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"?? CLOSED -  Airdrop Free 100 USDT 1 USDT = 1$ FREE 100$
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[Image: swygoui.png]

1)- Register an account  you must use this link

2)- DON'T FORGET to pass KYC and confirm your email
Remarkable campaign 1: sign up for sharing a million USDT!

campaign time: 2019/3/25 -- 2019/4/30 (GMT+8)

campaign rules:

1. During the campaign , registering DOBI account to participate in the campaign of dividing millions “registration capital pool”.

2. The total registration bonus is two million USDT,first come,first served.

3. You can receive the award on the homepage of DOBI official website.

Remarkable campaign 2: Completing KYC to divide millions of USDT!

campaign time: 2019/3/25—2019/4/30 (GMT+8)

rule of campaign :

1. Completing KYC during the campaign can participate in the division of millions of USDT “KYC capital pool”! (including registered customers)

2. The new customers who accomplish real-time authentication(KYC) from 10 am to 6pm every day during the campaign ,more likely to get doubled awards.

3. The total amount of KYC rewards is 3 million USDT, first come,first served.

4. You can get the rewards from DOBI official website home page.

Remarkable campaign 3: Inviting friends to successfully get USDT!

campaign time: 2019/4/1—2019/4/30 (GMT+8)

rule of campaign :

1. Inviting friends to complete the KYC during the campaign period, 20USDT referral bonus will be given to your account .

2. The maximum awards is 1000USDT per person.

3. The total amount of invitation rewards is 2 million USDT, first come, first served.

4. The reward will be given to the inviter’s DOBI account within two working days after the invitee has done the KYC.

Remarkable campaign 4: Inviting friends to earn USDT referral !

campaign time: 2019/4/1—2019/4/30 (GMT+8)

rule of campaign :

1. Inviting a friend to get 100% rebate of all transaction fees that your friends generate in the BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT transaction pairs during the campaign period.

2. The reward of referral will be paid to the inviter’s DOBI account by USDT within two working days.

3. campaign 4 is only valid for directly friends inviting .

The most attractive campaign !

Remarkable campaign 5: The newest version of OTC is coming !

campaign time: 2019/4/8—2019/4/30 (GMT+8)

rule of campaign :

1. You will be rewarded with the equivalent of USDT you purchase on OTC trading area.

2. The campaign is only valid for the first time you purchase USDT during the period.

3. The total amount of depositing rewards is 6 million USDT, first come, first served.

In order to provide better services for DOBI customers, the customer service will always online to solve the problem you are facing during campaign period, here's the WeChat QR Code:

The USDT rewarding description of the campaign :

First, all the rewarded USDT are in locked position temporarily, which cannot be withdrawn or traded.

Second, according to the user's BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT trading volume of previous day release 5% of the transaction amount of USDT, the minimum unit is 0.1USDT per day.(API transaction is invalid)

1. If the amount of locked USDT is less than 688, the daily unlock volume does not exceed 1% of the locked volume.

2. If the amount of locked USDT is from 688 to 6888USDT, the daily unlock volume does not exceed 0.2% of the locked volume.

3. If the amount of locked USDT is more than 6888USDT, the daily unlock volume does not exceed 0.1% of the locked volume.

Third, If the account is not logged in for 30 consecutive days, the USDT of rewarding will be recycled and destroyed by the system.

The right to interpret the above campaign belongs to the DOBI team.

In the campaign of violations such as cheating, DOBI reserves the right to cancel the award and reimburse the reward.

Digital assets are innovative investment products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make investment decisions prudently.
Tomorrow is the last day
Tomorrow is the last day

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