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[Image: shutterstock_703031917-gold-bitcoin.jpg]

The Rundown
There is no doubting the king of crypto has been on a roll over the past few weeks. This month alone Bitcoin has surged 26% from mid $8000 to over $10,000. With political and economic tensions rising, BTC has often been compared to gold as a store of value but, which one is superior?


The weekend has been nothing short of monumental for Bitcoin. Yesterday BTC hit a new 2019 and 15 month high of $11,250 as it’s market cap touched $200 billion. Since then top crypto asset has cooled off a little. It is now back at $10,700 it’s latest traded value for the past day or so.

The huge pump has resulted in mass speculation as to why BTC is doing so well at the moment. Political and economic tensions across the globe are on the rise. This has driven people towards safer, offshore investments such as gold and Bitcoin. BTC was being traded at a premium during the recent protests in Hong Kong. This is a prime example of where citizens will look when under threat from governments and banks.

Gold prices have surged recently and since the beginning of the year, the commodity is up almost 10 percent. The recent spike to $1400 has sent gold to a six-year high. This is a sign that confidence in fiat currencies and traditional investments such as stocks is falling.

Bitcoin has also surged recently and is up a whopping 185 percent since January first. However, there is a primary difference between gold and Bitcoin. BTC has pure monetary value whereas gold has an industrial demand in addition to its value as a store of wealth.

Quote:“The vast majority of gold’s price is monetary premium, just like Bitcoin. Industrial use does not protect that premium in any way. The premium is based on suitability as a store of value where Bitcoin excels over even gold.”
Quote:[Image: NrEbICRM_bigger.jpg]
Peter Schiff@PeterSchiff

 · Jun 22, 2019

Replying to @jeremymilliorn
No, there is real demand for gold as a commodity in industry and as a reserve asset among central banks.  So there will always be natural buyers for gold at any price no matter what.  The only demand for Bitcoin comes from speculators.
Quote:[Image: nDgZlol6_bigger.png]
Vijay Boyapati@real_vijay

The vast majority of gold's price is monetary premium, just like Bitcoin.

Industrial use does not protect that premium in any way. The premium is based on suitability as a store of value where Bitcoin excels over even gold.

12:45 PM - Jun 23, 2019
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As Bitcoinist reported yesterday, Bitcoin is just getting started and appears to be embarking on its fourth parabolic phase. Network health has never been higher with transactions, hash rates, and mining revenues at all-time highs.

Naysayers and doom-mongers such as Nouriel Roubini have been silent lately. Their prophecies of a total crypto collapse have not materialized, as Bitcoin rose from the ashes of an 84 percent crash to recover back over 50 percent in just three months.

Escalating trade wars and geopolitical oppression by so-called “superpowers” is on the rise. This is only going to turn more people towards safe-haven assets such as Bitcoin and gold. Both these are likely to rise significantly in value in the near future.

by Martin Young

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