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Stellar Overhaul, Announces A New XLM Logo To Work As A Currency & Revamps Stellar.or
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[Image: Stellar-Overhaul-Announces-a-New-Logo-to...96x449.jpg]
Stellar Overhaul, Announces A New XLM Logo To Work As A Currency & Revamps

Stellar (XLM) Creating A New Brand Identity, Announces A New Logo To Work As A Currency

Recently, we reported how Stellar has been working on revamping its website The plan here is to create a new brand identity for Stellar.

The first step in this direction has been already taken by the company as it releases a new logo that is aiming for being versatile and works as a symbol currency while telling the story of the ninth largest cryptocurrency.

“We’re very excited to be taking this first public step towards a new face for Stellar.”

In its official announcementStellar reveals the reason behind going with this move. Its current cartoon rocket ship, the company acknowledges has gotten them far but they have big plans and don’t see it “in use at some central bank or in a press release from a national monetary authority.”

The team gave a heartfelt goodbye to its old logo with “so long, Rocketship!”

“You’ve served us well, and we’ll remember you fondly. As you blast off on a hero’s journey to explore the universe, know that we wish you all the best. Please tell the vast, empty reaches of space all about broken payment systems back here on Earth.”

[Image: 1*NfBS-tmDHwHqCE_D8sGVvw.png]

Preparing For The Big Plans

For its brand new visual identity that will be made official soon, Stellar worked with a design agency called Kurppa Hosk.

Being an open network, the company has decided on a logo that is use-case neutral. Though the focus of XLM is on “remittances” the company is clear in its approach that it “serves as the backbone to all kinds of financial products and services and is home to a diverse ecosystem of projects.”

It makes sense, the team wants the logo to tell some of Stellar’s story by having it friendly and inclusive and should “harken to Stellar’s more playful, space-exploratory days.”

Another facet involved in the new logo is its ability to work as a currency symbol and be prepared to exist as the Unicode symbol for “Stellar Lumens.”

“On its own, our logo will represent Stellar Lumens, so it should be able to stand in for the coin. But also, in the future, when Stellar is a global monetary standard, the logo will need to work in-line, so you can type it in a sentence, like you do with $ and € and £ and ¥.”

With the round seeming friendly, planetary and coin-like, the strike suggests direction, action, and movement, the chosen logo is a circle that looks a little like an “S” with two lines – as two is better than one apparently.

The brand will be officially launched in May with the redesign while they will start using the new identity in its new projects effective immediately.

[Image: 1*6nlDM28tq3IL3Q36-mtIWg.png]

by AnTy

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