FREE for Signup!

Get all further information at:

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