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Dualmine: New Crypto Mining Pool Program Pops Up, Is it Safe?
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[Image: dualmine-696x449.jpg]
Dualmine: New Crypto Mining Pool Program Pops Up, Is it Safe?

What Is Dualmine?

Dualmine is an online platform that offers cloud-mining services for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Dualmine seeks to make mining more accessible to everyone through the dual mine system that is suitable for both experienced cryptocurrency miners and those who are still new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

How Dualmine Works

To begin mining on Dualmine, users are required to register on the platform by providing, their name, email address, and preferred username. The registration process is simple and takes less than one minute to complete. As an incentive mechanism, new users who complete the sign up process will receive 100 GH/s hash power free.

Once the registration process is complete, users can choose the hash power suitable for them. The more the hash power, the more the coins users will receive. Similarly, the amount to be paid for the contract depends on the amount of hash power the users selects.

After Dualmine confirms receipt of the payment from the user, their order is activated and they can set up their hash power in order to begin the mining process. The mining process takes place 24/7 and the user receives their mined coins daily.

Dualmine automatically mines on behalf of the users; therefore, the users do not have to monitor their accounts. All mined coins are automatically added to the user’s account balance where they can withdraw them in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The payouts are set at 15% monthly and can be paid out within the first 24 hours of the user setting up an account.

Alternatively, users can reinvest their earnings instead of withdrawing them. The reinvest function involves the users buying more hash power for the coins they mine on Dualmine to increase their income. The contracts on Dualmine are valid for one year; however, users have the option of renewing their contracts after their expiry.

Dualmine Advantages

Dual cloud mining

With the Dualmine services, cryptocurrency users could mine Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are currently the most profitable cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. Miners have the option of mining one of them or both of them at the same time.

Profit calculator

Dualmine is integrated with an online calculator that calculates the estimated profits the user will make depending on their contract price. The profits are displayed in form of daily, monthly, and yearly profits.

Additional income

Users on Dualmine can earn additional income from the referral program where for every new user that signs up on the platform using their referral link and purchases a cloud mining contract, they will receive 10% hash power. To ensure transparency of the entire referral program, Dualmine provides users with the real-time data for all the referrals that register on the platform.


Dualmine implements advanced security measures such as SSL encryption and DDOS protection, which prevents external or internal attacks that might result in users losing their personal information or funds invested on the platform.

Daily payouts

Users will receive daily payouts from the coins they mine. The amount of daily payouts depends on the block rewards, mining difficulty and the blocks mined. Using the calculator on the Dualmine website, users can predict how much payout they will receive.


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