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CryptoUniverse legit cloud mining
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CryptoUniverse Cloud Mining – multifunctional cloud mining service provider. Project started on the 14th February 2018 basing on the infrastructure of the biggest mining farm in the Russian Federation with more than 20 MWt power. We believe that the absolute transparency of cloud mining is the most important thing for the user and we are doing our best to maintain it.

In the autumn of 2017 in 150km from Saint-Petersburg we started to set up the biggest mining farm in Russian Federation. And on 20 of August 2018 we successfully launched it.

Construction of a new datacentre is underway on our own land in the very heart of Siberia. Total area of the facility will be 8000 square meters. Total capacity of the new datacentre – 60 MW

Daily accruals

20+ contracts for different strategies

No hidden fees and charges

International support

High security


Coupon for a 7% discount on the contract BTC2025. The coupon is valid until the end of July 19, 2019 and can only be used once for one account. Hurry up to buy the most long-term contract at a bargain price!

[Image: 320x100.png]
Any BTC contracts may be purchased with up to 20% discount during Aug 21 9:00 CET - Sep 1 9:00 CET time period. Sale is on for 10 days, the exact discount amount becomes less according to the amount of sold hashrate.
Total sale capacity is 58000 Th/s, which equals to $1,484,000. Once all sale hashrate is sold during 10 days of sale, the sale stops. sale capacity is 58000 Th/s, which equals to $1,484,000. Once all sale hashrate is sold during 10 days of sale, the sale stops.
36% promotional code for BTC Prepaid Special 360 and BTC Prepaid Starter 480 - SPECIAL & STARTER
There are promotional contracts: Harvest- $ 19.9 for 1 Th / s with the start of mining on October 25 (term of 480 days, maintenance fee $ 0.089 / day) and Gather- $ 20.9 for 1 Th / s with the start of mining on October 15 (term of 360 days, service charge $ 0.11 / day). But for you, mining will begin 10 days earlier. Possibility to purchase 1, 10 and 30 Th / s. If anyone needs links - a request in PM

Promo code gives -30% discount for BITCOIN 2025 contract. To get the discount, enter the promo code in the appropriate field before paying for the BITCOIN 2025 contract. This promo code can be used only 1 time!
Cloud mining contracts have become more affordable (from $ 15.90 for 1 Th / s), their term is now measured in years. When paying for a contract or miner with bitcoins, you still get a bonus hash increased to 7%. The exclusive BITCOIN 2025 contract is now available in the VIP version: 500 Th / s for $ 9250. The contract expires on January 1, 2025.

Canaan has updated its list of official partners. On the map you can find CryptoUniverse in the regions of Russia & CIS and Asia - the only official partner of Canaan in Russia, the CIS and Asia.
Canaan is one of the leading miner manufacturers in the world, known for its Avalon line of miners.

On November 1, the construction of the first stage of the new CryptoUniverse data center in Karelia ends. The first 10 MW of the planned 60 MW will be launched. This will allow you to install more than 6,000 client and own miners. By mid-2020, the total data center area will be more than 4000 m², which will increase its capacity to 40,000 ASICs.
Cryptohalloween is coming
[Image: news_cryptohalloween_EN.jpg]
It's the day when even the bravest can be a bit afraid. We've researched your main fears and know what? You can stop being afraid of btc price drop, miners overheating, mining difficulty increase, block reward decrease, government crypto ban, crypto income taxes, stablecoins growth and other scam, if you are with us!

You ask us - Trick or treat? We say no tricks, but only treats from our new berserk cloud mining contracts. 
Choose yourself how many sunny years your contract will last: 1, 2 or 3 and also grab your regular discount if you prepay maintenance fee.
[Image: otkrytie_datatsentra-02.jpg]
Great news! +5 in your favor!
While everyone is making plans, we are building real data centers. We have long threatened to expand the capacities of our mining centers, and recently the dream has become a reality.
Now in the village. The twinning of the Republic of Karelia has been launched and the first stage of our new data center is running. 5 MW of power are waiting for you! Another 11 lines will be launched during 2020.
And to celebrate our replenishment, we decided to arrange an additional discount on BTC cloud mining contracts - 20%, 4% for each launched MW of capacity. (In fact, the dependence is nonlinear, just 20 and 5 are well divided into each other).
Do not hesitate, this discount is sudden and short-lived.


Still up to 20% discount on all BTC cloud mining contracts.

New cloud mining contracts. Thanks to the opening of a new data center, mining is even more profitable. 

Reduced cost per unit of power, adjusted service charges

Three holiday cloud mining contracts HAPPY, NEW and YEAR with a validity period of 365 days, which will be available for connection only during the promotion.
HAPPY contract with a minimum purchase amount of $ 25 and $ 12.5 for 1 Th / s, but no more than 20 contracts in one hand.
A NEW contract with a minimum purchase amount of $ 240 and $ 12 for 1 Th / s, not more than 12 contracts.
A YEAR contract for a fixed price of $ 2,300 at $ 11.5 for 1 Th / s.

Cashback 15% on all BTC cloud mining contracts.
From February 10 to February 23, buy any cloud mining contract, and get the second one absolutely the same for a whole month. That is, during the first month of mining, your hashrate will double.

Holiday 3 years! 
During this time, 2 mining centers were built and launched in Kirishi and Nadvoitsy, the total capacity already exceeds 30 MW and continues to grow, increased the number of miners to 18,000,
 The special annual contracts GOOD, BETTER and THE BEST are already waiting for you at 
All you need to do is go to this link>>> BUY CONTRACT

Cashback for some regular BTC cloud mining contracts, + an exclusive $ 100 promo code. Enter 3YEARS upon purchase and get a discount of $ 100 (but not more than 5% of the purchase amount). It is valid until the end of the week on all contracts and miners.


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