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Bitcoin, blockchain can have greater economic impact than Internet, neural networks
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[Image: mount-rushmore-1082123_1280-e1560429812490.jpg]
Bitcoin, blockchain can have greater economic impact than Internet, neural networks & cloud computing combined

The world of digital assets has been on a roll recently, especially after reports found that Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market had outperformed mainstream markets like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

A recent analysis conducted by Raphael Bloch touched upon how blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market could catalyze a positive market uptrend. Bloch’s tweet read,

Quote:“Of all the technological revolutions since 1780, the “blockchain” (and Cryptography) is the one that could have the + impact on productivity. #crypto #blockchain #bitcoin

[Image: graph-1.jpg]
Source: Twitter

Comparing major technologies over time like railways and the Internet, an impulse graph was plotted against time and the impact it had on the economic productivity of industries. The analysis showed that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have one of the biggest projected impacts on economic productivity. This research garnered positive comments on Twitter with Yves Bennaim, a Bitcoin enthusiast, commenting,

Quote:“Bitcoin, the Supreme stage of the Blockchain. The Blockchain, the Supreme stage of the Internet.
Internet, the Supreme stage of computer science.Computer science, the Supreme stage of electricity.”

The analysis was also picked up by Gregory Klumov, CEO of STASIS, who added,

Quote:“This is one of the main reasons of lackluster gdp growth / negative real interest rates.”

The research further pointed out that if mainstream adoption occurs, blockchain and crypto would have a greater economic impact than the internet, neural network and cloud computing, combined.

The aforementioned data was another confirmation of the growing reach of the digital assets industry, since 
previous reports had shown that Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, was a safer bet than gold and oil, in terms of return on investment [ROI].

by Akash Anand

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