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Here’s Why Stellar Lumens (XLM) Has Dominated Ethereum and XRP This Crypto Winter
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Here’s Why Stellar Lumens (XLM) Has Dominated Ethereum and XRP This Crypto Winter
  • Stellar outperforms Ethereum

  • Early investors have already seen it 100x

  • A major collaboration with IBM
Stellar Lumens has been around for a while now and has already impressed a lot of people as a candidate for the future’s global financial system. It’s one of the largest most valuable coins by market cap.

As a coin priced really cheap it has already given Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin tough competition.

The constant development it has been through in the past year is the reason behind its success. It is believed that stellar will outperform many of its competitors as soon as the market recovers. Stellar lumens price has already given its early investors gains up to 100x last year.

The advantages over Ethereum and Ripple

One of the prime reasons for stellar’s success is the fact that it has similar functionalities to that Ethereum but it’s considerably cheaper.

It is often compared to ripple’s XRP on the fact that both were created by Jed McCaleb, Co-founder of Ripple. Both of them have transaction speed of 2-4 seconds and the fees are less than 1 cent.

What Ripple can’t do is that it doesn’t provide a platform to develop. Stellar on the other hand provides us with a platform where one can build Dapps on the stellar blockchain. New cryptocurrencies can be built on the stellar platform just like it’s being done on Ethereum. ICO’s can also run on its blockchain and there has been many ICO’s already running on the stellar Blockchain.

Ethereum is the most used platform to develop apps right now but it’s still slower than stellar. Stellar has a much faster transaction speed and much lower transaction fees, even if the system is congested.

The transaction here doesn’t depend on any miners because it is using decentralized servers to run, and this is the reason why the process is faster and cheaper. This is a prime factor why ICO’s are all eyeing the stellar network to build a more efficient and pocket-friendly business setup.

Stellar has also learned a lot from all the flaws of ethereum regarding all the vulnerable smart contracts there were created on the ethereum platform. The stellar team has created a much superior smart contract that cannot be manipulated from anywhere. The authentication process is also safer and has multiple layers of encryption.

IBM Partnership

Stellar Lumens has also been working with tech giant IBM on their blockchain called “world wire” and the project seems really promising.

They have worked on several other projects as well. This collaboration is a huge step for the Stellar team because this will make them a transaction vehicle for IBM and it will be a huge gainer. With more and more investors joining in the usability and the market value of XLM keeps on increasing.

Also stellar is KYC and AML compliant hence it’s a great point of confidence to anyone wanting to start their business on the stellar platform. In short, everything here is completely legal.

Stellar Lumens are currently worth around 20 cents, as experts look into its chart most of them are overall bullish. ‘Altcoin Forecast’ includes a short-term prediction expressing a gain of 10%.

‘Crypto news’ even predicted that the XLM price could hit 1 dollar back in January 2018 and it nearly did too as it went close to 95 cents. predicts the price to surge upto 2-3 dollars because of the major partnerships.  Overall XLM seems really promising for anyone who is ready to invest in a promising project that has huge upside potential and few downside risks.

by Anna Larsen

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