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10 Examples Of Crypto Adoption In The “Outernet” That Prove Cryptos Are Taking Over T
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[Image: Reddit.jpg?resize=780%2C405&ssl=1]
10 Examples Of Crypto Adoption In The “Outernet” That Prove Cryptos Are Taking Over The World!

There is no doubt that blockchain technology has made a mark on the collective conscience of humanity and there is no better way to prove that than by listing down the best examples of real world crypto adoption!

Yes, we’re aware that most of these are probably going to be related to Bitcoin somehoe, but any publicity is good publicity at this point in time!

Use Bitcoin to buy fish at Mike’s stand on the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market in California, USA.

[Image: Cryptonews.jpg?resize=454%2C341&ssl=1]

The capital of Vietnam now offers the possibility of starting your day fresh with Bitcoin coffee!

[Image: c52b14cda5.jpg?resize=323%2C431&ssl=1]

Joining the Bitcoin bandwagon, Germany’s largest online food delivery, Lieferando recently announced they will now accept the crypto as a means to pay for their services!

[Image: Untitled-2.png?resize=553%2C245&ssl=1]
Source; Lieferando Website

We love the idea of this Belgian Crypto consultancy situated in Antwerp!

[Image: Cryptohuis.jpg?resize=387%2C452&ssl=1]
Source; Cryptohuis Faceebook

This historic moment in time where a dispensary in America started accepting Bitcoin to purchase medical cannabis!

[Image: HtBxwW9YPH2yokmg?format=jpg&name=medium]

[Image: Yrnb5K_o_bigger.jpg]

History made! It's no pizza, it's the first cannabis-bitcoin transaction at @bitcoinmom's new dispensary!

5:03 AM - Jan 28, 2019

Now even man’s best friend can learn how to HODL with this range of Bitcoin inspired plush toys.

[Image: Reddit.jpg?resize=420%2C560&ssl=1]
Source; Reddit

Shiteexpress is an online service that allows you to send a “gluten free” pile of horse poop to that one person who annoys you the most and allows you to pay in Bitcoins!

[Image: Untitledss.png?resize=619%2C345&ssl=1]

You can not get space food from a vending machine in Moscow courtesy TenX which allows you to do so via Bitcoin.

Restaurants in Lisbon have also started promoting Cryptos and we are here for it!

[Image: c534f3e31e.jpg?resize=413%2C551&ssl=1]

A quaint little pub called Brussels all the way in Malaysia has started accepting Bitcoins as well recently!

[Image: Reddit-d.jpg?resize=361%2C481&ssl=1]
Source; Reddit


by Komal Zaaher

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