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Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Initiates Recovery, Gains 1.11% in the Last 24 Hours
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Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Initiates Recovery, Gains 1.11% in the Last 24 Hours

  • Stellar gains 1.11% over the last 24 hours and showed signs of recovery.

  • The next resistance may be there near 0.070 USD.
Stellar Lumens has gained marginally over the last 24 hours. The growth may not be sufficient for a recovery, but it is a decent start for the coin. It has shown four distinct price variations, and the XLM coin has traded from the highest of the day at 0.070 USD to 0.067 USD over these hours. The medium-term outlook of the Stellar coin is bullish. Let us discuss more the current statistics of the coin now.

Current Statistics of Stellar
  • ROI (Return on Investment) stands at 2,212.56%.

  • A total of 19,633,542,014 XLM coins are in current circulation.

  • The Market Cap as on 17th August at 07:42 UTC is 1,351,027,054 USD.

  • Stellar price stands at 0.068738 USD and 0.00000664 BTC.

  • The 24h volume stands at 65,667,090 USD.

XLM to USD Price Comparison

[Image: XLM.png]

Stellar started the day with a decrease in the price against USD when the coin over almost six hours dumped from 0.070587 USD to 0.067075 USD. It was soon followed by a hike of 3.59% that took the XLM coin price to 0.069482 USD by 15:47 UTC. The third swing came as another cut in the Stellar price by 2.34% and this one deducted 0.001628 USD from the coin. Between 00:39 UTC and 06:20 UTC, it got a push of 1.89% and reached 0.069128 USD.

Stellar Price Prediction

Stellar has started recovering from the last few days of downfall, and it needs to do more than it is doing. There is a high chance that the XLM coin may touch 0.070 USD before this weekend. In the long-term, the coin is likely to face a rally. Every possible resistance and support levels are given below.


by Ruti Vora

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