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Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar Rests Peacefully In The Bearish Zone, With No Sign Of
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Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar Rests Peacefully In The Bearish Zone, With No Sign Of Positive Move!

Stellar strictly quoted that they do not ask for the private key from the users. There might have been some situations where a hacker might have tried to break the lock, and thus, XLM happens to announce their strict dimensions. SDF does not hold giveaways by XLM and does not ask its users to deposit their funds to the wallet address. If any user is asked to do so, they might want to check the authenticity of the platform.

Quote:[Image: CwqS94ur_bigger.png]


IMPORTANT: #SDF will NEVER ask you for your private key. SDF is not holding XLM giveaways and will NEVER ask you to deposit funds to a wallet address. Check all URLs!

Read our security guide: …

Report suspicious activity here: … …
[Image: EMlqsUc-?format=png&name=100x100_2]
Stellar | Security Guide - How To Protect Yourself From Scammers - Stellar
Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, we at Stellar are extremely concerned that Stellar’s imposters […]


There has recently been an influx of phishing / scam attempts targeted at @StellarOrg users.

The details of the scam are outlined here: …

Do not click URLs from sources you can't verify.

1:17 AM - Aug 14, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy

Current Statistics of Stellar:

Stellar is currently trading at $0.07406 at 04:56 UTC as on 14th August 2019. The other essential factors are as follows:
  • Market Ranking: 10

  • Return of Investment: 2387.92%

  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 105,243,009,213 XLM/ 19,633,172,623 XLM

  • 24 Hour Volume: 68,763,632 USD

  • Market Cap Value: 1,453,498,332 USD

  • 7 Day high/ low: 0.079733 USD/ 0.071869 USD

XLM to USD Price Comparison:

[Image: Stellar-6.png]
Stellar Price Chart by TradingView

In the past one month, initially, the coin was seen exhibiting an upward trend on 15th July at 18:30 UTC, with the trading value of $0.08791. The value then dropped by 13.33% on 17th July at 11:30 UTC, trading at $0.0762. Later, the value again escalated by 27.44% on 20th July at 16:30 UTC, with the trading value of $0.0971. Unable to keep the momentum, the coin again dropped by 16.40% on 24th July at 02:00 UTC, with the trading value of $0.08118. The value then increased by 10.68% on 26th July at 20:00 UTC, Trading at $0.08986. The value dropped again by 19.88% on 9th August at 22:00 UTC, with the trading value of $0.07199.

Stellar Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Stellar and its trend is becoming a serious concern now. It’s been more than one month that we couldn’t see a huge jump or escalation in the XLM chart. The bearish zone is, in fact, becoming stronger day by day. Let’s hope that we see some good fluctuations soon. Till then, the safer bid is an ideal option under the resistance level and support level as:

Resistance levels:
R1: 0.075443, R2: 0.076724, R3: 0.077959

Support levels:
S1: 0.072927, S2: 0.071692, S3: 0.070411

By the end of 2019, the coin is expected to trade around $0.2, and long-term investment is best suited as per the coin’s trading nature.

by Ruti Vora

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