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Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar Pleasing Investors With The Surging Performance
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[Image: Stellar-Lumens-Cryptonewsz-06.jpg]
Stellar Horizon v0.18.0 got released yesterday, as tweeted by Stellar on its official page which has surely made some significant changes in Stellar. But did the same affect the value of XLM already? Let’s check with price statistics.

Price Analysis of Stellar on 12th June 2019:

At 05:08 UTC time, the value of Stellar (XLM) is trading at $0.12314 on 12thJune 2019. It seems like the movement is towards the bullish zone! The remaining essentials are as follows:


Stellar Price Comparison:

[Image: xlm1-6.png]

The highest from the past two days was realized today, 12th June. It’s too bad if you were sleeping at that time, because of around 1:00 UTC, the value was as low as $0.12077. Within 2 hours, the value reached $0.1240.  We are expecting to see such surges often in some time.

[Image: xlm2-7.png]

Considering 5 days analysis as well, the price is finally surging towards the right direction where it went above the baseline as well. However, the fluctuation is still dropping below the baseline, but eventually, it seems to move ahead with the increased supplies and market cap value.

Stellar Price Predictions and Conclusion:

As per the value trading trend, in 14 days the highest value might reach up to $0.138 or lowest up to $0.114. The market is entering the bullish trend, acquiring the active mode of the traders. You might want to trade under the resistance support between $0.118 and $0.127 respectively for a safer bid.

Buying the coin right now can be a good option as well since the value is fluctuating above and below the baseline.

For Stellar to reach out to $1, trade value is still a dream far from reality. However, it might reach up to $0.5 by the end of the year. However, we hope that with an increase in supplies, the XLM price might increase soon!

by Ruti Vora

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