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Top 3 Cryptocurrency Trading tools for Beginners
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[Image: archover-launches-automated-investment-plan.jpg]
Crypto trading is profitable to many. While it is beneficial, it can be highly detrimental to your economic health if not managed correctly. By correctly means taking it with the correct mindset with the right set of tools such as market guard, portfolio supervisor, portfolio balancer, secure wallets, charts, and ultimately good exchanges where you can go and trade. Here is the list of top 3 cryptocurrency trading tools listed below:


Cointracking is a crypto portfolio manager for novices and advanced users alike. With Cointracking users can follow cryptocurrencies on different exchanges and be permanently informed of what cryptocurrencies they have in their portfolio. It also gives natural graphs and charts based on the portfolio and market changes so that users can make informed judgments. It is a paid tool which is accessible both on the web as well as mobile apps.


TradeSanta is an open trading bot that automates crypto trading and assists you to make a profit even when you rest. Another exciting thing is that it is fit for newbies as all you are making is building a long and short position. Getting fired is easy, and all you want to do is join TradeSanta with a backed exchange using API and then you can begin with the smallest investment. Even $70 is a great start to examine out this free Bot.


Using Coinigy one can trade on more than 40 Exchanges from one account and trade numbers of currencies. You can obtain real-time updates, signals, and diagrams from different exchanges from where you can purchase various cryptocurrencies. In this manner, you will increase even your exchanges by buying/selling various cryptocurrencies at various exchanges, therefore decreasing your chance of being shown to one or two exchanges.

by Prasanna

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