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Only one way to make money in the bear market.
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Entering the large exchange IEO.

# 1: Binance Launchpad
Does everyone know well? This is the first priority that you must apply for if you notice. There are so many applicants that the fortress was a lottery.
This is so good but easier than the stars in the sky ... Average return 271%

# 2: Coin Bene Moon Base
Mumbedo returns 3 to 10 times as much as the launch pad, but competition is low, making it easy to participate. I went inside and eat 4 times more. It's a small amount

# 3: BW Launchpad
IEOs are mostly Korean projects, but the yield is the lowest, but not bad. The competition rate is similar to moon base.
BW is a lot hard these days.
[Image: image.png?type=w773]
The simple way is to analysis well and that’s how we can make money in any condition of the market. I am not an expert but I am always trading with very much careful way. And it helps a lot with FreshForex broker, since they have all the stuff to help. Especially their Market Analysis is superb, and something that works right for me on many counts.

[Image: zwSDZhF.jpg]

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